Transdermal Implant Removal

Well, let’s see if this risks entry goes better than the last one where people’s heads exploded and we had hundreds of posts that many people will probably regret in the future when they reread them with a calmer head.

After a heavy blow right on the implant, Bena decided it would be best to remove (DIY) the implant. Luckily it seems to have come out fairly easily.

I know of another case where someone recieved a blow on a similarly placed transdermal implant, and things didn’t turn out as well. I asked the person to do an interview, but they decided against it, so I’ll try and recount the story as best I remember it. After receiving the blow, the surrounding tissue swelled and there were some signs of infection, but then it went down again, so the person paid it no more worry. Then, much later, they started getting severe headaches, and when they became unbearable, they went to the hospital. Doctors discovered that the infection had not gone away, but simply moved underneath the implant. It had eroded a quarter-sized hole in his forehead, and the doctors warned that had he waited a few more days to come in he could have dropped dead.

I really want to extend thanks to people (and practitioners) who share their stories when things go wrong. I think for this community to grow safely, sharing what we know about the problems is in many ways more important than sharing what we know about performing procedures.

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26 thoughts on “Transdermal Implant Removal

  1. Sorry he lost his implant, but glad it was an “easy” removal! I also hope that it was an accidental blow, and not some small minded violent individual!!

  2. Ouch, that’s gonna leave a mark. Shame the implant was lost, it looks like it was very cool mod.

    Thank goodness the person in the other case got medical help when they did!

  3. fast and fast.. took me near 2 hours to get the tissue around the implant off.
    could have been made faster, but hey, looking in a mirror when you cut slow things down.

  4. Bena, this is exactly something that a physician or even physician assistant might have been a better choice for. Suture closure would also scar WAY less.

    That said, I’ve done my own sutures in a mirror and working backwards is really hard.

    Kudos on your success at removing the implant.

  5. Kudos on suturing it then. I wish you the best cosmetic result possible. I’m very a much a do-it-yourselfer so I get it when it comes to such things.

  6. damn it, my birthday is tomorrow!
    the scars looks not that bad at the moment, but it will need some more healing. scars in my forhead was something i realized i would get if i inserted the implants, so it really don’t bugs me. all i have to do now is get an idea what to ‘make’ (tattoos/scarification) so it won’t show.

  7. Really though, what’s so bad with a scar? I’m personally of the opinion that bodmod related scars are just like battlescars, I’m a bit disappointed if things don’t scar (as long as it doesn’t keloid out of control that is). But each to their own :)

    Looks like a pretty clean removal though, must’ve been a coordination pain to do it in the mirror though before getting used to it.

  8. I have a transdermal in pretty much the same location and I can’t imagine taking it out myself, heh. Mine’s got four feet instead of two, though! I’ll be interested to see how it goes after a few months. :)

  9. Thank you again for helping to educate everyone about the risks associated with modification. All things should be done with everyone involved as knowledgable as possible.

    I’m sorry Bena lost his implant. I hope things heal well for him.

    Be safe.

  10. Hey, Bena… it’s tomorrow now where I am! Happy birthday.

    ::Hands out yet more virtual cake and ice cream::

    (Cool part is we won’t get fat, becasue we can burn off the calories with virtual exercise. Woohoo!)

  11. wow good to know…ive really been considering a transdermal implant…not in that spot, but its good to know the risks and what to look for

  12. i have a transdermal on my back that was a pretty much hackjob.. i have a labret post in my skin… ya.. ive had it for about ohh 3 or 4 months now.. and some days it gets really sore and swollen, alot of the time it just itches.. like today its super swollen and itches.. im contenplating having it removed, since it wouldnt be as hard as ur removal, since there wont be any tissue removed. its not rejecting, so what do u guys think, keep it and let it fix itself, or take it out before it becomes a problem?

  13. xsnoxbunix:
    i would say remove it, and insert a proper implant if you want it.
    if you go in sideways (as seen on my pics, i went straight in) and remove it, you can put a proper piece at the same spot.

  14. I know little about implants, Bena, but it would seem to me that a mod that is still getting swollen and itchy is probably at least stightly infected. Putting something else there would do nothing to remedy that. Instead, I think the best thing would be to remove the implant, keep the wound open so it drains and heals from the inside towards the outside (rather than trapping the infection and causing all sorts of scar tissue) and then re-doing it at a later date.
    Any pros know more about this?

  15. not a pro, but a transdermal isn’t really an implant. a hole is constanlty open, so you can drain it. done that a couple of times.
    i had problems with another a while back ago. took it out, let it heal up, inserted it again behind the scar tissue, but that didn’t do any good.
    the only thing that did was makinf the area more ‘fragile’.

  16. Bena, how do you figure that a transdermal isn’t really an implant?
    2/3s of it is subdermally implanted.. and not removable without surgery.

  17. an implant to me is fully subdermal. a transdermal to me is just as much an ‘implant’ as a dermal anchor is.
    but hey, i am not a pro or a doctor.

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