Amen. Seriously. Amen.

I really like where WhiteTrash is going with his take on Man’s Ruin — man’s real ruin — tattoo. It’s done by Kevin Adams at Danny’s Ancient Art in Charleston, WV. By the way, for IAM members, here’s a relevant link: IAM:Atheist.

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24 thoughts on “Amen. Seriously. Amen.

  1. i completely agree with the message that this tattoo is conveying… two thumbs waaaaay up religions’ asses

  2. Religion, which should most distinguish us from the beasts, and ought most particularly elevate us, as rational creatures, above brutes, is that wherein men often appear most irrational, and more senseless than beasts.

    John Locke. (Not the one from Lost ;) )

  3. There are so many forms of paganism I don’t think they could accurately be depicted in a single symbol. Unless you’re talking strictly about Wicca or something.

    Is there a particular reason Christian religion is so much more prominant than the others in the tattoo? I’m just curious :P

  4. Oh, calm down. Religion is no different from chimps grooming the gnats out of eachother’s hair.

  5. What’s that symbol in the upper-left corner? I was a religious studies major, for crying out loud, and I’ve never seen that before.

  6. I would guess because it’s the most oppressive and prominent religion in the US (namely in the south, like where he lives in WV).

    I do like the meaning of the tattoo, as well as how strange it is that he’s smiling!

  7. I hope someday I’ll have the guts for a tattoo with a similar message in a more prominent place.

  8. i am in love with whoever has the balls to get such an awesome tattoo. i hope the owner is prepared for a lifetime of nasty comments and queries from strangers, but inversely, a lifetime of appreciation and amusement from people in total agreement.

  9. Yeh i bet this ignorant son of bitch has studied none of these relgions yet has the balls to call someones faith man’s ruin…
    Study Sikhism for example, and tell me where in this beautiful relgion is mans ruin??? Its the fucking upliftment for mankind! Its ignorant motherfuckers like this who educate themselves through hearsay information, that is man’s ruin.. He should have got a tattoo of his face under that banner.

  10. i agree with bee sikhism is a beautiful religion and this tattoo represents ignorance what a fool

  11. May isuggest that man is mans ruin. For without men religion wouldnt be a problem…humans and human nature is mans ruin. I am an atheist but personally think reigion bashing doesn’t get us anywhere and only makes us perceived as ignorant. Technically thought it’s a good piece

  12. yes humans are mans ruin some relgions even say that in genisis GODS SAYS HE even regrets making mandkind.

  13. since when was the yin-yang a religon?
    everything else owns though, why do people still cling for the need of some “higher power”

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