"Here is the bullet"

Some days, it’s very good to know an implant artist.

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29 thoughts on “"Here is the bullet"

  1. I don’t have a story for you. The note it came with basically just said “ILLEGAL”, and I don’t think they want me to say who they are here.

    But I’m guessing that bullet has not been there long because there’s no breakdown of the metal nor does there appear to be an attempt by the body to encapsulate it in any way.

  2. This was crazy, especially given the location. Lots of nerves and easy for an inexperienced “surgeon” to create a pneumothorax. Yikes.

  3. I think top left is showing where an exit wound would’ve been. Top right looks like an entrance wound on the front. I feel so CSI..

  4. of course the bullet has been fired, the rifling marks are clearly visible. I just don’t understand how they knew where to locate it?

  5. Good point Joe.

    It’s entirely possible that the bullet was located while in the hospital, but was not in a retrievable location, but migrated over time to an easily accessable place. The entrance wound looks quite healed, so it would have had a lot of time to move.

  6. Full metal jackets don’t really deform much unless they hit something hard, like bricks, wood, bone… That said, that looks like a very small caliber bullet, maybe a .25, possibly as small as a .22. You really don’t get a lot of penetration with something like that; I’ve seen a case where a guy got shot at an angle in the chest, and the bullet kinda skipped off the muscle and traveled under the skin around to his side where it lodged, still just under the skin. Painful, but not life threatening.
    I’d be willing to be that he never went to the hospital. Hospitals prefer to take bullets out unless they’re lodged near the spine, and that bullet isn’t deformed, so that seems unlikely. Hospitals also tend to report gunshot wounds to the police; I’d personally bet that the unwilling bullet recipient didn’t want that kind of attention.

  7. that’s way bigger than a 22, and hospitals often don’t take bullets out, unless it’s very close to the surface of the skin… most times retrieving the bullet will cause more trauma to the body (even if it is only aesthetic) than leaving it in will…

  8. Adding to what Nyarlathotep said, I actually had my first implant done (back in 1994) by an RN that did work like this (removing bullets for people who don’t want to go to the hospital for whatever reason) on the side as well…

  9. They might be from a country that has no free/affordable healthcare. That language looks like Brazilian to me (I may well be wrong though) I imagine seeking hospital treatment could possibly result in the police getting involved.

  10. That is, in fact, Spanish. It says “There is a bullet here”

    Here there be bullets!

  11. / – that reminds me of a very long joke, the punchline of which is:

    “Mum! I was having a wank and I shot the dog!”


  12. i realy believe this is fake as that bullet has not yet been fired, well not from a gun anyway, as is it still in perfect shape, and there is no scortch marks on it.

  13. Has anyone checked out that mark under his arm pit? Could that potentially be an old entry hole?

  14. yea its prety real. 9mm or a caliber in the 30′s .32 .38

    i have one myself.(9mm hole) night of bad desisions will do this and i think all of you who dont think its real should open your minds and realize that it could happen easily bullets open up when they enter if they are hollow point

  15. I got shot some time back and the doctor said the bullet wasn’t worth taking out because it wasn’t hurting anything and would allow for more potential problems if he tried taking it out so I guess the bullet really doesn’t break down other wise he probably would have taken it out, that bullet obviously had been fired, if you look carefully you can see the rifling on it.

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