Pirate Girl Tattoo

By Ivan at Marks of Art in San Jose, CA, before coloring:

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15 thoughts on “Pirate Girl Tattoo

  1. Everything here is done so well…with the exception of her face. (I’m trying not to be a snobby artist/’tooist!) Though it seems like so many “really good” tattooists out there still have problems getting the features of human faces in proper proportion. I’ve seen too many potentially great pieces lessened by that very reason. If nothing else, it’s going to make a few of us some $$$ in the future doing cover-ups.

    But I have seen the future…and the future [for tattoos] is LASER REMOVAL. If you’re SMART, unlike meself, go get yourself schooled and certified. There’s more BAD tattoo work out there THAN EVER, so if you “set up shop” in the right part of the right town you’ll never have a shortage of ravaged flesh. Job security at it’s securest?! LOL :)



    ~a bwd in lv ;)


    the detail by itself is AMAZING! much less the intricacy!

    with or without colour, the artist deserves an award! as does the canvas!!!

  3. I can’t see anything wrong with her face. It’s a little stylised, but the whole thing’s a little stylised. And you don’t know what difference the colour is going to make either.

  4. Well, I think that the line quality here is pretty stunning, though I fail to see anything wrong with the face. The nice thing about faces is that there is a great deal of variation in shape, overall form and plenty of them that fall outside the “proportionately correct” catagory-let the occasional stylistic tendencies do what it may. I’d also agree that this works well without the color. It almost seems a shame to color it in as that will certainly take a little away from the tight lines. Gorgeous in any case.

  5. to me, the eye looks a bit wacky; by the way it’s sitiuated on the face…
    but maybe that’s just me…

  6. I don’t see this as being a realistic portrait… So I think a “cartoonish” (I use that term VERY broadly) works with the piece.

  7. I rarely comment on things, but I was immediately struck by this tattoo. It is gorgeous. I think it would be a shame to color it! (Although I may be a bit biased….every single one of my tattoos is black, from a tree to lettering to a tall ship and so forth…) I just love simple line tattoos (although this one is far from simple!).


    And I also love her eyebrow.

  8. No time for laundry list. query;”foreshortening”
    ¾ profiles sans model are tough for any artist.

    …I must say that parrot is fucking amazing.

    Anyone playing [golf] @TPC Summerlin this weekend?

  9. I describe myself as an pirate born 200 years to late and I’m not keen on tattoos but this IS a work of art ..This is beautiful.. If I ever got one it would be this and this only. it doesn’t need colour that would ruin it. I would need a guarrentee that the quality would be as good because I don’t believe anyone could do better.

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