Defensive wound scarification?

Cutting work by Matte at Il Settimo Cerchio Body Modification in Bologna, Italy.

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9 thoughts on “Defensive wound scarification?

  1. i know people that do this kinda work Pro-Bono… if you want scars to make you look tough why not just be toug and get them the old fashioned way…?

  2. We can’t know just from a photo why someone chooses the modifications they do. Perhaps the person pictured likes the aesthetics of defensive scars, but not the pain, danger, and possible contamination of the way those scars are usually gained. Or maybe there is a completely different reason for getting this work done.

  3. Funny… many of us have done this…to ourselves, not for the scars…not for the attention it gives us, but each of us for our own reasons.
    And here, some of us are…years later, trying to cover those scars up…long sleeved shirts, make up….tattoos…you name it, I believe so many of us have tried it….
    I guess…I will never understand scarification. On any level, much less this. I hope this person is happy with their work and I hope it heals as they want it to heal. I don’t mean any malicious intent…none at all…I have my own modification wishlist and on there are things other people wouldn’t understand as well. I just hope…this is what this person wants. It can attract such negative attention some days.

  4. i sort of agree on the negative intentions. i have alot of scarification work.. and i hate that most people’s firrst thought is that i am a self-cutter or that i am suicidal, both of which are false. I hope he is not subject to this type of critizism.. but due to the location and type or scarring he’s going for.. unfortunately he will most likely have to put up wih way too much misplaced concern or ignorance.

  5. i made those scars on the girl…she’s a friend of mine and she wanted scars in these precise position,she wanted them to look like wounds ’cause wanted to impress on the surface of her body some personal sufferings that she felt coming out in those points of her arm.
    ahh..and the marking on the hand was another point where she felt “her inside coming out”, but we did’t cut that day cause she didn’t feel was right day….

  6. Anonymous – There’s also a lot of us who have done things like this to ourselves and are completely content and proud with what they’ve done, no matter why we did it or what the general reaction to it is. I think too many people forget that about ‘self-harmers’. They only remember the publicised scare tactics and negative stories about self-harm instead of trying to come to their own informed conclusion.

  7. Pseud, We all have our own reasons I suppose. I just know that it makes me sick to remember the countless nights I was drenched in my own blood, rocking…wishing to be someone other than me. And now, even though my scars are covered, I am reminded of those moments every day I touch my arm, every day someone else touches my arm.
    I can’t tell you the amount of negative feedback I have received with regards to my self mutilation, and…simply put, it is…mutilation. I don’t agree with the negativity, hell, at least I’m not a drug addict, or an alcoholic…or a killer, but the negativity does come with it, and that was my only concern. I just hope she gets out of her scarification what she wanted.
    Again…no malicious intent here. Just another viewpoint.

  8. That’s cool, all valid. Just saying there’s another side to everything. Everything’s different for each individual.

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