Simple Facial Tattoo Work

I blew the lines out a bit because I edited the photo on the wrong computer (it’s solid in real life), but I quite like Bronte‘s facial tattoo, which you can see in more detail on her IAM page — it’s sort of a mix between street punk tattooing and something a bit more delicate? Applied by Jarrod Richardson at Psycho Clown in Ft. Worth, TX.

PS. More tattooed faces, heads, and necks.

17 thoughts on “Simple Facial Tattoo Work

  1. Oh, WOW. What a pretty, pretty girl. If I wasn’t 300 years old I’d be all over her.

  2. nothing too amazing def not a design i’d put on my face… for eternity… and it doesn’t seem to add too much to her own personal beauty

  3. I think one of the most interesting points is that she has a corporate job (according to her iam page anyways) — albeit, she does use makeup to cover the tattoos.

  4. Why does everyone look like they have a dying liver? yellow, yellow, yellow!!

    Anyways.. i agree about the flow thing. I love that they’re are two identical combinations, just placed differently.. like she has the two swirly things above her eyebrows and a line of dots on her forehead, and on her chin she also has the two curvy things and a line of dots…

    It ties her whole face together, in a beautiful way.. plus if she is actually a corporate job holder, it is AMAZING that she has the freedom to be tattooed facially. Even if she covers it for work, big deal, its just makeup, when she gets home she can go out all tattooed.. and i find that that courage and liberty is fantastic.

    Kudos for her for not letting a job get in the way of her bodymod dream!!

  5. Hey, Bronte, congrats on your Honours Applied Science Degree.

    You rip! Always have loved your look 😉

  6. Holy she is hot. Those facial tats definetly add to her beauty. Too bad she doesn’t live here in Halifax. I’d definetly try to meet her if she did.

  7. I’m curious as to the meaning of the tapered dots. I’ve seen them on a few people but can’t find whats it’s all about. Anyone know”

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