Ass Piercings

I wasn’t going to post, it being the weekend and all, but maybe I’ll skimp on posts tomorrow. Anyway, these piercings on p2bb are by Tiffany at Unicorn Tattoo and Body Piercing in Glyfada, Greece, and I hope it brightens your Monday work morning if that’s when you see it…


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22 thoughts on “Ass Piercings

  1. I can definitely say that’s not what i expected to be the first thing i saw coming into work this morning!

  2. i was thinking this would be alot more graphic and like, id think it was out of my taste. so to speak. but its actually pretty sweet.

  3. that’d be weirdly cool if the ass crack ones didn’t look so sore, , , , though if he’s an ass man, maybe it’s just from too much play

  4. Saturnia: If you notice the testicles there, id say its a guy :) the butterfly and roses are deceptive.

    They certainly do look quite sore in the pic, must be quite painful to sit down on. Hope he likes em

  5. “The ones in her bum-crack don’t look happy at all.”

    We need to have a little discussion pertaining to what does and does not constitute a woman.

    Testicles= not a woman.

  6. Nice work! Those guiche banana bars look nicely healed…(are those cool as f*ck or what?!!!)

    But that row of vert. surface buttcrack bars, I can’t tell if they’re straight or curved…(what would be optimal for this kind of positioning?) They have to be either fresh or rejecting. Ja, Shannon? :)

    Looks like a fun “weekend piercing” fer sure!

    ªLºHª bwd

  7. wow,i had to do a double take to figure out if that was a guy or not…sweet piercings for a sweet ass mmmmmm

  8. this is a guy…if u look in the lettering tattoos his ass is there…u can tell its him by the flower tattoos he has….

  9. It’s the 100% pure horny slut.

    Rejected ass crack piercings. That explains the odd dimples.

  10. Despite the scrotom hanging in front of my face, I still failed to realize this was the ass of a man, until I read the comments.

  11. Very late reply but just caught up with this site. Yes I am a guy. Yes I wish I were a gal. Yes I’m bisexual. Yes, these piercings rejected. Yes I love sex. Yes, I had more anal piercings which didn’t reject. And yes. I’m into guys, gals, dogs. I just love sex people!!!! What’s wrong with that?

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