Koi Cutting

Well, since IAM is all messed up (I’m going down to see what’s up in about two and a half hours — sorry I can’t go sooner — I think that the SATA-II RAID card has failed personally), I figure I ought to post a few entries here for you.

Cutting with skin removal and texturing done over a four hour sitting by Brian of Pure Body Arts in Brooklyn, NY.


39 thoughts on “Koi Cutting

  1. Brian does some really amazing work I only wish i had met him while he was in town. All of my friends got something done by him and said hes a complete doll. Its nice when talented people can stay humble.

  2. That’s just stunning! I love how bright and beautiful fresh cuttings look, esp when they are done so very well! I would be very interested in seeing how it heals.

  3. how long cutting has been around in the tattoo shops? I know it’s history but “texturing” the skin seems like a “new” technique.. who knows

  4. I guess this is one of those that’s very dependant on how it heals, but with a little luck, this has every chance to end up as stunning as it looks fresh – are we gonna get an “after” update?

  5. thats mad detail! really does look amazing. would be interestinhg to see how muh of the detail remains obvious once it all healed.

    And thanky Shannon. Even though I don’t yet have an IAM account (I will as soon as I can afford a camera that works!) I spend a fair bit of tyme snooping around any profiles open to public veiwing. So thankyou =)

  6. That’s bloody gorgeous. I would really love to see healed photos though, to get an idea of how that texturing turned out.

  7. On some people, this will heal with amazing detail, and I hope the person who got this is one of them! 🙂

  8. That is just so beautiful. I always like scarification pieces the best before they heal. I just don’t understand people who can look at that and go “Ewwww! DIDN’T THAT HURT????” because it is just so amazing that we can do things like that with out bodies.

  9. Just a thought, but has anyone who really likes the pre-healing appearance of cuttings ever thought of simply getting a red ink tattoo (with a bit of coloring nuances here and there to simulate blood pooling and the variations in our bodies) in the “wood cutting” style in which this koi is done?

    Is this a silly question?

  10. this is the most beautiful cutting i have ever seen. does anyone know who it belongs to or if healed photos are available? amazing..

  11. its my leg
    Iam: BlackJettas
    i didnt get linked thought and its only 8 days old so as soon as it starts healing up ill update on my iam page

  12. Speaking of the detail work: Shannon, do you happen to have any more recent pictures of some of the very detailed cuttigns you’ve posted here before, like the anchors and the elephant and some others? I’ve been wondering how those look healing.

  13. Got to talk to Brian on the phone he came across as real cool really looking forward to getting my work done ………full side cheek facail . Will post pics when its done ~6969~ …. ~_0

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