We’ve been having major problems with the interconnect between the main server and the NAS over the past few days. What that means is that some of the software that powers the site sometimes gets transmitted wrong, and then crashes. While the crash is being logged, the broken software is held in memory, and is executed again and again, causing a cascade that, depending on the module, brings down the whole server. As I write this, the machine is (I presume) running a disk check. It should come back up when it’s done (there are a lot of files so it will take a while), but it may continue to be unstable.

Update (6PM EST): Back online, but it may not last. These crashes are unrelated to images and other user files in case anyone was worried about that!

Tomorrow (Monday) we’ll be reconfiguring the server to hopefully completely eliminate this problem. I apologize for the inconvenience and annoyance.

21 thoughts on “IAM.BMEZINE.COM Status Update

  1. Geez, shannon, I thought you guys would have your stuff together, aren’t you supposed to be a genius? I demand a refund for my free iam account;)

  2. I hate when IAM is down but thank you Shannon for giving us some new stuff to see on ModBlog while we await the return of IAM. (Hope all me pictures are fine..)

  3. Oh, there’s no problems with the pictures or the data at all… it’s just an interconnect issue that we’re trying to figure out.

    IAM is back up now, and I have the pieces in place to fix it, but I’ve got to wait until someone more technically experienced than me helps out with the Apache config… Should be totally fixed soon I hope.

  4. Well, good luck fixing (I guess you’ll yell if any help is needed at some point)!

    As a side note, it’s good to know the machine’s running Apache and not some #[email protected] Microsoft IIS webserver. A closer look to the HTTP headers reveals it’s hosted on a Windows machine, though :/

    Since http://www.bmezine.com seems to run off Debian GNU/Linux (which is one of the most tasteful choices one can make in terms of operating systems), why not move everything onto Debian-powered hosts? Or is it planned sometime in the future already?

    There might be site-design limitations I’m missing, that prevent to do such a thing (I noticed the .exe extension to scripts used onsite, and wondered if it was just a naming convention for some cgi, or if it did mean what it usually does 🙂 – is it the case?


    Note: sorry for this comment being technical, but body-mod is just another form of hacking, so why not mention computer hacking at times too (“hacking”, as in http://stallman.org/articles/on-hacking.html – just to make it clear it’s not about wrecking BME or something!)?

  5. Iam is becoming as reliable as myspace haha. Just kidding Shannon. You’re my hero.

  6. you didn’t just compare IAM to myspace did you?!?! *dies* that’s blasphemy, sacrilige, yaaarrrr!!!!
    haha i dont know what i’m saying. Work has my iam access blocked anyway. 🙁
    BUt yep. Shannon rocks for fixing things when they go wrong. yay shannon~!

  7. I think I have it worst… I just don’t know how to procrastinate from doing my assignment now.

    I’ve checked my email 50 times this evening.

    (I have recieved one email, from my uncle, in that time, thanks for wondering!)

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