ODB Portrait Tattoo

I don’t know if people who read this blog read my more rambly personal blog as well, but I’m kind of wiped out today so the real posts will have to wait until tomorrow (thanks to Marty for driving me to the doctor). But I did want to at least share with you a pretty suspension, a pretty girl, another pretty girl, a pretty boy, and then top it off with ODB (aka Russel Jones, Ol’ Dirty Bastard, Dirt McGirt, Big Baby Jesus). Tattoo by Jesse Britten at Standard Ink Tattoo Co. in Chattanooga, TN.

13 thoughts on “ODB Portrait Tattoo

  1. “Slacking on your macking/ cuz raw is what your lacking” odb

    wicking pissa tat of a musical legend. RESPECT

  2. I take that back. I just googled it and the article said that he was entirely drug-free, however had been complaining of chest pains and was later rushed to the hospital and pronounced dead. Here’s the article I read if anyone is interested:


  3. wasn’t he in rehab just som time before. got out got even more depressed and commited suicide? was it the chest pains?

    anyways, respect to ODB, craziest mc there ever beeee..

  4. Why would any white person get the likeness of this retarded savage tattooed on their body? White people are sick.

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