33 weeks, 4 days

You know, when I first started getting pierced and tattooed, it was very uncommon to meet parents and soon-to-be parents that were modified… These days though, as this community ages and grows, it seems more and more normal, to the point where it no longer seems even the slightest bit odd to see a heavily tattooed or otherwise augmented parent — in this case, Lonchura. I wonder how we’ll respond to our kids that rebel against us by trying to act ultra-normal?

PS. It’s her birthday on Sunday too if you want an excuse to say hello.

26 thoughts on “33 weeks, 4 days

  1. Aw I wish I had taken photo when I was pregnant. Beautiful. And happy birthday if you read this

  2. Maybe I should get a few piercings or a tattoo to mark the journey of my pregnancy.

    I bet it’d make me feel a whole lot better.

    Of course, being a minor in the US, modblog couldn’t legally show me with my top off, even if my belly were bigger than hers.
    I can be a breastfeeding mommy (which I probably will not be) but I can’t have my breasts seen… it’s obscene.

    Anyway, I like this. 😀

  3. This is such a beautiful photo. I love to see women show off their baby bellies instead of hiding them in baggy clothes.

    This makes me think of all the times I heard “What will you tell your children when they ask you about that stuff?”

  4. Ooh, I have a friend who rebelled against his hippie/artist parents by becoming an engineer and working for a coal mining company!

  5. this is the shiz, when I have kids, I’m so taking a pic like this! HAPPY B-DAY FOR SUNDAY!

  6. “I wonder how we’ll respond to our kids that rebel against us by trying to act ultra-normal?”
    this is one of the greatest sentences i’ve heard lately!
    Bravo shannon.

  7. Funnily enough, my first experience of meeting a ‘modded’ person was someone who looked similar to this girl. I was doing a door to door survey or something (I don’t quite remember), and she answered the door with her daughter clinging on to her leg. I still remember to this day how awesome she looked…

    (I lived in a small ‘town’ with only 400 houses, so someone like this didn’t quite fit the norm, and that’s why I loved her look…)

  8. hehe, there seems that there will be an entire generation of moded parents.

    I was talking with a friend the other day about how each generation generlly seems to out do the last. Will we be the first to out do our own children?

  9. I never saw pregnant women pictures until this blog.
    Thanks Again Shannon.


    Happy Birthday!

  10. Heh, I know. I was raised by Hippies. The joke growing up was that If I wanted to rebel, I’d have to put on a suit, and go to law school.

    And by GOD is that woman …stunning.

  11. hello and happy b day today congrads my wife and i just had a baby 9 weeks ago :D:D:D:D
    fun times

  12. I knew a kid my age named Skydance, now in his thirties…and he’s a total preppy! I always had more fun hanging out with his hippy mom, haha…so watch out freaks! Children rebel!

  13. My daughters (9 &13) are both much more conservative than me. Im always trying to get them to be more individual and they say my friends dont look like that!

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