Matching Facial Scarification?

I don’t know if we’ll ever move back to a society where family markings are in the flesh, and I’m also not sure that it’s a good idea (but I’m a sucker for independence and consensuality). Anyway, for now we’ll stick to the adults, with kids imitating in temporary ways I think.

19 thoughts on “Matching Facial Scarification?

  1. This “advanced thinking” ape with marvelous artistic feelings has condemned the poor child to live with the scar only to embarrass her in her future life. He is not the only one, other parents are doing worse.

  2. Thank you “advanced thinking” Nick for reading the entry before commenting. Why do people have so much trouble understanding the meaning of the word “temporary”?

  3. “I’m also not sure that it’s a good idea ” Fuck you, you bastard!! I don’t wish you having your child with any scar on his/her forehead! It’s her right to decide whether she wants it or not! Human rights, remember?

    “adorable? imagine the girl crying while is scared!! u are crazy! fucking monster!!

    Posted by zen on August 30th, 2006 at 2:51 pm”

  4. What is it that people don’t seem to understand about the word “temporary”? It’s not fucking permanent morons, it’s just a drawing. They wouldn’t subject their child to that just yet. Read the descriptions before you jump the gun.

    I think it’s adorable. Cute little kid. Daddy’s not too bad either.

  5. I think its cute how children imatate their parents, note to all the ppl commenting, the girl isnt scared hell its purple! lol, she just drew it or got it drawn with a marker or face paint i think its cute!

  6. i have scars from when i was little ….u jus cant readily C them cuase they are emotional scars ,but im juornaling evryday and somtime i hold the papper upsidedown to make turn my sad faces into 🙂

  7. you sick freak….if you cut that little girls face……your more fucked up then the rest of these insane faggots on here………..look how innocent that girl is….go ahead cut up her face, and i’ll meet you in hell just to kick your ass

  8. “Normal” YOU ARE A FUCKING IDIOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    its purple!!!! last time i checked, scarring did not look like that!!!!!!
    what dont you understand about temporary?????????
    i think it is so cute that she has a matching DRAWING of her daddys scars, it looks so adorable, like father like daughter ^.

  9. i think that the kid just went with the dad to the parlor & the artist just put the template ont he kid just to have fun, no real artist would do that to a kid….

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