38 thoughts on “CAN’T STOP. WON’T STOP.

  1. That makes me giggle. I wonder how even it’ll look after it heals since it looks pretty fresh.

  2. can’t stop, won’t stop
    rocafella records cause
    we get down, baby, we get down, baby
    the girls, the girls they love us
    cause we stay fresh to death
    we the best nothin’ less.

  3. haha. it’s probably all of those and none of those. it may just be his personal motto, not from any song or other reference at all.

  4. I like it…it’s a motivation to yourself, can’t stop won’t stop, let nobody stop me:)…and what a perfect place to put it on:d

  5. Yeah, we’re probably all wrong (or right) about the reasons, it doesn’t really matter. Though it was the placement on the feet that made me think of Junior Senior, seeing how the song is called Move Your Feet.

  6. Its also in a Suede song “Crackhead”, a b-side for a single. can’t stop / won’t stop. got nothing / no no no no no no. give it up”

  7. I’ve thought that while walking across my college campus in rain and cold weather…

    “Can’t stop, can’t miss class! One foot in front of the other…”

    I love these/this tattoo/s!

  8. Posted by Zoe on September 5th, 2006 at 2:08 am
    “I think this phrase can also be applied to Shannon’s posting habits.”

    I think maybe Shannon was saving it for just such an occasion 🙂

  9. Love it. Only those are foot marks (as in the measurement) and not apostrophes as they should be. They should be curled, not straight (the font is Arial Bold).

  10. oh eric, font dorks like you get me all hott.

    p.s. with everything italicized like this, all of your postings look so poetic and lovely.

  11. i’m not sure of the source, but i’ve heard the quote in a dj mix before. “can’t stop, won’t stop, gotta gotta get mine.” it was a jungle/ragga mix if i remember.

  12. “Can’t Stop, Won’t stop. unstoppable.” Is a line in a song by ‘Scribe’ a New Zealand rapper.. That’s what I thought of anyway. Seems it’s in a LOT of songs huh…

  13. I agree with Kelli on the ‘hollywood undead’
    (can’t stop won’t stop charlie make the booty drop)

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