Michelle, “The Pass Around Girl” [The Publisher's Ring]

WARNING: This article contains explicit photographs.

Michelle, “The Pass Around Girl”

Be not too liberal; it doth belong to dogs alone to fuck the whole day long."
          - Friedrich Nietzsche

After I posted photos of “Michelle, The Pass Around Girl” and her extremely direct and explicit tattoos on ModBlog, it generated a flurry of comments and debate about them. Were they part of a D/s relationship? Were they self-abuse or derogatory in some way? Michelle, an educated (she has a Masters Degree in English) and STD-free sex addict and cancer survivor, answered a few questions for us via email. You can also watch out for her in November when the interviews she did with Dr. Phil and Dr. Keith Ablow should air.

BME: Tell me a little about yourself.
MICHELLE: I am twenty-seven years old, five and a half feet tall and 135 pounds. I reside in Denver, Colorado. I am married to the adult actress, BisexualBritni and have been for almost eight years.
BME: And tell me a little about your difficulties with sex addiction?

MICHELLE: I have a huge problem with sex addiction and have been trying to shed light on the fact that women suffer from sex addiction as well as men. I have been fired from every job I have ever had for having sex on the job. I had affairs on my first husband to the point where he killed himself. I have had almost thirty affairs on Britni, and my marriage with her is in shambles.
  I will betray anyone, at any time, to have sex with men or women. When I tried to fight my addiction and not have sex with people, I got myself jailed three times for domestic assaults on Britni. I have been confined to mental institutions twice for my outbursts that stem from not acting on my addiction. I have desperately tried to get help for my addiction, but all the hospitals who treat sexual addictions only cater to men and have no facilities for women. I currently attend Sex Addicts Anonymous (SAA) meetings and am doing the best I can with my addiction.
BME: When did the tattooing process begin?
MICHELLE: I started the tattoo process during the time I was initially trying not to act out on my addiction. Since I was trying hard not to actually have sex with everyone I spoke to during a day, my sexual addiction came out in other ways. My mind could not, would not, and could not stop focusing on sex 24/7 — I was wet and turned on all day, every day. My pussy ached so bad for attention that I could barely function.

  I combated this, and in an attempt not to cheat on Britni again, I started tattooing what I was thinking on my body. The tattoo process — the pain — helped release the endorphins I live for, and when I looked in a mirror I could see what I was addicted to. Of course, being a sex addict, once I realized that the sexual tattoos made me feel better, I started doing a lot of them and I will be adding many more.
BME: How did the tattoos progress?
MICHELLE: I started with the “Cum Slut” tattoo and had no intentions of going further at that point. Then, while I was obsessing about sex, I would think of another tattoo and go have that done. Then, another and another. The words got more direct as the tattoos went on. By the time I was at “cum in me” and “fuck my whore ass”, I started to realize I was acting on my sexual addiction in a different way. I can barely go a day without having sex, and everything I do in my life is geared toward having sex. I can have four extramarital affairs a week and not break a sweat or feel any guilt — my body drives me toward sex to a degree most doctors have never heard of.
BME: Do any of the tattoos show while you’re out in public?
MICHELLE: The two girls kissing on my chest shows up daily in most everything I wear, and since I often wear bare midriff shirts, the “cum slut” and “cum in me” tattoos show up rather often. Plus, I have the lesbian tattoo on my lower left ankle and script that says “girls will do girls” — plenty of people see them, and plenty are offended by them I am sure. Though my wife is the adult actress, and I have posed for very few adult-type photos, the Internet’s reaction to the tattoos has been overwhelming — I was sort of surprised actually. BME is the first to publish my photos on an actual website.
BME: What would you say to feminists that say the tattoos are negative toward women?
MICHELLE: Feminists bother me. They decide what is good and bad for women in the same way men do. I will do what I please, when I please, and that is feminism. I will or will not get whatever tattoo I like.

BME: Who did the tattoos? Was it hard to convince them?
MICHELLE: In LA, the ink was done by Nathan’s Tattoo on Topanga Canyon Blvd, and in Denver, the work was done by Low Life Tattoo on Broadway. I have to stay with those shops as quite a few won’t do this sort of work. I was told “no thanks” several times before I found artists open minded enough to do what I asked them for. Nathan’s Tattoo in LA really enjoyed doing this sort of work. I think it was new and different to them, and a break from the same old stuff.
BME: What do your partners think of the ink?
MICHELLE: Men absolutely love the ink. They like to act out what my tattoos say — “fuck my whore pussy” and so on. Britni thinks they are hot, as do many other girls I have had sex with. People basically love the ink until I upset them, or say no to having sex with them — then they are easy targets for insults… “What kind of loser tattoos themselves with shit like that?” or “I bet your mom and dad are proud of you.”
BME: Have doctors said anything about them?
MICHELLE: A handful of doctors have seen them and said nothing. I can see it in their eyes when they read them, but to their credit, they say nothing. I did have one nurse in a mental hospital go down on me after asking a few questions about my tattoos. So the ink seems to have prompted at least one healthcare professional to act improperly. I was just surprised it was a woman that did it, and not a man.
BME: Your ‘A’ is a Scarlet Letter reference I assume?
MICHELLE: Yes, you’re right. It is a scarlet letter and brands me as the Adultress that I am. I don’t mean to have the affairs that I have, but I seem powerless to stop them. If someone pays attention to me, the only thing I can think about, until I have sex with them, is having sex with them.

BME: When you call yourself “The Pass Around Girl”, is that literal, or is it a persona?
MICHELLE: My last job was an $80,000 a year position as a supervisor for RTD in Denver — I was fired for having sex with the people I supervised. I found out I was known as the “pass around girl” by the bus drivers. It was not a term of endearment, I assure you. The term just sort of stuck, and that is often how I am referred to, and I often refer to myself as such.
BME: Thank you! Finally, how can people get in touch with you?
MICHELLE: I hope my story has been able to help people — I can be contacted at [email protected].

Shannon Larratt

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22 thoughts on “Michelle, “The Pass Around Girl” [The Publisher's Ring]

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  2. I know that I used to (and still) sort of have sexual issues like this but, this is crazy. How can you say you are addicted to sex? How is there such a thing?

    If you cannot control your urges, you are no different than an animal. And I say tis for men and women a like. I am a woman and while I used to need sex almost every day, Now I rarely have it once a month. It is all about control. She simply does not WANT to control it.

  3. Danielle, she obviously cannot control her urges. She has tried Sex Anonymous meetings and even resorted to tattooing to distract her urges with pain. This is a medical condition that she cannot control on simply mind over matter. Of all people you should understand what she is going through although in her case she had it 100 times worse.

    She is clearly addicted to sex. There is such a thing and this is an example. You may not like it, you may find her as a threat but it is fact. Get over it.

  4. Who the hell would find this person a threat Peter? Danielle was obviously bringing up the obvious and wondering wtf could possibly do this to a person. I don’t think that constitutes this slut being a threat. How about you get over yourself.

  5. “Danielle was obviously bringing up the obvious?” Are you handicapped Devin? Sexual addiction is a documented disorder with numerous studies that have proven it to be real. Sex addicts were generally abused as children, and no, the ability to control your sexual urges is not what seperates us from animals, and it saddens me that you would take such an ignorant viewpoint to an actual handicap. Enjoy your own stupidity.

  6. @Devin: While it’s true we can comment on her actual words, being the knight in shining armor defending her wounded pride does in no way qualify even you to presume you know Danielle’s motivations, obvious as you see them being. In fact, this is simply another instance of someone superimposing their perspectives on the actions of others. You don’t know how she’s thinking any more than you have the faintest grasp of what the world looks like through Michelle’s eyes.
    @Danielle: I commend you on your accomplishments, but would warn against the dangerous presumption that any experience in the same category as yours is precisely the same. Everything we have ever learned about the complexities of the world indicate quite clearly that life never goes that way. I do not mean to suggest that you did something that was not entirely remarkable by controlling your actions, but your circumstances were wholly different, likewise did it’s difficulty differ.
    @Peter: I understood you to be saying that it was likely that Danielle may have, subconsciously, seen Michelle’s inability to overcome her cravings as suggestive that Danielle’s own desires may at some point overpower her will, and she may sink back into old habits. While a possibility, I, myself, don’t see it as what she intended. Perhaps Danielle, herself, can shed some light on precisely what her logical path was.
    @Michelle: I understand, quite fully, the use of tattoos as catharsis. I would enjoy discussing the matter with you, if you have any interest, as you are the first person beside myself I know of who finds release from obsessions in the action of bringing about their representation in body art.

  7. Sex Addiction for men is not even incliuded in the Medical Health Disorders “bible” so I can see how this woman can have an even more difficult time finding the help she needs. It may sound trite, but contact Dr. Drew Pinski (the guy who does the show Celebrity Rehab), because he really is a wealth of knowledge, and maybe send him this article, and he may have some options for you. I really feel for you. I was almost at this point at one time, but somehow turned it around. I don’t think I went as far as the tattoo route but I was known as the Pass It Around girl. Hang in there baby, there’s help.

  8. This is really, really sad. I feel bad for this girl because she clearly doesn’t want to keep doing what she’s doing.
    I understand what she’s doing with the tattoos as well. I punish myself physically when I stray as well. I keep thinking that when the scars pile up, I’ll look at them first and think twice.

  9. In my opinion the tats are just different sides of the same coin.
    Like a cutter who wants to produce an outward manifestation of their inner pain/anxiety/conflict

    In some cases, until you find the unspoken issue underlying the behavior
    you can’t expect too much progress.

  10. Yeah I’m not a sex addict but I can totally relate to the tattoos helping with addiction and uncontrolable urges. I have 13 tattoos and they are each a result of impulse. Some to overt addictions and some to overt urges.

  11. We’re learning that addiction to any set of behaviors is driven by a number of factors. Childhood trauma, Dopamine imbalance and other elements can cause this sort of behavior. In order to understand how compulsive it can be, it may be better to look at information about soldiers who have suffered PTSD than classical addictions. In some cases previous trauma has damaged the hippocampus in a way that can be detected in a PET scan, leading to compulsive behaviors in order to “feel normal.” The behavior often causes additional damage, and it’s very hard or impossible to reverse.

    So…no…someone with this level of compulsion is no more capable of “just stopping” than a Gulf War vet who goes on a rampage in a store. Of course most vets don’t go on rampages…they engage in drinking sexual acting out and domestic violence. Just like Michelle.

    What is commendable is that she understood what was going on with her enough to speak out about it with some clarity. I know from experience there are a lot of people like Michelle.

  12. I feel sad for all with the real problems that go with sex addiction. I’ve seen it, it is real and this lady Michelle does have a lot of insight into her addiction behaviors, why she turned to these tattoos like she has, and that’s a good first step toward sometime achieving some management of her disorder. Very good analogy with the Gulf War vets. :)
    Michelle, i hope you overcome your demons some day and can be free and happy to enjoy sex without hurting the one you love with straying. I do wish you the best :)

  13. Unfortunately, her condiftion is real. There is such a thing as sex addiction. She probably will never overcome it if she doesn’t want to, but it is a matter of will. There is also an esteem thing involved, as not “getting any” leads to violence. Hate to say it but this chick is deranged and probably has been for a long time. She is on the dark side of the moon of this addiction and needs professional help from someone who won’t “go down on her”. A lttle prayer wouldn’t hurt either.

  14. It takes a lot of attention to conduct an interview.
    …So Shannon, did you have sex with her?

  15. I’d require at the very least a full hazmat suit to feel safe even just shaking hands with this girl. She must be a walking petri dish. Gross, I feel sorry for her wife.

  16. As someone who was sexually abused as a child, I’m actually on the same page as Michelle… up until my current relationship, which started about a year and a half ago, I had the desperate urge to simply have sex with anyone I found attractive. A lot of times, that urge turned into action, albeit over a course of time. I honestly have lost count of the amount of men I’ve been with, many only once, but I’m pretty sure it’s over twenty.

    I’ve been to therapy, and have come to the conclusion with the help of my therapist, that having been abused as a child, I feel like I’m not worthy of any other man, and I acted out in that fashion to feel more desirable… in the end, though, I only felt empty. I’ve been continuously dealing with severe depression since I was younger than I can remember, and this only added to my self loathing. I turned to drugs and tattoos to fill that void, but those experiences (although I do love my tattoos) provided only a moment of relief in the deep chasm that was my life.

    I finally realized, only recently, that these things have not helped me, and that I’ve been childish. My boyfriend has also helped me deal with a great many of my issues, or at least, as well as he can. But I’m still overcoming my pain, and it’s a long, hateful road that trips you up more than guides the way. I just do my best to keep my head up and deal with my feelings and urges in a healthy, positive way instead of falling into empty relief by torturing my body (which in turn, will torture my mind).

    I hope that’s insightful. If not… oh well.

  17. I read this lunatic’s tats that say something like, “Come enjoy some super-gonorrhea!”

  18. I sex twice a day and don’t WANT to control it, why would I. She doesn’t have any visible STDs, quit your whining you’re just jealous she hasn’t done you.

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