That’s gotta hurt, tan0k. By Peta at Angel in Moscow, Russia. Goddamn do I feel like I’m less the barbarian I’m genitally destined to be every time I meet a Russian. Hardcore.

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44 thoughts on “Daaaaay-um.

  1. Ouch! Seeing that definately sent chills down my spine. I’m curious to see what it will look like once it’s healed.

  2. sweet jesus christ, that’s ridiculous.

    good work!

    though, i don’t see the spine that the commentors above are mentioning…

  3. Phrawtzy – they are joking. Its not THAT deep.

    I had a scarification done on my chest, and it was particularly deep and MAN, it hurt for a LONG time after. Showers were torture and i ran into problems in the healing stage just due to tape that i was using to keep it covered with plastic wrap, and as well once i had a thin layer of scarring on top of it, all it took was a light scratch and the whole layed peeled away and raw flessh was once again exposed.. it happned four times before it finally healed with thicker tissue… it is so thick and hard now, it aint going NOWHERE and its on me for like. So that’s the good part!

  4. I’m pretty sure Shannon didnt make a typo with the “genitally”, I found it amusing anyway, and I THINK this looks more like a burn than flesh removal?

  5. Hahaha, I meant genetically of course, but now that I think about it, I like the concept of “genital destiny” much better and am not correcting the entry.

  6. Wait, it does look like flesh removal, such clean lines and all but also looks burnt? I guess that’s due to depth. Wow. I seriously thought the genital destiny thing was completely intentional. Funniest Freudian slip – ever.

  7. i kinda agree it dose look like a burn…i think it had just been cleaned up alot and maybe a lil older in the pic…theres no blood…the flesh kinda looks cauterized(sp?)

  8. Am I the only person that wants to see the skin that was taken off? seriously, it would be like an inch deep! (okay, slight exaggeration.)

    Lovely and I’m positive it WILL scar WELL

  9. Since it looks like the proceedure was just done (notice the medical draping) I’m wondering if it was cauterized. I can’t imagine something that deep would stop bleeding in any sort of timely fashion otherwise.

    It looks scary painful…I took a chunk out of my chin about that deep and it took literally months to stop aching, let alone heal.

  10. I was able to stop the bleeding on my deep scarification with just alot of pressure for a good 10 mins. I guess i depends on the person and how fast they clot and how thin their blood is.

    *rolls eyes* Suuuure, bone marrow leaking out… riiiight.

  11. The depth of this cutting leads me to believe that the practitioner is either irresponsible or incompetent. Can at least one person stop drinking the Kool-Aid and offer some actual criticism? By “criticism” I don’t mean shit like “OMG WOW THAT’S COOL AND EXTREME TO THE MAX LIKE PEPSI COLA”.

  12. why do this? Scars don’t move or flex as well as skin and in the places these things are, once they’re older, and what then?

    I am having trouble with natural scars. Why the heck would I do one that looks like something from “The Blob” wrapped arond my neck?

  13. Oh my god. That is the kind of thing you see when somebody comes off a motorbike (not wearing leathers) and slides down the road for a few hundred metres….you had it done voluntarily?!

    I think a tat would have been better!

  14. Hi,
    I work for a television production company in Winnipeg. We’re producing a show titled Guinea Pig for the Discovery Channel. One of our episodes is titled Skin Deep and it examines the elasticity, strength and stamina of the skin. Your photo is an excellent example of skin manipulation and we’d really like to use it in our show. If this interests you and you’d like to be involved with our show please contact me at [email protected]. Thanks.

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