Good funny or bad funny?

Jon says that seeing this tattoo makes him want to tattoo two black eyes on his hand in case they ever meet. Hitler humor is definitely playing with fire! Tattoo on Sarvas by Sarah D at Big Deluxe in Salt Lake City (who also tattooed his nine incher).

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35 thoughts on “Good funny or bad funny?

  1. I don’t see the issue with this tattoo. There is a difference between making fun of him and making fun of the Holocaust. And mockery is sometimes the best way to censure what you fear.

    As a side note, I think it’s sad that people are alright with mocking religion, as with that Man’s Ruin tattoo from a few days back, but not okay with mocking Hitler. Religion is what men make it. It can’t be inherent evil, but people can.

  2. for some reason i thought was a comb or a broom on his lips lol.

    the holocaust was heinous,and hitler was an dumbass who deserves to get made fun of…and i’m not just saying this because he was a short,portly,black-haired man who idealized tall,blue-eyed,blonde people.

  3. Hitler Hitler Hitler – I’m sick of him being the only thing people remember when they see that mustaches or a swastika.

    I actually grew and wore that style of mustache for almost a year in college simply to experience how truly stupid people can be and enjoy the object lesson. That mustache was a popular styles of the day and it is truly sad that people would let it or anything else be so easily co-opted by someone they revile as evil. IF Hitler was so bad (something most people agree about) then why give him these things – fight for them and reclaim them. Or are we all such a bunch of panises that when evil shows up we simply let it take what it wants for its own devices…

  4. IMHO it is funny in a good way. i agree with #2.
    #11 er war bestensfalls ein begnadeter demagoge.

  5. I think it’s funny.
    Just because the dude was an evil person who did horrible things doesn’t mean you can’t find any humor in it. In fact, I think it’s healthy if you can find humor in such things. God help us if everyone always took serious stuff seriously.

  6. Sade – Wasn’t the master race supposed to have brown hair with blue eyes, not blonde hair with blue eyes? I could be wrong..

  7. Hah! I was just thinking the other day about finger mustache tattoos and wondering when we’d see a Hitler.!

  8. I would agree with people saying its just a style mustache,
    if there where no hitler hair styling, or eyebrows.

    but all elements together, thats obviously hitler parody.

    now the question is if hitler parody is ok.
    as a jew.. i dont know. too much sensitivity is alo bad.
    then again, if we humorize the whole hitler, WW2, gypsys jewish and homo-sexuals holocaust subjects, it might just become no more than funny.

    deep shit. me get beer now.

  9. I’m Jewish as well. I had family in the Holocaust. But I’m not offended. It’s making fun of a man, not trivializing what happened to the people that died. Relax!

  10. “It’s making fun of a man, not trivializing what happened to the people that died. Relax!”

    Possibly the most perfect and concise summary of this topic ever. Thank you.

  11. i guess you would all need to know sarvas to see the humor in this. hes an awesome guy. he did my anchors and transdermal and has tons of funny tattoos. he has “in” and “out” tattooed on his ears also lol

  12. Thank you for thinking this too be good funny… I should post my “Birds and Bees” tattoo and like xsnowbunix said, My “in and out” tattoo as well…

  13. haha that IS funny. i agree with people saying that, that moustashe shoudln’t always be related to Hitler. Espeically because he got it from Charlie Chaplin. That was a popular style moustache in that time period and hey! why not bring it back!

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