Tool/Schism Tattoo

This is definitely one of those tattoos that’s got to have made the tattoo artist totally cross-eyed with a splitting headache by the end of it! I think Jayson McDaniel at Animal House in Pearl, Mississippi probably handles stress a lot better than me…

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32 thoughts on “Tool/Schism Tattoo

  1. beautiful work… two thumbs up a baboons butt… line work is one of my favorite ways to draw also…

  2. wow,i’m glad the artist didn’t shake or anything because the tattoo could’ve been a total mess…i hope he took lots of breaks

  3. I must be missing something…I’m fairly rabid tool fan and I have absolutely no clue what this has to do w/ the band (tool) or the song (Schism). Other than being complex and visually dense, it doesn’t even resemble any Alex Grey work I’m familiar with…

    but like I said, I must just be missing something. anyone want to enlighten me?

  4. Yeah, it looks like logarithmic spirals in parts, but it’s not a Tool/Alex Grey specific piece, unless it was inspired by that work…

  5. This piece was a motherfucker I can tell you because I was the one in charge of finding/making a good enough copy of this piece on the new Tool DVD Schism… it’s a black cover with a slightly lighter black color making the design and it has Schism in old english type font over the middle of it.. Jayson loved this piece and did it for FREE for the chance to show everyone how good he is if he really enjoys his work.. and besides the never ending rebel flag tatts and the oh so tacky tribal bard wire armbands.. he does love his work.. and I love him… Good work baby knew you could do it.

  6. aahh..I should have known, I own that DVD.

    Just goes to show that Tool fans have very patient and capable tatto artists :D

  7. my tattoo artist/roommate says there is no fucking way the inside of this tattoo will hold up over time. he gives it 5 years. i love this piece and want it to last until the owner dies. don’t give a shit about tool. really like the image, though. we both do.

    any artists/tattooees want to weigh in on this one?

  8. Jayson, this is amazing!
    I can’t imagine how difficult this was to do, but you did it beautifully!!!
    Excellent job!!!!

  9. Ive been thinking of getting a tattoo in the theme of “Ride The Spiral” but cant think of any cool ideas besides some sort of spring looking thing with a guy holding onto it. If anyone is a talented artist and wouldnt mind giving me any kind of artwork pertaining to my problem I would appreciate it very much.

  10. This is one really neat tattoo, but ya’ll should see some of the others he has done! Although he isn’t with Animal House anymore, he’s now working in Atlanta. Jason has been talented all his life and it is really showing up in his work now. I know because—I’m his mother! Great job Jason!

  11. this tattoo is effin sweet!! and tool are a pretty awesome band aswell. =]

  12. Yep, once again another stunning piece from J.P. Who by the way will continue to be the only one inking my skin!!!

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