Dull Knife

Yeah, I know I said I wasn’t posting today. I’m a dull knife too I guess, always doing things I say I’m not going to. Thanks to Singer for this tattoo (by Pedro, Optic Nerve Arts, Portland OR). I am taking Friday off though — honest — because it’s my birthday and I was going to go out of town and go swimming (it will be nice and cold).

11 thoughts on “Dull Knife

  1. W00t, nice to see a few nice things on ModBlog from Oregon lately. Optic Nerve is super.

  2. I agree with the scalpel thing, that would have been amusing.

    by the way, Shannon – Happy Birthday!!! (it’s mine too tomorrow!)

  3. Since it is Friday morning in my timezone right now, I thought I’d add a “Happy Birthday”-comment as well, so – here it goes 🙂

    Happy Birthday to our all beloved one and only Shannon!

    A shame I don’t have any real naughty pictures to send you at the moment… 😉

  4. Wow! This picture is mine. I put this up a while ago on my IAM and just stumbled across it.
    I am happy you liked it.
    A skin removal would have been fun as well, good idea.

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