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  1. is this an annimal of some sort, or where on the body is this located, or why is it spotted?

  2. Well I’ve seen animals tattood for identification pretty often (my horse had a lip tattoo) but Hello Kitty is a new one. If Roxxxie gets lost there won’t ever be any doubt on ID so long as this doesn’t become a trend.

  3. i really think that tattooing animals is wrong because they are not choosing to be tattooed. you have no idea about how this will affect them. and it doen’t matter if it’s while it’s under anesthesia or not and any vet that would condone a hello kitty tattoo doesn’t care too much about the welfare of animals. it’s not “cool” by any means. that’s just what i think.

  4. sweetgrass, initially i agreed with you, but then, we do tattoo identification on animals all the time. it’s much safer for them because they’re easy to identify. but i guess there’s a line: if this is just a fun, small ID tattoo for the dog, cool, but once you start putting big decorative tattoos on animals, i think your argument holds up.

  5. sweetgrass i’m with you! id tattoos help the dog if he is ever lost (well, theoretrically anyways, in reality the microchip is much less invasive and more effective down the line). this is simply done for the pleasure of the owner. not cool at all!

  6. I was at a tattoo convention some years ago and a tattooist had added hot rod flames to what I think was a Mexican hairless dog. It was on his card and everything, I can’t remember the name of the guy or the shop, but in his portfolio he had pictures of the whole thing: the dog was put completely under with general anesthesia for the process, which I thought was a totally asinine risk to the animal for the sake of the owner being cool. I also would never crop a dog’s tail or ears, but as long as that goes on, I imagine people will be able to justify doing all kinds of things to their animals.

  7. “i really think that tattooing animals is wrong because they are not choosing to be tattooed. you have no idea about how this will affect them.”

    What do you mean? It’ll ruin their chances at job interviews? The other cows will bully them for “being different”? Roxxxie doesn’t even like Hello Kitty?

    Tattooing an animal is A LOT less dangerous and less painful than modifications such as cutting their tails off or pinning their ears back. Animals are branded every day, often without anesthesia. Plus tattooed pets look awesome.

  8. well this is rather fucked up, in my opinion. The fact that we tattoo identification numbers etc on animals doesn’t justify this. We have to get out of the way of thinking that animals are our property to do what we like with. Just a thought.

  9. tattooing animals in my books is the same as tattooing children. Neither can speak up for their rights. People who do this, including the docking of tails or any other mod done for cosmetic reasons, are sick. It’s that simple.

  10. Tattooing a dog is the same as circumsizing a baby in my view. In my view, it’s mutilation, but my view is only my view, and maybe my view doesn’t agree with this person’s.

    Assholes and opinions. Everyone’s got one. Everyone’s stinks.

  11. Collars slip off, break, or can be taken off by a human (especially if the dog is stolen). I’d never rely only on a collar to identify my dogs if they got lost. I didn’t tattoo my dogs, I had microchips implanted under their skin but same idea.

  12. One possible reason a person may get tattooed is to claim ownership of his/her body by decorating himself/herself how he/she chooses. To me, because the animal doesn’t have a choice, this is just claiming ownership. But it’s the same with the identification number tattoos and microchips. For me my cats are my family, more so than my human family, so I don’t feel like I own them. Animals are more than just possessions or fashion accessories. They are living, breathing creatures that love unconditionally and therefore deserve much respect.

  13. if you’re keeping the animal under anaesthetic for any longer than is necessary, than you’re being an irresponsible owner, in my opinion. putting them at risk just so you can have a cute image on ur pet is pretty damn lame. but, maybe this animal was being having dental work done, and a tattooist worked on the belly at the same time, so there was no ‘extra risk’. that’s probably unlikely, but i don’t know so i can’t say.

    personally… get a new hobby, or tattoo on someone who’s going to appreciate it! that’s just me.

  14. A lot of people seem to be forgetting that it’s on a dog.

    A dog’s life comprises of eating, sleeping, shitting and trying to find something to hump.

    They experience everything as ‘OMG!MYNEWFAVOURITETHING!’ and would have forgotten about any tattooing within five minutes of it having finished.


  15. Penski. eeeeeh. wrong. If dogs has that short memories how the hell do you explain seeing eye dogs for the blind.. or even dogs who can basically understand whatever command you throw at them. Memory or intelligence, they live for much more than what you listed.

    I’m on the line for tattooing animals. I agree with it for identification purposes, especially if its a very small mark, like a number or a letter. The animal will hardly feel it afterwards and it won’t be a big deal.

    The problem is that once the fur grows back in that area, the “tattoo” ID idea goes down the drain.. i doubt anyone who finds a dog will carefully comb through their hair to try and find a tattoo.

    Microchips have come a long way and are nothing more than pin prick for an animal. There is no excuse to be tattooing them. None whatsoever.

  16. Microchips are big, the size of a grain of rice, and the needle they pass through is, of course, even bigger – it’s definitely NOT a “pin prick”. It’s a 6ga needle attached to a hypodermic-type pusher assembly, and it definitely hurts the animals when it happens. That being said, it’s rare to find vets who’ll bother with a local for a microchipping procedure – if the animal is properly restrained so it can’t hurt itself, it’s over fairly quickly and not worth the extra hassle and expense and risk of a local anaesthetic. That being said, my five snakes are all microchipped, as are my three pet rabbits and my cat, and all of my mammals are tattooed as well (as per the law in the Northern Territory) to indicate their desexed status. And no, I don’t consider any of them my “property” as such, they’re all loved to pieces and cared for very well. But if the animals is being put under for different procedure and gets tattooed at the same time, I don’t see how it’s a big deal. Anyway, have you seen the squeeze-plier contraption they do identification tattoos with, and the trauma they do to the tissue? I’d rather get tattooed by a tattoo machine, thanks all the same. 🙂

  17. Is it me, or does the dog appear to be having an adverse reaction to the ink? It seems reddish around the lines, but doesn’t look fresh…but maybe it is I’m not sure…

  18. “tattooing an animal is the same as tattooing a child”

    Except children turn into people, and animals turn into meat.

  19. Animals don’t choose to be domesticated either, it’s something we’ve also taken upon ourselves to do…

  20. I don’t consider my dogs property, I love them as much as I would a child if I had one. I see having the microchips as a way to keep them safe. They can’t speak and tell someone where they live, the microchip does it for them so they can get home to those who love them instead of spending time alone in a cold shelter cage and possibly put to sleep if they aren’t identified.

  21. so about the tattoo, I just found it on the bme main site and it said it was done at the vets office while the dog was under…still kind of a silly idea
    about microchipping pets…my girlfriend worked at the humane society here for awhile and learned some interesting things like when animal care and control picks up a stray pit bull or rottwieler they are put down almost immedietly so don’t let animal care and control pick up your dog and she hardly ever saw dogs scanned for microchips at all there was even an incident were this guys dog got loose and someone took it in well the HS thought the dog was too sick so they put it to sleep after it was there for maybe 3 hours, the guy had shown up looking for his dog while it was there and alive but seeing as how they took the collar off and did’nt check it they did’nt know it was his dog, so yeah micro chips only realy work if you have a good humane society or aspca in town, if you do get your animals chipped yeah it may be a big needle but atleast dogs will forget about by the end of the day, cats will stay pissed at you for a little while though. And there is a fucking huge world of difference between microchipping a dog or cat and what is done to animals on factory farms to even compare the two side by side is ignorant as all hell…I’de say go to petas’ website and watch some videos but I heard Ingrid Newkerk is in favor of B.S.L. (breed specific legislation) and I’m kinda pissed about that

  22. How would a dog who wanted a tattoo ask for one anyways??? Our dog doesn’t pay taxes, so a social security # is not cool. I don’t want a chip in my head, do you???? I love tattoos, but would not get my ID # on my forehead. Roxxxie humps the kitties & loves them & they love her. If this is wrong, we never should have had her in the vet in the first place & especially not to have her ovaries messed with in an unnatural fashion of birth control. She was 18 in dog years at the time of the procedure. I have also had my cats reproductive organs unnaturally surgically altered (fixed) What about all the dogs who want tattoos & cannot speak to tell anyone?? Have your pets been altered by a vet?? Did they consent??

  23. I want to get my dogs tattooed the next time they (hopefully never have to) go under.
    I see noooo harm done.
    My one dog has a tattoo in his ear that’s blown out and shitty from the vet, the other dog has a microchip that had to be put in TWICE with an EIGHT GAUGE NEEDLE between his shoulderblades while we pinned him down.
    I see nothing wrong in tattooing your pets if they’re under anesthetic. Nothing at all.

  24. Roxxxie is missing as of May 7th 2007 from Boise Idaho USA. It has been 12 days. Hopefully we will be able to find her by the tattoo. I know the odds of anyone reading this knowing where she is are astronomical, but what the heck. I have a picture of her at krahnic.com Thanks

  25. Personally I think we should all be looking out for any signs of her being around rather than being concerned with the fact that she’s tattooed.

    People think it’s wrong to tattoo animals or whatever, and then go and tuck in to their lamb chops.
    Doesn’t make sense to me.

  26. People de-claw cats and do other things to animals that aren’t considered so taboo. I agree with penski that most dogs would just forget about it after a few minutes. I know my dogs would.

  27. Ro,

    No, they won’t know from the tattoo how to contact the owner, but most likely anyone who sees the tattoo will remember it. And if she’s found locally, it’s likely that someone who has seen it will also see one of the flyers. Furthermore, should someone find her and decide to keep her, the tattoo is a difficult-to-erase mark that would identify the dog as being his. All responsible dog owners get a registered number tattooed on an animal or a microchip, but both of these have their limitations. Personally, I think once Roxxxie is returned home, she should also get one or the other done. I’m not recommending that everyone go out and get custom tattoos done on their pets, but I do believe the owner’s heart was in the right place.

    And shame on everyone who thinks she’s better off lost than at home with her owner.

  28. People seem to be forgetting that general anaesthesia is very risky and death is a possibility. It’s best avoided unless it is absolutely necessary, and a decorative tattoo is hardly necessary.

  29. poor animal he doesn´t know what u´re doing on his body and he can´t decide it, i mean is your responsability take care about the animal, and if u do this i don´t think yaht you´r protecting him in a good way


  30. No one should ever tattoo their animal, seriously. I usually don’t get taken seriously on this because of how badly peta members and vegans are disrespected because we’re ‘radical’ or whatever, but I just don’t agree with this.

  31. If you don’t like animals being inked you should visit a farm sometime and find out what goes on there. Ever watch a calf get castrated or Branded? What about when you clip a cows horns and you can see the brain? I lived on a farm my entire life and have seen many things that are worse than a dog getting tattooed while unconsious that aren’t considered so taboo. Next time you take a bite of your hamburger just think the cows brains were splattered all over the walls with a high power air cannon. Not that I think animal cruelty is right, but peoples minds are in the wrong places on this subject. If you want to save and animal put your hamburger down….

  32. ArresHavoc, I assume a lot of people who are complaining about this being cruel ARE vegan so won’t be eating hamburgers anyway! Bit ignorant to think that everyone who has protested to the unnecessary tattooing of a pet supports the meat industry..

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