26 thoughts on “Slashed Face

  1. Poor guy’s face looks super swollen. I don’t think I would have recognized him except the mandible piercing is a big give away.

  2. … because most people that want the look couldnt survive the life that comes with it.

  3. It’s just another form of how body modification is becoming more and more of a way to shape and form your self image as and how you like it. It could be seen as a good or a bad thing, but to back up his decision to have this done professionally rather than a life given scar, it would be akin somewhat (in my perspective, as askewed as my perspective is) to people getting tribal work done by a WASP tattoo artist. Whereas it is generally accepted these days, one could have argued that for such a tattoo to have any true meaning it would have least have to be done by either the tribes traditional means, or by an artist of the tribe.

    I could have given him a similar, if not as neat, scar if he wanted a rapier duel, but I doubt there are many fencers willing to give him this scar as he wanted it.

    I see this as a full piece, not as just a scar around the eye, but as the eye within the art so to speak.

    And I give up typing when I realise I make no sense… sorry for that, I wasn’t offering a rebuttal to the post or any comments, just rather spewing a James Joyce stlye stream of consiousness. In closing I think it’s cool.

  4. sure, it would have been alot cooler if he could tell people he recieved the scar in a ‘sword battle’ but i still think the whole scar over the eye as a form of art and not an injury is cool. i want one.

  5. I don’t think the same people getting on his case about the scar would be telling elective-amputees that they should have removed those parts the ‘real’ way.

    Fuck you and your tougher-than-thou elitism.

  6. I’m not so sure the idea is to make people think life did it, so the idea that life didn’t doesn’t bug me. 🙂

  7. I’m with Whitney, there’s no way I realized who it was until I saw the mandible. It doesn’t look like him at all. The scar looks great, ben’s a great artist.

  8. Maddie my darling sister I KNOW you wrote that tired cus the jewelry’s just out! I kinda like it & woot for Ottawa boys!! …and boys in general… & Future Skin 😀

  9. “Run away Simba… Yes, run away and never returnâ€?.

    Posted by lilish on August 18th, 2006 at 1:10 am

    That’s exactly what I thought of, too.

  10. I’ve wanted a scar across my eye since I was 12 or 13. Hmm, yeah why not get it in real life? you mean go provoke one knife fight after another and hope that I get slashed over the eye rather than stabbed in the guts and also hope that it doesn’t take out that eyeball? It makes me sad that so many people have gotten cuttings similar to this, though I have yet to see anyone with an ‘M’ for Mutant over their eye like Bishop from X-men had, hopefully somebody with mucho huevo is reading this

  11. Not to sound like a typical douchebagish dude, but the reason why I dislike thsese scars is that they’re (as I see it) are meant to give the look of something that’s… false. I don’t dislike scarifications in the face, I just don’t like it when they give me the impression of “wanting” to look badass-super-hardcore-fighterz.
    The same reason why I dislike tattoos that are meant to look like ‘wounds’ or ‘zombie skin’ or whatever.

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