"Bisection Continues"

Choose your pleasure.

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24 thoughts on “"Bisection Continues"

  1. its a hole in his sack….like in the second pic he got one part of his cock put though it…lol

  2. Hmmm. Doesn’t look like he gets even/straight erections. Does anyone know if that’s typical with full splits? (I’m sure that it’s pretty immaterial for him, however. Me, I’m the curious, technically-minded type though.)

  3. Is the bottom hole/last pic a urethral re-route? I just automatically thought “pee hole” without the catheter evidently, but i suppose it would stay open once healed… lol making diapers necessary .. so im obviously not understanding it properly.. lol nevermind.

  4. neither diapers nor a catheter are necesary with a reroute…
    the sphincter is way before the tip of the penis…

  5. Ewwwwwwwww! If I found out a guy I was dating did something like this to himself I’d run for the hills. Not likely to meet someone like this though, I’m sure they stick to their own kind.

  6. oh judie,poor poor judie…

    anyway,i’ve never understood the how and why of a urethral re-route,but that might be because i’m a female.i’m so turned on by this picture…i’m actually tearing up here hahaha

  7. I’m sure urethral re-routes are almost necessary for some guys to pee properly.. without the penis as a guide for urine, i’m sure it would end up all over the place without that re-route. Im just not sure if the last picture is that or not. thanks gally99 for clearing up the diaper issue.. makes more sense now..

  8. It almost looks like some strange alien root-plant in the first photo. I’m quite impressed. I have to agree with Sade, it’s erotic, for sure.

  9. I’m not criticizing… after all, I’m here arent I? But damn, I simply value my penis too much to do anything remotely disfiguring to it. But I suppose to some people, they feel disfigured from birth and this is how they believe a penis was supposed to look/work from the beginning.

  10. For making the halfcocks straight, you can cut square in the scar skin in short distances at the incurved and shorted areas of the cocks insides, and so it’s able to stretch the scar skin over the healing process.
    I think the straight cocks are better for using!

  11. Can a penis…function after that? Damn. I’m sorta new to this world of body mods but how common is something like this??

  12. why would anyone willingly do something like that – i mean even if he couldn’t get it up for some reason – it looks horrible.

  13. i think it’s hot…i’ve been working on my own meatotomy for a week or so now…….down rightly sexy i think.

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