Quick IAM server update

I’m writing this at 11:20AM EST (ignore whatever the timestamp here says). As of now, the store that built the server is almost done its tests and hasn’t been able to replicate any of the crashes that I got. At about 1:30 I’ll head down there and walk them through a series of tests that should crash it. If it doesn’t crash, maybe we got lucky and either solidified a loose component or the bios and firmware upgrades we did solved the problem.

So assuming I can’t make it crash in a test environment, I’ll plug the machine back in this afternoon or early evening and see what happens, although I’m fully prepared to build a new machine from scratch if it comes to that (and that’s what I expect will happen, personally). Oh, and if you see people asking elsewhere what’s up with IAM, please let them know that I’m posting updates here on ModBlog.

And I’ll add again for anyone just seeing this that no data is lost, and it’s both unharmed on the server, and additionally backed up as well. So when we come back up, there should be no unpleasant surprises.

UPDATE: 1:30PM – The store has been unable to make it crash. So I’m going to go get it, plug it in, and see what happens. If it works, we’re up today. If it doesn’t, we’re up most likely tomorrow (on a new box).

UPDATE: 2:30PM – The site is currently online experimentally on the old hardware. Even though every piece has been stress tested and comes out OK, I’m not sold this will solve it. However, I have now got a duplicate of every piece of hardware in this box, so if it doesn’t stay stable tonight I can rebuild it.

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47 thoughts on “Quick IAM server update

  1. thanks shannon! i’ll be buying another membership when things get back online, and checking out bmeshop too ;)

  2. Oh good. It’s so sad to witness how lost we all are without IAM…

    Thank you for putting so much work into this xx

  3. “no data lost”

    Whew! if i had to re-build my page from scratch AGAIN i would not be a happy camper. keep up the good work, bro!

  4. I am looking for an article that was done awhile ago. Regarding smoking pot while getting tattooed. Does anyone remember the name of it, so I can find it?

  5. ybzoc – Look up “Marijuana” in the BME encyclopedia… I think that’s the one you mean.

    angela – I can’t even get INTO myspace to post an update!

  6. I can’t log into MY My Space account but I can log into the account of the wrestler whose site I maintain… Weird. So I can’t even kill the time in stupid My Space. I’m very bored. I may actually have to do school work or something to pass the time!

  7. well I said it…It’d be a cold hard snowfall before IAM goes down again…an of course it snowed fuckin a lot last night! ARGH!

  8. i’m dying without my iam!! need.fix.now!

    i’ll live, i’ll just be really really really happy when it comes back!

  9. er? i can get into my myspace page just fine.
    and barrie had a snow storm last night or something.
    it was snowing sideways while i was watching the flaming puck hockey last night.

    and im out in a hoodie even if it IS snowing! :P

    Shannon you rule
    it’s like a piece of my life has been missing haha
    Can’t wait til its back online

  11. Angela – Mine is saying that login is down while they fix it but like I said, when I log in to Chris’ account, I have no problems. My Space is CRAP.

  12. Yay! I can review again!! I was going into withdrawls there for a while.

    Thank you for all your hard work Shannon. We all apreciate it.

  13. Let’s hope it stays up… If this works, I have no idea why to be honest… We did some minor bios and driver upgrades but nothing that should have been related to the problem…

  14. Myspace is evil… but i guess pedophiles have to chill somewhere… Myspace, cyber-stalking made easy… cheers

  15. Thanks for busting your ass for us Shannon. It’s much appreciated… I hope you get some time to relax…!!

  16. hey guys please remember that Shannon has a life outside of BME/IAM and even though he spoils us rotten with the cheap membership and awesome benefits, he needs time just like the rest of us to fix problems.

    and a big pfffffft to myspace. remember that people who are on BME and IAM are on there because of a lifestyle dedication and not just to be scene. anybody can photoshop a picture for myspace but to be on IAM you have to be the real deal.

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