Et tu, Brute?

Since today is tattoo day on BME, let’s do all tattoos, finishing up with this “III: ET TU BRUTE” classics tattoo by Nikk at Lunchbox Tattoo in Johnsburg, IL.

Edit: The text of this entry doesn’t entirely make sense because I seem to have worked and played too hard yesterday and passed out before managing to get the entries posted, ha!

5 thoughts on “Et tu, Brute?

  1. Not meaning to be picky, I actually love the idea and everything but shouldn’t it be “Et tu, Brute?” but yeah still, awesome tattoo.

  2. latin doesn’t use punctuation in antiquity and only proper names are capitalized, so seeing as how its all in caps thats not an issue 🙂
    i definately love how clean the blackwork is

  3. I wouldn’t say Latin doesn’t use punctuation at all, it’s just that in ancient and medieval inscriptions and manuscripts punctuation is often absent and when present it is usually inconsistent.

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