10 thoughts on “Huh?

  1. is that really a girl? for some stupid reason it looks more like a guy to me…maybe i’m just weird

  2. It seems kinda like a guy to me too, seeing the lower back and shorts! But if it’s not, whoops…

  3. Not sure if the person is a girl or guy, either way they seem like they’d be sexy (Either way, I do both :P)

  4. 🙂 like in polish: “na ostro”
    “na” – on
    “ostro” – sharply
    word for word: “on sharp/sharply/hard/heavy/etc”

    it’s mean “hardcore” in one word 😉

    i think that this is a man … but many russich/russian girl are man-looking 🙂 but there are also many chicks 😀
    [in pol we have only chicks ;)]

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