"Endless Bummer" Tattoo

Someone tell me what it means? Tattoo by Mike Salay at Bodytech Tattoos in Gainesville, Florida.

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13 thoughts on “"Endless Bummer" Tattoo

  1. Most people have endless summers. This is for those of us who have a bummer instead of a summer. In my case, it’s because I’m stuck back with the ‘rents the whole time.

  2. An Endless Bummer is a play on words (Endless Summer). It’s when a whole heap of shitty stuff just keeps happening to you. My Endless Bummer just finished recently… or has it?

    It’s also the name of a great album by skate punk band Bones Brigade.

  3. I reckon its a pun on ‘Endless Summer’ which is the name of a zine which features artwork in that style. Glad to see there are other zine geek tattoos out there.

  4. It looked to me like someone’s been too much partying.

    Like a dizzy puking hangover.

    I just figured it was an alcoholic (or otherwise heavy drinker) ‘s tattoo.

  5. Endless summer is also a classic surfer movie where surfers travel around the world as the season changes, always surfing in the middle of summer somewhere in the world..

  6. i think is a reference to the guys drinking habits, you all know that in every drinking circle that is that one guy that cant not puke everytime the drinking begins this guy or girl is heving there guts out, so hence the puking guy and the endless bummer lol

  7. When I first saw this tattoo I thought that there was a tissue in front of the guy’s face and thought “heck yeah, it’s an endless bummer to always have allergies and a runny nose!” but now I see that it is vomit, and me and this tattooed individual and myself may not be the kindred spirits I thought us to be.
    How sad.

    (cute tattoo though.)

  8. well if you’re english that could mean you were endlessly homosexual, what with bummer being slang for a gay man and all.

    i suppose being an endless bummer would be great if you were into it!

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