“Let’s just be friends.”

Haha… Tattoo by Darren at Black Cat Tattoo in Panama City Beach, Florida.

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14 thoughts on “"STORY OF MY LIFE"

  1. The sad part is that that kid is only 17. He already has a horrible chest piece and now that “story of my life” tattoo. This is what happens when you tattoo minors. They get dumb tattoos.

  2. Its not neccesarily dumb just because you wouldn’t get it, obviously he likes it.
    I wouldn’t get a tattoo like that, but I think its funny and looks cool :D

  3. Oh come on, it’s hardly a tribal flash butterfly on the lower back or barbed wire around the bicep now is it? It’s not badly done and (obviously) has a meaning.
    I think it’s a good idea – most guys with the cliched “I’m-a-wonderful-friend-and-a-star-apparently-oh-look-she’s-going-out-with-some-asshole” problem only complain about it when they’re drunk. I’d go ask someone out simply because they had that tattoo – they actually have the balls to say that their luck with the ladies isn’t always wonderful.

  4. *freaks a bit (in the good way)* THAT’S THE MAJOR STUDIO IN MY TOWN! MY TOWN! AWESOMENESS!

    Ok, the tattoo rocks too. My dude friend says he’s tempted to get something like that.

    I wonder who it’s on….

  5. Thanksies Lucas.

    *looks* I KNOW HIM! Yups, went to my highschool. Never saw him without a gaggle of giggling females following him, didn’t realize he had such trouble with them though…

  6. yes guys thats my tattoo , i tought it was funny and it still makes me laugh , and darren did an awesome job . and dude lucas is right thats my myspace link , check me out ,im pretty rad

    Zac Garden

  7. hell – that’s the story of my life as well,but i’m 38 years old,and times about up for me – that kids only 17 years old,and has so much of his life waiting to happen.

  8. Shucks i really like that tattoo …wish chick told me that.. instead of hey you have to stay at least 200 ft Away this court ordered paper says ~_0

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