And hope shines through

I like Strawberry‘s big bold star tattoos (by Marco Senesi at Alterego Tattoo in Siena, Italy), because I’m a fan of big and bold, but I’m also posting it because I really love the unintended message. Sometimes when you get a cover-up tattoo, the scar tissue from the old tattoo temporarily swells up — and even in the darkness, hope shines through here.

9 thoughts on “And hope shines through

  1. Thank you for the comments guys!
    To be honest I didn’t do it on purpose because all I really wanted was to cover up the crappy, crooked hope tattoo. But I love the way you can still see it (or feel it, because it’s more a tactile than a visible thing now). Hope does shine through. Thank you for the post, Shannon! 🙂

  2. *smiles* i LOVE big bold tattoos. Especially all black ones. It seems more permanent, even though it’s not.

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