12 thoughts on “Interesting way to make money

  1. that’s a VERY interesting way to make money.. how does he take the pics? photoshop?

  2. I didn’t even notice he was missing a toe. What does that reveal about me?

    pretty foot tho 🙂

  3. This foot didn’t strike me as different since I have very short, curled up pinkie toes as it is. From this angle, this guy’s toes look just like mine (with the exception that I have tiny little toenails on the last digit).

  4. same here. his amputated pinkie toe looks just like my regular one sans nail. those runty little toenails are almost impossible to paint. I just swipe at it and hope for the best.

  5. and looks like hes got a mean ingrowner on the big toe. they suck. im missing t big toe nails from them..*shakes fist*

  6. That’s not a mean ingrower…This! is a mean ingrower! ( don’t click if you don’t like macro shots of manky ingrown toenails 😉 ).

    I like how you can see where it’s spread under the nail.

    Remember, kids! DIY-toenail surgery is big AND clever. So is the resulting hacked about nail, nailbed and infection. Woot.


    PS: I DIY’d the toe on my right foot years ago – that one worked fine.

  7. owww… toenail infection… owww… bumping the toe against the stairs

    is there that many people who mess with their toenails until it’s bad or was I just a weird child?

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