White Ink Facial Tattoo Project

I’m loving where iam:pillpoppinfun is going with his (brand new in this photo) facial tattoo! Anyway, it’s a long weekend in Canada, so I’ll probably post next on Tuesday.

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27 thoughts on “White Ink Facial Tattoo Project

  1. I was looking into white work and a friend of mine who was apprenticing at a piercing/tattooing shop said the tattooist wouldn’t use white ink because it was under a study as a cancer causing agent. Does anyone know the validity behind that? Between Shannon, the tattooer and the tattooee, I’m hoping someone knows more than I do.

  2. The reason that I have most heard for artists not wishing to use white is how easy it is to contaminate the ink… thus giving off a dirty white/hue.

    Otherwise, I cannot imagine why white would be any worse than any other color (at least as far as my understanding of pigments go). Traditionally red is the most dangerous (I have a painting background), as it formerly relied upon cadmium for its color, which is rather toxic.

    Perhaps someone better versed in the cemical composition of tattoo ink could better answer… but as far as I know, white is hard(er) to use, not any more dangerous.

  3. the artist said it was a lil more difficult to do because he couldnt see where the ink was laying in. he just noticed the skin got red and was bleading. overall i didnt think it was a painful process tho. some of the scabs r already falling off so soon i should have some pictures of it fresh in the white. im really excited. were gonna pound the white in a few more times tho before im fully done

  4. i love white ink! this is very pretty.

    and ditto on the white ink on the wrist… anyone know of a good artists skilled in white ink in l.a., santa barbara, or in between area? they are so hard to find!

  5. I personally have a white sleeve (pcb design, previously on modblog) and though I found that I needed multiple ‘coats’ to ensure a nice even shade.

    CreativeNonFiction: I would say that the artist that you mentioned stated that because perhaps they didn’t feel confident in doing an all white piece, as it is notoriously difficult to work with (not only seeing how well it goes it, but it can ‘fall out’ very easily as well).

    Go to a decent tattooist, I had mine done by a good friend Sash at Wicked Ink (Sydney, Australia) and love it to bits.

    Keep up the awesome face work, btw pillpoppinfun! I’ll check your page soon to see some healed shots too. Hope not too many white/yellow flakes fall off into food. That must suck.

  6. my artist told be that he shies away from using white ink as when it’s healed it looks yellowish [obviously, due to the layer of skin over the top] and that quite often ill-informed people come back and complain that “it’s gone bad” or that he’s ripped them off and used yellow ink.

    So generally he just refuses, saving himself the trouble from kids who haven’t done their research.
    I went in there, already aware of the ‘problems’ with white ink, we chatted about tattoo stuff for quite a while and now I’ve got me a lovely little white-ink piece. Smiles all round.

  7. i dono. i have alot of white ink in my hip piece and in my ice cream cones and i didnt have any problems healing them, and they still look great. the white on my hip piece was done by a very new tattoo artist also.

  8. Does anyone know who would be a good tattoo artist in Toronto to go to for white work? This is one of the times I’m actually excited about my super-pale skin!

  9. I have 10 year old white ink and its still white….. goes yellow when sunburnt…. then back white when ya lose the tan………..

  10. moi – Shane Falkner at KING OF FOOLS in Toronto did all of my whitework. He’s great. Most of it has only been hit once and it’s SOLID. We stenciled it, and then scrubbed off the stencil till it was basically gone, then that was waterlined (ie. tattooed without ink). Then that was scrubbed down and we filled it in.

  11. took me a while to think of just who it was that guy reminded me of – now I remember – Marilyn Manson!

  12. My suugestion if ur thinking of doin white ink tattroos would be to first liquid papper on the design and walk around like that for a bout a day or 2 that way u can see how u like it and other reactions if that goes well then u can take clear nail polish and gloss over it maybe even with some sprinkliny type sparkles |””=”"|

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