I guess there’s more than one puzzle guy!

“Long story,” he writes. What’s funny is that the Enigma‘s puzzle tattoos, if I remember right, are actually a rather short story! Anyway, enjoy today’s updates here and BME as well, and I’ll have more tomorrow including more historical pieces (I just didn’t have time today, sorry).

Oh yeah, and for those of you who are prudish, a warning: I think there may be more dirty pictures in today’s update than usual. Not that I expect many complaints.

14 thoughts on “I guess there’s more than one puzzle guy!

  1. hay, why doesn’t he get a sacrfication cutting of one of the puzzle pieces. that would be awesome!….then he could say, oh, i lost my puzzle piece! 😉

  2. I agee with the above comment, they all look the same. Its a great idea to have a jigasw tattoo, and it does look awesome, but I think it would have put the icing on the cake if the pieces had all been different!

  3. nah, they all seem square but the lil feet bit or whatever they’re called change some. then even so, all being kind of square gives it a more consistant, ‘uniform’ look, to it to me at least. I like it!

  4. uuh, i got on modblog 🙂 well, ill share the short version here:
    i got interested in tattoos a long time ago when i saw enigma in a magazine, so its also a kind of thanks to him for helping him “finding myself”, and i also had a very hard childhood but at last it seems that every part of my life fits together and everything is going good now. so its kind of like note to myself to keep it all together and dont fall apart.
    i thought about having irregular edges to, but i finally decided to keed it straight and easy, i also like the kind of “web” look on it.

  5. sick i have a jigsaw puzzle tattoo aswell its only my right forarm but its filled with two japanise koi carp with waves and stuff , i tryed posting the photos on here but everytime i do it gets knocked back, theres a few pics on my myspace if u wana check them out

  6. oooo u could have like all different coloured pieces! and u can have like, um a few with the skin cut out. that would be soo cool! eeek i love it! oooo i wanna get a mini puzzle tattoo! microscopic 🙂 LOL 😉

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