Seashell Scarification

This photo (from badhairdo) of her self-done scarification (cutting and skin removal) taken the morning after is kind of neat in its bloodlessness…

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30 thoughts on “Seashell Scarification

  1. I wouldn’t go as far as saying this is the best i’ve seen… but definetly the best self done scarifications!

  2. It does look a lot like female genitalia…both in the raw pinkness, and the fact that the seashell has been a motif for that sort of thing for a while now.

  3. I think the “look, a penis” is a reference to the nautilus tattoo posted here some time ago that supposedly looked like a penis. It’s a joke.

  4. I got that part when I read Ant’s comment, but it seemed as though some other people were taking it seriously, anyhow I meant it as a light hearted comment as well.

  5. Yeah although I am a big fan of pointing out things that look like a penis, this doesn’t and i was making a loving reference to the nautillus guy being a jerkoff.

    On a serious note im quite impressed by this. I havent looked at a great deal of scarification, and this is the first I’ve seen that is less ‘big-chunky-outlines’ and more of a kinda flesh sculpture. e.g. it actually looks like a shell. I’d be interested to see how it looks once its healed.

  6. that is very impressive for a DIY. I will be curious to see the final product since it *looks (can’t really tell size from the pic) a little small.

  7. the skin removal looks uneven, and rather than create width by skin removal in the shell details, it was created by the depth of the cuts. definitely d-i-y. wonder how it healed.

  8. to *ME ‘definatly diy’?? this is a really great piece and if that looks low quality and DIY then im curious to see all your professional scarification pieces. the idea is unique and i think its wonderfully executed.

  9. Look at all the critical comments, it’s easy to critique huh, I honestly have never seen anything better, think of the medium that you’re trying to work with? Shade and depth both achieved to the max. Ok, it may not heal exactly like it looks now, but who cares apart from the owner? I see my scars and remember how they started, not the faded, worn down, smudges that they are today. We all fade…

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