Double Trouble

photo: aesthetic-perfection

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31 thoughts on “Double Trouble

  1. I don’t mean to sound like a jerk, but the first thing I saw was a picture of Micheal Jackson. Then I realized it was two gorgeous ladies.

  2. Not everyone can be blessed with natural eyebrows so when you can’t grow them…. what do you do?? Not have any??

    So you make do with what you have and draw them in…

  3. yes we are real twins! i am the black haired one here, but we both have black hair now….my twin is a minute older than me.

    and yes, I cant grow nice real i makeeeee them. Plus I like looking like a zombie when I wake up. Haha

  4. Both eyebrows and melanin are extremely overrated. I have an OCD-detestation of all eyebrows, so drawn ones make me feel all calm and happy :).
    Those two look gorgeous.

  5. I have to say, that was my first comment that actually received responses.
    So to add to the overall disorder of things, let me say that both the twins (Aesthetic-perfection, et al.) are genuinely beautiful creatures. The eyebrow thing is personal preference notwithstanding the overwheming embrace of drawn-on brows.
    I respect the OCD thing, Em. I’m right there with you on so many levels, just not this one. ;)
    The melanin thing was a joke.

    Jelly Beans, nice link. Check out the lip liner on #2.

  6. maybe im just a dirtbag, but twins really turn my crank, and im not afraid to say it, fully realizing there is no chance in hell, etc. and this is the hottest picture probably ever.

  7. I can’t make my eyebrows look that good. Wow. haha mine are actually terrible in comparison.

    Those are some of the most beautiful people I have seen.

    wow. stunning.

    xoxo. AXU.

  8. I agree about liking natural eyebrows.
    Even if you cant grow “good” ones on your own, why make them too high of an arc, too skinny and from the middle of your face to your temples? I guess Id just go for something a bit more natural looking? Dunno… and thats not aimed at the picture above, but most girls who draw their own look rediculous. Especially if theyre done in colours or designs…eek.

  9. these girls are beautiful.
    and everlong, ‘most girls who draw their own look ridiculous’… i assume you’re talking about girls who aim for ‘commercial beauty’ that draw their eyebrows wrong, right? because personally i think drawn eyebrows are beautiful (if done in accordance with the makeup and style of the girl of course). and it takes a load of guts too. would YOU dare shave/pluck all your natural eyebrows off?
    to each his own i guess. :-)

  10. Those two are quite lovely. I myself have drawn-on eyebrows as it came sorta as an accident. I plucked way too much when they were already short. So I decided since there was hardly nothing left, to do away with them all together. I think I subconsciously wanted to do it anyway because I saw this neat article in Gothic Beauty magazine about drawn on eyebrows. I get mad though when people bash those with drawn on eyebrows. what’s the big deal? Women have been drawing their eyebrows on for years! I believe Cleopatra was the one who started it and actresses like Bette Davis in the 30′s did it too. Women who were considered royalty as well like Marie Antionette. And of course, women still do it today. Hell, eyebrows are such a huge pain in the ass so yeah, why not do without them? lol. Besides, I think drawn on ones can look better than natural ones. However, with myself I sometimes have trouble drawing them on as I can’t get the right angle or whatever or I can’t get them perfectly even. Well then again, when I look at people’s natural brows, they aren’t always perfect either, lol even if they have been neatly waxed! But yeah, I still have trouble every now and then drawing them on and I’ve been drawing them on for about a year now, maybe a little over. Sometimes I end up drawing them too far apart!

    I like those ladies eyebrows. They look VERY VERY nice but I personally prefer to draw mine more natural looking as nothing else seems to fit me. I’ve tried very angled ones and high ones and such, and they didn’t look good on me and some that I’ve tried, made me look mad, lol. So therefore, I still to drawing them natural like, in like a natural shape, trying not to draw them too high or too low or too angled. But come to think of it, you can’t always tell they’re drawn on. Most people don’t even notice that I have drawn on ones of course, unless they really look and focus on them. I don’t think many people go around looking at people’s eyebrows anyway, lol.

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