Start of a GOONIES chestpiece

Brotherdroogie is starting with a “GOONIES NEVER SAY DIE” banner, and it will be followed by a full front torso (neck to beltline) Goonies themed collage. The work is being done by NumberOne at X Body Emporium in Swansea, MA.

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28 thoughts on “Start of a GOONIES chestpiece

  1. The more interesting thing is the star on the left. Which is an irish flag with the slogan of a republican terrorist organisiation underneath it. I wonder does he know its full meaning or just have it as he wanted some irish there?

  2. Love the Goonies, so I think that piece is quite awsome.

    Agreeing with Emmet here though, I could understand the piece with Tiochfaidh ar lá (Our day will come) on it, if he is a irish republican man, or even a sympathiser for the republican ’cause’. But if it is just to have some Irish on his arm it’s quite worrying. Moreso because Tiochfaidh ar lá is hilariously grammatically incorrect (literally translated it means something along the lines of “our day will arrive later” where ‘day’ would have to be the name of a person or object), and living in Belfast and seeing it on the local walls, it’s very amusing.

    But still I’d like to hear the story behind the Republican and Soviet stars, as I’m not ‘dissing’ his tat’s as we all have the right to put on our bodies what we want, just want to learn why.

  3. First off, I would like to ask Emmet and Darjoran to please comment on the Goonies tattoo, since that is what the post is about. I know NumberOne would like feedback since he’s only been a tattoo artist for a few weeks now.

    So to answer you both, yes I know what those slogans mean, and I know what they represent. Does this mean I am running through the streets throwing pipebombs? Of course not. Its like that old saying “what is the difference between a terrorist and a freedom fighter? depends on what side you are on.” Think of the Catholics during the Inquisition, not all the common people were against everyone else. I am not saying all the violence is right, becasue its not. I think the best analogy I can give is being Pro President Bush but anti-war. (Although by no means am I pro Bush.)

    I often have to defend myself against people when they see my tattoos. Specifically my shoulders. On my left shoulder is a star and inside of it is a hammer and sickle and under it in Russian “For Mother Russia.” And on my right shoulder is a star with an Irish flag in it and under it in Gaelic, “Our Day Will Come” aka the slogan of the IRA.

    Now yah see, the reason I got these two tattoos years ago was because I am half Irish half Russian. And my grandfather came over from Russia as a child, and my other grandfather’s father came from Ireland. But that is not just it. Over the years of study I have learned more about idealogies and government and always been a leftist. I consider myself a communist and most people don’t understand the true meaning of that term. On the otherside, I do not condone the violence of the IRA but I do understand and agree with them for why they are so upset and been fighting all these years. Of course I am an American so my opinon and experiences are vastly different than Europeans on these matters.

    To put it in modern prespective, anyone living outside the USA could have a pro USA patriotic tattoo and others could come up to them and say “what about all the atrocities that are being done such as the problems in Iraq, the Vietnam War, Cuba, Slavery when the country first started, etc etc etc. Another great example… I am vegan and I used to support PETA but don’t anymore because they do things I don’t agree with, and when people find out I’m vegan they immediately give me flack beacause of an image they have in their minds.

    The point I’m making here is the stars represent to me my heritage, where I come from. The banners are the slogans of the old times. I look at these tattoos and I think of my grandfather who has passed and I think of the stories I hear about my great grandfather on the other side of the family. I got them when I was younger and more of an activist and I do not regret them one bit.

    Every tattoo is a stage of my life, people often ask are you going to be vegan forever, you have a vegan tattoo. I even have thought about getting a straightedge tattoo although I am not anymore (haven’t in the past 4 years) but because it was such a huge part of my life and identity growing up I want something to remember those times.

  4. Thanks for clearing that up. I wasn’t actually asking you to defend your tattoos but i’ve seen a few people with republican tattoos who’ve gotten them as they’ve seen the stuff over here (ireland) and don’t know the meaning or motivation of these groups.

    Also its nice that you know about the political motivations of the groups as most people i know who “support” the republican cause don’t actually have a clue that sinn fein (the political wing of the IRA) are actually of communist ethos.

    Thanks for giving an educated response

  5. BrotherDroogie: nice tattoo, would like to see the finished chest piece. What inspired you to get a goonies tat anyway?

    Regarding the republican and communist tattoo’s, fair play. I dont have a problem with either of them, as you said people have american patriotic tattoo’s etc. so what should it matter. It is your body, you do what you want with it and you dont have to explain yourself to anyone! :D

  6. Remember, kids! Irish terrorists are the good kind of terrorists!


    I don’t deny anyone’s right to pursue whichever ideology they wish but the second they infringe on another individual’s personal freedom (whether physically, emotionally or politically) then they have gone too far in my eyes.

    One cannot draw comparisons between a terrorist faction (which the IRA is; a statement which nobody can deny) and US ‘patriot’ tattoos. One seeks to enforce their ideolodies onto others by means of violence and acts of terror, the other is used by an individual to show pride in their country.

    While I’m ranting, what is the reason for the US disposition towards denying their nationality? Being serious, I have never understood why a lot of US citizens (US born, US bred) verhemently state that they are a different nationality or combinations thereof. I work with a girl who states that she’s Irish/French…But was born in Pittsburgh…as were her parents…and I have to say that the vast majority of US citizens I have met (whether in the UK, in the states or anywhere else on the planet) have described themselves in a similar manner…


    PS: 1/4 heeb, 1/4 protestant, 1/2 catholic, all atheist, all English, all beardy.

    PPS: or should that be “I’m English/Welsh/Polish!”?


  7. Penski: I dont mean to draw comparisons between them both (which i did) *blush* I dont think his tattoo’s are impeding on anyones beliefs. Same way a cross shouldnt impede on anyone’s religious beliefs, however they can. The irish tattoo obviously offended you in some way. I myself am irish, I am proud, i speak irish fluently etc. however I do not agree with what the IRA do or did in the past. He has the slogan “tiocfaidh ár lá” with an irish flag with a harp in the middle. As he explained himself it was in rememberance for his grandfather. The only thing that directly references the IRA is the text nothing else. If he had a gun with the text below it, then take offense but not with that. Come on! Infringing on your ideas and beliefs! From a small star tattoo with 3 words! :\

  8. I did comment on the goonies tattoo. It’s my first line.
    For it being one of the artists first tattoo’s much kudos to him because it is amazingly well done.

    And thanks for clearing the stars up, like I said I wasn’t having a go at you, just wanted to know the story.

  9. whats wrong with fighting to be free? the americans fought the british as have the irish, we all want to be free right? as for “tiocfaidh ar la” thats spelled perfectly, im a native speaker myself,ar noidh beidh ciall agam thar ciall einne eile nach bhfuil gaeilge acu,i have plenty republican tattoos i intend on posting up soon enough,beir bua, plus irish republicans are all of a socialist nature,rightfully so..

  10. The tat is cool and I like the irish ones. I got Tiocfaidh ár lá on my forearm and support the 32 County Sovereignty Movement. I loved that movie had to go and take pictures of the house.

  11. great to see at least someone checks their heratage and embraces it…
    and IRA arent “terrorists” either they are our protectors and the thorn in englands side for the years of torture and murder of innocent irish civillians and the plundering of our land…
    love the tats mate
    tiocfaidh ar la
    briogaid dhoire oglaigh na heireann

  12. one man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter… But this term ‘terrorist’ is being used WAY too loosely around the world. I myself am an irish republican im a wexford and dublin man (best of both worlds) and have had close connections to the republican movement on both fronts (politics and fighting). If anyone on this forum does not understand the tyranny in ireland please look up the vol. Bobby Sands and this will explain everything. Btw nice tatts!! I love russia! C.C.C.P for life. Oíche maith mo chairde x

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