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  1. Clearly she doesn’t have a problem with/believe in the whole concept of “negative reinforcement”.

    Sexy tattoos, though.

  2. And I remember all the talk that a different entry made a while back. The one who just wanted “slut” or something similar in a private place. This one definately takes it. How do you even get your tattoo artist to put something like this on you? Many won’t do it. She is hot though, I’ll give her that.

  3. Wow…hahaha seriously. She’s something else. (remembers “if you can’t say anything nice don’t say anything at all.”)

  4. Does it make me very limited as a person if I admit these photos make me a little bit sad? It isn’t that I mind the sentiment — I was one of those who defended the slut thigh tat. It’s just… so all over her body, and it makes her somehow… so THAT all the time. I like being fucked like a whore as much as the next person, possibly more… but sometimes I don’t feel like it at all. Sometimes I feel like being fucked like a virgin, and on certain blue moons I don’t feel sexual at all. I expect people will jump down my throat, but I’m really not coming from a place of judgment. I just feel for her. If it were a guy I’d feel the same way.

  5. in response to s baby- i am a guy, and i do feel the same way. ..just seems pretty over the top.

    ..but, more power to her.

    “I may not agree with what you say(or do,) but I will defend to the death your right to say it(or do it.)” hah

  6. I don’t like that tattoos. I also think where they were placed looks stupid to say the least. Sorry no props to her, here.

  7. I’m sorry. Is this supposed to be empowering or something? Is it some kind of word reclaiming? If people like talking dirty/name calling during sex or whatnot, then all the power to them if it turns them on. But like S Baby said, it’s just… there. Everywhere. Plastered all over her body, and, as much as I hate this question- what if she ever has children? I can’t imagine it being healthy to want something derogatory stamped on your body like this.

  8. To each their own really. It’s not my body, it’s not my choice… But since i’m entitled to an opinion here… I wouldn’t be sure of someone who wants to have sex with a “pass around girl.” I don’t know… It’s too easy to get something like stds and so on in this world… It’s not my thing. (and NO i’m not implying she has anything.)

  9. …and alot of these comments made regarding her tattoos are made about most of us and our own modifications…

    I mean…it’s kinda out there. You don’t come across people with this particular subject matter tattooed on them often. But DAMN if that girl doesn’t have a pair. Woo!

  10. PS – I think I’ve seen things just as [if not more] explicit tattooed on much more public places on peoples bodies.

    But still..WOO!

  11. Omigosh! I absolutely LOVE the red “A” there! It’s my favorite. And were I to harazrd a guess, It’s possible that she’s in a D/s relationship where her Dom/me chooses her tattoos, or at least helps, or something. Jut becasue it’s not somethign you would want to enter into does not mean it’s not utterly hot to her. This is made more probable by that collar there, and the fact that all of those can be easily covered. Anyhoo, I wish her the best.

  12. People say it’s sad, but she definitely looks happy about her body. While it may not be what I would choose to put on my body, she seems happy with it. ….And, if she’s happy with it, then no one else’s opinion should really matter.

  13. In reference to the idea that she may not feel that way all the time – isn’t that the same for all tattoos that represent a personality or lifestyle? I’m sure there are times we all feel out of sync with something we are comfortable with. It is a different subject matter, but then again, maybe it’s for the purpose of overcoming a certain societal or ingrained belief about such taboos? A gun – a device who’s purpose is to harm – is a common and accepted tattoo theme, and why is something like this which could be thought of as representing a uniting and positive act (taking liberty with the connotations here, just as someone could call a gun a device of freedom I imagine) is maligned in some form? I think this is in some way comparible to the discussion on Hitler/Gein/Manson/etc tattoos. What else is she saying?!

    Whether it is the intention or not, I think this is a nice meterstick for our internal awareness of how we are all still shaped by our social parameters. How is liking sex different from liking to play pierce, watch a certain type of movie, skydive, etc…essentially?

  14. I don’t even think that’s a fun, respectful, SSC D/s thing, I think it’s a very fucked up kajira-Gorean thing, and it really makes my skin crawl. I feel sorry for her, more than anything, and it makes me feel very uncomfortable to read how many male commenters are all sexually aroused and into it. I am extremely sex-positive and not at ALL opposed to sexual tattoos, but these tattoos aren’t about her loving sex, they’re about her having no self-worth or value on her own body and wanting/allowing herself to be used. It just doesn’t come off as a mentally healthy place to me. And yes, I do think she’ll seriously regret these tattoos someday.

  15. To spears and knives through one’s face we see comments like “i am SO envious. what always amazes me about such photos is that there is never any bleeding. it must have been an awesome experience.”

    But to tattoos of sexually explicit statements on one’s body there’s judgement an some comments that border on vitriolic. Why? Tattoos aren’t extreme enough? I missed the list of community approved mods somewhere.

    Mind you it’s not my thing, but there’s very definitely a fetish favoring the “written on” girl. What if these tats are just for show with her and her significant other? Is that OK? What if she does take all comers? Who cares? They are her tats. Her risks. Not yours. I presume that in this day and age she understands the risks of promiscuity, if not please inform but don’t berate or belittle.

  16. Of course it’s her choice, and her body, I don’t see anyone saying anything otherwise, and I’ll absolutely defend to the death her right to do whatever she likes with her body – that doesn’t mean that I have to LIKE it, nor that I can’t comment on how negative the message seems to me, does it? I thought this was a more-or-less public forum.

    And it is just a bit rich to compare a traditional ritual of religious ecstacy to this chick, but whatever, I’m sure you’re just trying to make a oint.

  17. And we’re all 100% they’re not photoshopped on? Pretty funny joke if they are…

  18. As someone said above, we all get the shock horror reaction from all sorts of people a lot of the time for just your average body mods. I am a little dissapointed in myself that I find these so repulsive, I thought I had a more open mind. On the other hand, this is just degrading to her, does she not feel like anything other than a whore or a slut, it would be nice for her to see herself as something other than that, which there seems no evidence that she does see herself as anything but a piece of meat. The sad part isn’t the tattoos I don’t think, but the attitude towards herself that is portrayed

  19. Its not something I would get myself, probably even moreso since I have a daughter. But unfortunately unlike most tattoos I can’t even appreciate this on someone else. But its her body and i’m guessing she has thought this through, so more power to her in her own way

  20. I’m absolutely amazed and saddened by this.
    Kudos for having the courage to do what she wants, despite the fact I find it sad that she should stamp herself with derogotary phrases.

  21. Fuck you with all your “disgusting” remarks!
    If she wants to do this.. its her body..
    its funny, its cool, and i bet she has more(and better) sex than most of you.

    so control your jealousy, and let her have her fun in life!

  22. and.. why assume she has any sti’s? don’t worry about it. isn’t it obvious that if she HAD any she’d just tattoo the titles on her body… jeez.

  23. As soon as I saw that, I actually chuckled because I thought it was funny (it’s all in good fun, afterall), then I rolled my eyes because I knew a good portion of the 41 comments already posted were negative remarks before I even started to read them.

  24. It would be nice if the model involved could shed some light on why she chose these particular phrases and the thinking behind the inking.
    On a truly negative note and I am sorry for mentioning such a thing but what defence would she have if sexually attacked, after all her tattoos seem to denote written permission for anything with her consent. Horrible thought I know but can you imagine any judge coming down in her favour.

  25. but giles, in court she will have all her clothes on and the judge wont see the tattoos.

    i would never get a tattoo like, i cant understand the reasoning, it would be interesting to hear why she chose them. but whatever floats your boat, i will not judge, its her body to do with what she pleases.

  26. “Giles”- You AND your statement about “implied consent” can go to hell. A woman can have whatever she likes tattooed on her, she can wear whatever she like and say whatever she likes. In the end no means no and anyone who suggests otherwise needs to be shot. I wasn’t going to comment but I have.

    To each his/her own ‘s what it comes down to, and although I would never get tattoos like hers, it’s her right to do so and I respect that. It’s the same as people asking why on earth i got fish tattooed on me.

  27. Who the fuck cares if YOU like what she has tattooed on HER BODY or not? She can do whatever she chooses, as any of us can, and no one has the right to judge her or assume anything about her or her sense of self-worth.

  28. I can imagine ALL judges coming down in her favor. There is absolutely NO justification for one to welcome themselves to someone elses body/space without their permission. No matter how they tattoo themselves [or dress, walk, etc.] Nothing along those lines makes rape or any sexual attacks OK.

    I’m assuming she doesn’t walk the streets of her hometown naked all day, so this written permission you [Giles] are talking about, is only for those who she chooses to bare her bosom/bum to.

    Honestly…that really is a fucking horrible thought. And I can’t believe that even crosses peoples minds.

    I am much in agreement with the others concerning her personality, any disorders she may/may not have and our inability to judge her or her self worth/confidence/respect. We can’t do it as accurately as we think, and we shouldn’t. We all know what non-modified [and even some of the modified] say about us behind our backs. I don’t understand why this case is any different. Her level of self-respect is known only to her.

    She looks happy in those photos, and that’s all we should need to see in order to know that what she has decorated herself with is OK. If the smile wasn’t there, this story might be different.

  29. Someone defending a rapist would have a field-day with the judicial system claiming (despite protests) that this woman openly gave the impression and consent for sex to take place as quite obviously displayed across her whole body. YES it is wrong but personal responsibility has to come into play and I guarantee you that a lawyer for a sexual attacker would use every and any angle possible including the words displayed across her body asking you to “Fuck her whore ass” and calling herself a “Slut”.
    Why should a jury consider anmything different when she herself calls herself this?
    You and I know fully well that these tattoos are no invitation to have sex with her but would a jury? Would a judge? They would be told of her tattoos and draw their own conclustions.
    The bodmod sect have enough problems with standard society and their attitudes without having to justify whether words tattooed across your body actually justify anything.
    After all she doesn’t specify WHO she wants to “fuck her whore ass” does she.
    We all know that no means no but in this case there is quite an obvious YES written all across her body. A red rag to a bull it seems.

  30. In an ideal world nobody would be judged on what they have tattooed on themselves.

    This is VERY far from being an ideal world and some self responsibility goes a long way to helping you survive.

  31. Gut feeling, I don’t think it’s healthy. If these tattoos are “ironic” in some way, even plenty of male posters here aren’t seeing them like that.
    I think that people who know that most modified people don’t fit into a negative stereotype, and have mods of their own that they find empowering, do in fact have the right to judge this woman… but only if we have an explanation from her.

  32. Oh, and to all those ranting at Giles… he is realistic. I’m sure this woman has to live in the real world like everyone else from time to time. A judge should not be swayed by the tattoos… but real judges would be.

  33. Giles, the tattoos are covered by her clothes in daily life (I am guessing, since nobody goes to the shops naked), so I don’t see how this ‘implied consent’ thing would work since the potential rapist would not be able to see them anyway.
    I agree with gogo_savvy

  34. This does sort of worry me… I would like to think of myself as a feminist male, and I find it quite sad to think that she defines herself as nothing more than someone who swallows cum.

    An unpopular opinion, but I agree with Giles 100%. It’s not how it should be, but how it would be. Anyway, there is no written condition, or even implied condition “fuck my whore pussy, unless of course I think that you’re a smelly drunkard wierdo and I don’t fancy it at the time”

    Obviously it is her choice what she does with her body, but her mods project that it may not actually be her choice what she does… People are more than sex.

  35. I assume these photos are for absolutely anyone to see, this site is public domain.

    Anyone can see them should they wish.

    Her body and it’s messages are free for all to see.

    Hopefully nobody will actually “pass” her “around” as her name suggests.

  36. I’d assumed that people reading this would understand that these are intended to be seen publicly, but in a specific sexual context, and that these tattoos are a part of a consensual and desired sexal lifestyle.

    Some of the crass comments, and especially the “feeling sorry for” type comments, are REALLY missing the point I think.

  37. Strange the amount of vitriol this brings up…

    She is obviously into some D/s/bdsm master slave type bit, or is into the humiliation, or maybe she just gets off on being a “slut” or a “whore”…

    More power to her, let her do her own thing and stop projecting. It always amazes me how everyone is so open to everything on this site, until of course something they don’t like comes up.

    Look at the pictures a post or two up, where some guy has had what looks to be a penectomy and castration done, much more life altering than this, but all the pity and vitriol are directed here?

    If everyone was as open minded as they thought they were the post count on this entry wouldn’t be nearly as large.

    If she wants to act like a whore or a slut, and gets off on it, or wants to be “passed around” or gang banged or eat pussy or swallow come or cut her ears off or implant silicone in her body, its up to her.

  38. I don’t think you can safely assume that everyone (even on this blog/forum) understands or appreciates a specific sexual context.

    If I deliberately wear a sticker saying “hit me” then someone actually hits me would it be wrong of me to cry afterwards?

    Nobody would wear a target t-shirt on a shooting range then scream murder if shot. Responsibility and maturity needs to be something that goes hand in hand with personal freedom.

    We would all love a world free of prejudice, murder, rape etc where we can look, act or express ourselves in whatever way we feel free. Until that world actually comes along I feel it is a better policy to show that whilst you accept the world is not ideal, you can act responsibly in it.

  39. I’m shure, she will regret the words sometimes.
    But don’t forget, that tattoos are not unchangeable. She can cover up them later. If she planned to get much, much more tatts, this is a nice transitional state, for some years.
    Till then, it’s a nice and gorgeous, freaky theme.

  40. Giles – Fair enough, if I wanted to shut out people who were ignorant to sexual issues and/or are sexually inexperienced, I should put it behind BME’s password wall. That’s been illustrated here a number of times now…

  41. I agree, ignorance is never a defence but you have to admit that when you are dealing with images such as this which are deliberately provocative and laced with a certain ambiguity you will always get people expressing disapproval. Such is the nature of any medium that pushes the line on issues such as sex, religion and politics etc.

    I personally don’t accept that tattooing yourself with negative phrases is an empowering act and that as a woman Michelle should be aware that such a display (whether deliberate or not) will receive mixed responses and that some could be quite dangerous.

    “With empowerment comes great responsibility” paraphrased from Uncle Ben.

  42. Giles, I don’t see this as being laced with ambiguity though. I think it’s a pretty clear statement of lifestyle… And I think it’s also unfair for you to call her tattoos “negative” because she’s using them in a positive context to the best of my knowledge.

    The tattoos won’t receive a mixed response because they’re (other than here) private — it’s not like the average person is reading her outer labia or her breasts, etc.

  43. Her tattoos aren’t necessarily negative but the words are. They are used every day to demean women. For many of us we can understand their particular use here but I guarantee (have a look at some of the early comments) that some people will see them and make a judgement of her based on the more common use of the words involved.

    Without some dialogue regarding why she chose to decorate herself in this way we are left to make up our own minds and when derogatory words such as “slut” and “whore” are thrown in people can sometimes overlook the true meaning of what Michelle may have intended leaving many with the more common perceptions attached to those words.

    Am sure she is perfectly aware of the reactions she will get to these tats but I worry that such provocative statements could have an adverse more etreme effect.

  44. Hey, whatever floats her boat. Personally, it makes me think of the types of things you’d wake up to find written all over you in Magic Marker after passing out at a party. All she’s missing is a big cock tattooed on her face.
    But like I said, whatever floats… She is obviously happy, so yay for the cum slut!

  45. I don’t think its vulgar and offensive as long as it is covered up by clothing. i would be more bothered by someone walking the streets with a huge FUCK ME I EAT PUSSY banner on their arm and small children looking at it and wondering what it says. I still try to imagine her as a 70 year old woman and her grandchildren asking her about it — but like someone else said, all of it can be covered up or lasered off over time.

  46. allahkat, fucking love you.
    personally, i don’t like those tattoos… AT ALL.
    just reinforcing the idea that some people have of women being ‘sex toys’ if you will.

  47. Shannon~

    Remember a long time ago when you posted a guy who had mirrored ink on his clavicle that said “i am not special”? If I remember correctly you yourself expressed some concern about it. Saying you weren’t so sure that was healthy. There are those people who are being kind of crude and assy about it but some of us are extremely open-minded and have a whole COLLECTION of those t shirts, not to mention plenty of sexy mods, and we are still made sad and uncomfortable. I don’t know, I don’t really label myself a feminist, because I don’t really label myself very many things. Because over time, I change. You should have seen the t shirts and extravagant genital piercings I wore for the years I was a stripper (8 to be exact); they’da made it on here for sure. (If only I’d known about this place!) I am not ordinarily moved to post but this particular woman really moved me; I don’t think we can just dismiss that as un-mod-PC.

    I have to say I agree with Giles. and OF COURSE no one should ever, ever, ever be raped. DUH. But the reality of this world is that if your skirt is perceived as see-through, a jury may not convict. It has happened. If it comes out that you work as a stripper, a jury will not convict. The horror of rape is so great that studies show juries wish to believe it did not happen. Because it is so psychologically painful. MANY studies prove that. Juries are not comprised of bad or stupid people; they’re just like us. But they time and again wish to believe she was asking for it. This woman? If she was at a bar in a shirt that rode up? I worry for her. And I’m not trying to be dramatic. I think SHE is trying to be dramatic.

  48. Oh come on guys. this is a classy broad. For god sakes, She has the scarlet letter tattooed above her box, who else has a profound literary reference on there junk? How can anyone judge anyone else’s tattoos? That’s as ignorant as people judging you because you have tattoos. Claim your body as you wish in any way you like, it’s all you will ever truly own in this life.

  49. i just had to post in agreement with Wicked. Giles is a real tosser, and can indeed go straight to hell.

  50. I’m pretty sad, too. About some of the comments here.

    Her body, her choice and when it comes to that, her regrets.

    Above this article, Shannon posted the pictures of “stubby”. Not one single comment there was like “I’m sad, he will regret that, it will affect his sex life in a negative way, and if something bad happens to him, it is his own fault”.

    Is that because he is a man and Michelle is a woman?

    Come to think about it, I’m not sad, I’m pissed.

  51. MissJanet, it’s a double standard for sure. I think it’s because lopping off pieces of one’s bits is on the community “approved” mod list and potentially degrading tattoos are not.

    The expression on her face posing for the pics doesn’t suggest that she’s unhappy, though. Perhaps she’s just a good actress and regrets it, but somehow I doubt it.

  52. I would never ever have anything like that tattooed on my body, my personal feeling is that it’s vuglar and it doesn’t show much self respect. However I do believe that it’s a persons right to modify their body in anyway they choose and if she had decided that these are the words that she wants permently plastered across her body then fair enough.

  53. S Baby – Nice comments and you are perfectly right.

    One of the differences between Michelles tattoos and the mods of ‘stubby’ are (for me) the reactions that some of society would make toward them.

    For me Michelle is making a very open and bold statement that is quite blatant. ‘Stubby’ on the other hand has done something that is quite difficult to react to for many people other than to simply look at and be astonished.

  54. I’m surprised that no one has brought up the issue of reclaimation. There have been many comments about how sad it is that she is covered in such demeaning words, but how much power do those words have to demean her if she has chosen them? In the same way that “dyke” has been reclaimed by many in the LBQT community, I believe that “slut” and “whore” can be reclaimed by the women who are meant to be shamed by those words.

  55. S baby – I understand where you’re coming from, but I think the difference is that these tattoos are explicity positive in the context they are intended. The problem here is that it’s hard for most people to relate to the context in a positive manner.

    I think that when people are concerned that there’s a lack of self-respect, etc, in these tattoos, they’re missing the point that these are presumably intended to heighten (and make more enjoyable) the bearer’s sex life.

  56. It impresses me how people are getting more agressive when they comment. Like it’s been said many times – this is a place for people who are theoretically open-minded, so why the need to attack someone for what they think? Not only the attacks on Michelle for tattooing such phrases on her body but on the actually people commenting.

    I, personally, would never in my life get this tattooed. I don’t find these tattoos attractive, I don’t find this woman attractive, I would (probably) never fuck someone who had this on them. But if she’s happy with her ‘derogatory’ tattoo, fine. Whatever rocks your socks.

  57. Shannon~

    I hear you. That makes sense. Seriously, it does, and in a way you’re right. For example, getting the word QUEER on public skin might barely cause the members of this forum to blink, but there are certain places in this country where walking around with it would incite many of the same feelings among even the most well-meaning of people. And be seen as “asking for it” by less well-meaning people.

    All that said, my feelings remain the same about it. It’s fucking complicated, people. Someone could probably do a thesis on this kind of thing.

  58. I am currently doing a degree in Social Science where one of the modules is symbolism within urban tribes so may well use Michele as an example alongside other examples.

  59. I’d like just say something …

    Supposing ‘whore pussy’ and ‘fuck slut’ AREN’T negative to her? Supposing the scar *is* from a tummy tuck? Maybe she felt so undesirable, that now she has (or has realised she has) such a wonderful body (and she does, tattoos or not) maybe she wants to display herself, show these tattoos as a sign that she is sexy and beautiful?

    And why did someone automatically she had these tattoos chosen *for* her? Why suddenly assume she didn’t want this ‘negative language’ on her? She looks HAPPY to have them on her.

    And regret? Well, if you chose to have a tattoo on you (especially of her kind, and so many) then it’s most likely you want it there forever. Maybe it’s a memorial of a past time for her, and she wants to have them immortalised on her. Maybe it shows the way she likes to be fucked. Maybe it’s only for her partner’s eyes – but she wants to show the world her passion.

    Too many ‘maybe’s’.

    Personally, I like them 🙂

  60. Maybe the poor babe was just having a hard time getting her boyfriend to talk dirty to her…

    Honestly, the biggest problem I have with these is that they might make doctor appointments awkward. Other than that, SHE gets to choose who sees them. And hopefully most people she chooses to show them to will already think she’s hot.

  61. I don’t personally like the tattoos, I would never get anything like that tattooed on myself. However, I follow the line of argument that it’s her body. It is her body, it’s up to ger. She does indeed seem very happy, assuming these were her decision and totally concensual then I stand by her choice 100%

    Tis just a real shame that the whole judge&jury situation being dicussed is a reality 🙁

  62. I don’t get all the comments stating that she’s not “empowered” enough. I’m sure she is very aware that she has a choice not to be or appear promiscuous, and she chose do be/appear so. That’s empowerment man! It’s like the mother/homemaker thing; all the feminists bash on women for fitting into traditionally defined roles, but that just might be what they WANT! I see a lot of people on this site that are into “deviant” sexual lifestyles; this girl just likes to tell the world about hers. I think that her tattoos are fuckin’ awesome and I hope she gives a big middle finger to everybody who says she’s going to regret later in life. \m/

  63. In this I agree with moddoctor. These tattooes do seem to be crossing the line from the rather arbitrary set of community approved modifications into non-approved. Though I’d probably not elect to have such tattoos placed upon myself or my significant other, that’s just my thing. I have major issues with the pendectomy guy, but, again, that’s just me. Who is to say that these tattooes or the lopped off penis are wrong, other than Michelle and “Stubby”. Why are these tattoos, which can be covered over or lasered off, so much of a point of contention whereas the pendectomy, which can’t be reversed, a thing of celebration?

    In the end, who cares? To be a bit nihlistic, we’re all worm food anyway. Michelle and Stubby, no matter what I and others might think, rock the fuck on. Drink your cum, enjoy your new stub and pass on with the knowledge that you set your own rules.

  64. While I think she is free to do whatever she wants with her body, I think this kind of tatoos kind be really destructive psychologicaly overtime as far as self-esteem is concerned …. I just wonder if she got them done out of pride or shame and what was her motivation……..or maybe this was just a (dumb) bet……As long as they make her happy…..this should be considered as positive……

    She’s pretty hot though……

  65. Looks like a pretty sweet chest piece she has. Too bad it’s not edgy enough to talk about.

  66. I could be wrong through my scan/reading of comments, were these tattoos not M/s supported? In said relationship/s I can easily imagine how one would happily and proudly display such tattoos.

    I wonder if those viewing her tattoos negatively would in turn feel the same towards outward negative phrases/artwork towards people, not racists per say but for example; “kill people” or “I support random acts of violence”.. Perhaps if she didn’t have phrases tattooed on her, instead had pornographic art, would that be more acceptable in their eyes? Would violence? – Reminds me of the US stance on displaying pornography vs. violence.

    Side note; after seeing her photos I was hoping she was a school teacher.

  67. i feel that it is incredibly problematic for us to assume that we are able to adequately assess or surmise what her motivations are for wearing these tattoos. that said, my initial interpretation of these was that she is actually a lesbian and through mockery she was attempting to demarcate her body as off limits to males. if you look at the chest piece that no one seems to be mentioning, it appears to be two women kissing. additionally, her arm band appears to be a rainbow of interlocking “woman” symbols. i think that it could be argued that this tattoo project is a very effective and extreme statement in support of lesbian seperatism. i think that in the context of a loving lesbian relationship (of some form) this could be an incredibly empowering body modification. it could be saying that these are the common notions about the nature of women’s bodies and the purpose of women’s bodies but she is refusing to participate in that segment of society where those views are prevalent.

    i could be completely wrong here. it is probably more likely that this is a D/s thing. but i am just trying to point out that there is definately more going on here than simple self-hate.

  68. I think it’s great to see all the varied responses here, but suprising that so many are jumping to conclusions about her actual sexual life or self image. “Obviously” she is this way, or that, or has low self esteem, or feels liberated, or is making a statement.

    For all we know, she coud be a virgin, or a nun. I’m willing to wager that most people commenting here would be indignant at someone who commented on their own personal choice of modification, assuming to know what it meant or said about the wearer. Interesting to note that even within the modified community there are those who jump to conclusions and try to stereotype people for going “too far”.

    Thanks for posting this, Shannon. Some good food for thought here.




  70. Women that have NO TATTOOS are so sexy! They rely on their own looks and personality in order to get the attention that they require. I don’t know what this girl is thinking, but I can only think that 999 out of every 1000 guys out there would be interested in her without that crap.

  71. How dare anyone criticize this woman!!! No woman — particularly one as courageous as she is — should ever be judged! Judging people is wrong! If she wanted to cut off her breasts and sew them onto her back, that would be HER CHOICE!!!

    And don’t you dare call her a whore unless she wants to be called one!!! Nowhere does it say, “Call me a slut/whore.” It simply says, “Fuck my whore ass/pussy.” Big difference!!!

    People who judge other people are evil fucking assholes.

  72. Wow.

    I am saddened beyond belief at the utterly bizarre pseudo-feminism people are spouting here.

    If this were a gay man decorated in mods proclaiming his worship of cock, would people wonder if he really wants this?

    I think it’s very cool. If in face she was pressured into this, or made to in a D/s scenario that wasn’t fully consensual without pressure, of course that’s different. But absent any evidence it was I am certainly not warranted in assuming that.

    I’m going to assume she’s brave and without shame and having fun until I see evidence to the contrary.

    Thanks for posting it, Shannon.

    (Oh, and my initial reaction was something like “Hee hee, ‘cum slutt’! Is that something like… being so salacious a fellatrix that she needs a whole extra t?”)

  73. By the way, weekend feminists: If you want to change the world, work on rights for women instead of rants that boil down to your own queasiness about women and sex, please. I’m willing to bet that few of you who are so eager to jump all over this have any serious feminist commitments. It saddens me that that’s what feminism means to people.

  74. Repulso, you know what else is so sexy? Men with NO DICKS. They rely on their own looks and personality in order to get the attention that they require, too.

  75. there is alot of irony in this work that some people are not picking up on. the statements: “fuck my whore pussy,” “fuck my whore ass” and “for deposit only,” are commands. to me this conveys that she is actually the figure in power and that the person doing the act is the submissive.

    furthermore, she maintains direct eye contact with the viewer. if she was not a fuigure of power and authority her line of sight would not meet ours, which would further the affect of objectification.

    michelle is choosing to submit and is making it clear to all of us that she is an EQUAL fuigure of authority.

    the words whore, ass, pussy, fuck are used postively by many contemporary feminists. i feel that many feminists would strongly support michelle. she is clearly strong enough to choose what is best for herself and that alone makes her a strong woman to look up to.

    these works challenge each individuals perceptions of how we see. i find it interesting to read everyones comments.

    wouldnt it be interesting if these tattoos were fake? i wonder if people would have different ways of viewing her knowing it was just makeup.

  76. Hey Repulso, you and all your narrow-minded cohorts need to figure out that people modify their bodies FOR THEMSELVES. We really don’t give a fuck WHAT YOU THINK if you don’t like it. It’s NOT FOR YOU, it’s for US.

  77. Or whoever’s moderating this site is A) based in Canada, and B) knows that free speech means letting people say things you might not want to hear.

  78. some of you people are pathetic, if this is wats she likes and this is what she wants who are you to judge.

  79. I just looked closer at the pictures and I noticed that actually most of her tattoos ARE visible with clothing. If she wears pants that don’t go over her navel and babydoll shirts you can still read part of the ‘fuck my whore ass’ and ‘fuck my whore pussy’ as well as the ‘I fuck’ on her back. And whatever is written on top of her navel, which I can’t make out.

  80. Whos to say she wears skimpy clothes though? None of those would be visible on me, except maybe the chest and arms in summer. Maybe she does maybe she doesn’t either way its her choice.

    I do agree that could be used against her in a rape case though, its not fair or nice, but i’m sure defence would milk it for what its worth, but thats her risk if she wants it on her body.

  81. I’ll admit, that in the rape case, the defence WOULD probably milk it for all that it’s worth. But then…that would be something about this world we should all be out to FIX. Because as far as I’m concerned there is NO excuse, and there should be NO way that any person should be allowed to take advantage of someone and get away without large amounts of disciplinary action being taken.

    I agree with what bla.

    Goomy: The point is, she can make them visible or concealed at her discretion. Who she chooses to include or exclude in her “implied consent” is pretty easily controlled.

    charlie: Doesn’t seem to understand that this kind of work, this number of tattoos, and the dedication it takes to stretch your nostrils to Pauly’s size takes an enormous amount of CARING.

  82. everybody, who really cares what she has tattooed on her? all the best art in the world is cotroversial. where would all the greatest artists be if they didnt push the boundaries of what everybody thought was art. she may not be the artist but she has the art on her body and she thought of the idea to have these tattooes upon her flesh.

  83. I thought pushing cultural/socially accepted boundaries with one’s choice of body art was what BME is all about? I could be wrong though.
    I, personally, would like to know a little more about her reasons behind the tattoos. And I love her upper chest piece.

  84. Weeeeelll, this sure got an outburst.

    I’d love to know more about this girl and what made her get these and if she’s got any ideas for future tats, but I can’t so I’ll just go with what I can see: a girl with tattoos. She’s not someone I’d go for but her tattoos scream out raw sexuality like someone I could get down and dirty with (and that makes me wish she’d show me them in private 😉 ).

    By the way, I love how everyone is judging her and saying that she’s got no self-respect and is brimming with diseases and she’s going to regret them – all based off six photographs?? Wow! You guys are AWESOME.

    Anyhoo, basically I think they are great.

  85. where are all the kinky people? damnit. thinking about those tats on me turns me on.

    maybe its just me, but as a female, those words make me feel more free to be sexual, and to follow my crazy impulses.
    In the outside world I have so many demands and responsibilities, so many expectations to be a professional acting woman. Once i’m alone with my partner, these words set me free to enjoy any “slutty” act I feel like.

    i know these words can be negative.. but if you got some kink in you, they can also be really liberating and fun

  86. Wow, how fucking disrespectful to her own self esteem. Ok, that may be unfair. She seems to love them and may take pride in it, but I can’t imagine that being easy, since they’re all demeening comments tattooed on her body. I guess that’s the point though, to make us second guess our own considerations of what is normal or acceptable and so on. All the same, let’s hope the kids or grandkids don’t check these out some day!

  87. I think it is only demeaning if you feel demeaned, otherwise it could have the exact opposite effect.
    I second the kids thing though, although possibly she has decided to not have kids.

  88. i do find it terribly amusing how 100 out of 127 comments seem to be “don’t you DARE judge her! how dare you!”

    we get it. thanks.

    now i’m sure the little minority that said something against popular opinion now feels properly shamed and the great majority will still, still, continue ranting about how we shouldn’t judge.

  89. Far from distracting from the debate that is going on, I’m curious as to what the single letter A stands for, Anyone got any ideas?

  90. There’s people raving about how she must have no self-respect by tattooing words that are negatively associated with women on her body, but I side with the thought that by tattooing these words on her she’s made them hers and they have lost their derogatory meaning.

    But then, that’s speculation.

    I like the way they look on her and obviously so does she, and to me that’s all that matters. Body art is a personal thing. We’re just here to look and perhaps learn something, not to judge.

  91. Nice-
    I’m pretty sure it’s one of two refferences (or possibly both): Either the classic “tab A into slot A/Tab B into slot B” joke, or more likely a refference to the the red A from The Scarlet Letter, a novel about an adultress who was forced to wear a red A on her clothing so everyone would know she cheated.
    This would certainly fit both the bdsm theory (humiliation/marking) as well as the polyamory theory (reclaiming of infidelity).
    Any other ideas?
    Oh, and my personal opinion on the whole thing- she’s done nothing to hurt me, nore (as far as I know) anyone else. Get over it and get pissed at Saddam Hussein, George Bush, Hitler or Attila the Hun. Y’know, someone who actually caused some DAMAGE in the world?

  92. I really don’t understand the “we are not here to judge” attitude. Yes, we are, and that’s what everyone is doing, including the people who LIKE her tattoos.

    If people are displaying ignorant knee-jerk reactions, then they are of no consequence. If people are denying her right to get tattood like that, or suggesting that she should be denied basic human rights because of the way she’s tatooed, then they should be treated with contempt.

    If, however, people are considering the subject carefully and presenting an reasonable opinion, whether positive or negative, that’s a GOOD THING.

    Seriously, what the fuck would be the point if everyone who posted said “omg so cool i totally support her woohoo!!1″? Please, stop drinking the BME Kool-Aid just for a second. You will not be struck down by lightning for presenting a critical opinion.

  93. I really think she will regret that someday. Why would you get that tattoed!!! Even if it’s for some sort of fetish.

  94. The kinky people are here. We’re just too busy rolling our eyes at the “Look, I saw this and winced and that makes me so feminist!” crowd to talk much about it.

    It’s funny how many people there are in the world who find it hot in scenes to write words like these on a partner’s body or have such words written on them (I very fondly remember telling a guy to write “SLUT” on his leg and go to work with it there hidden under his pants, YUM), but as soon as they become permanent markings it’s horribly derogatory.

    I get that tattoos are more serious than magic marker, but why in the world is the second some horrible esteem thing when the first is a fun sex game? Why can’t it be that the sex game is so fun that she or she and her partner decided the marks should be permanent?

  95. Oh, and by the way, Lori: Why do you think it’s “rich” to compare this to a religious ritual? A lot of people believe that religions are dangerous and harmful dupery. I’m sure a lot of them would think that sticking knives through your cheeks for religious reasons is stupid and probably indicative of serious problems, too.

    And by the way, why are you only reacting with sadness to the men defending her? I think her tattoos are totally hot too, and given the right situation I might want a turn too — a couple of those tattoos specifically mention women with women, and men aren’t the only people who give penetration of various kinds either.

  96. There is a fundamental flaw in the argument that inherently labels words as “bad”, or “negative”, or “detrimental”.

    Words, isolated from context, contain no value, and likewise carry no power.

    Words are collections of letters, often formally regarded as signifiers (if you fallow that linguistic theory), but removed from the context of a social arrangement or agreement, they are meaningless.

    Meaning is built, not implicit.

    Language functions on the basis of social understanding.
    While you make take the connotations of a word to be negative, that doesn’t make the WORD negative.

    If you take the connotations of a word to be positive, that doesn’t make the WORD positive.

    The word is neither. The suggestion of there being an ABSOLUTE denotation of a word is ridiculous.

    So to postulate about how terrible these marks are on her body is equally ridiculous.

  97. While I wouldn’t tattoo things like that on my body because “slut” and “whore” have negative associations for me, I applaud her choosing to put those phrases on her body and share them with us via modblog, despite probably knowing how controversial her choice of art is even in the modified community.

  98. If this were a gay man decorated in mods proclaiming his worship of cock, would people wonder if he really wants this?

    Almost invariably, yes, although it might not come from the “weekend feminists”. [Nice dismissive way to describe everyone who disagrees with your point.] I would wonder, as I do with her, what in her life led her to these words and how supportive and happy her community is with her choices. I would wonder this about many tattoos, which I guess makes me a “introspective weekend feminist”.

    Do I hope she’s happy with the choices she made in her mods? Yes. Do I acknowledge that many of the women I know with the “slut” or “easy girl” label learned to use it because that was the way they could get ‘affection’ [and for the same reason allowed it to result in children]? Yes. From these pictures, I don’t know that she’s glorying in her own labels, or wallowing in someone else’s. I hope it’s the latter.

  99. But why are you assuming her motivation is negative when you don’t know that it is? How is that any different from someone assuming that someone stretches her earlobes for attention, or that someone is gay because his dad never “bonded” with him, as many Freudians did and many fundamentalists still do? Assuming something we don’t know about people’s motivations is often dangerous. I don’t think it’s something we get to do until we meet this woman and hear her story, and see whether those smiles are faked.

    And I’m especially not seeing it given the highly likely subcultural ties this woman has. I don’t usually see people wondering why slave butterfly has large penises tattooed everywhere, or “I Need A Penis” above her genitals. Nor do I usually see people having anything but positive things to say about Eva, despite that in most of the pix I see of her she isn’t smiling. Why aren’t people wondering if Eva’s Master treats her right, when we’re all over this woman? If one is inspiring and awesome, why is this woman not just because there are words tattooed, instead of penises, or Master’s initials?

  100. And on a more random note, why are there so many negative responses to this entry, and so few cries of “Misogyny” in the comments to this one:


    How bizarre that “Fuck My Whore Ass” is horribly degrading and yet decapitated women’s bodies aren’t. I don’t quite see the logic, if there is any.

  101. I am impressed with the variety of reactions people seemed to have to Michelle’s tattoos. I only have one persistent thought about the whole thing, I would LOVE to read an experience written by her or an interview with her to learn the story behind the tattoos.

  102. I’d want to know if these were chosen as part of a D/s thing (something she was ordered to do) or if she got (some? all?) of them independently of that. How much input does she have into getting them, if they are a D/s thing?

    I’d also like to know whether she tends to be in relationships with dominant men, or if she tends to submit to both women and men (since some people have been waving words like “kajira” around in here.)

  103. you and your tattoos are very beautiful and i think you
    should be seen in more detail as in doing one of my films.
    my name is shawn and i’m starting up a small production
    company with my friend and some of the movies we will be doing are mainly adult and horror, so i would love to get your email or your snail mail address.

  104. Why is it that death is more accepted than sex in Western Culture.

    If she had an image of a corpse tattoo’d on her, there would not be much of a stir. If she has sexually related “degrading” statements on her body, then it is unhealthy.

    I didn’t realize having an obsession with sex was much more taboo than being obsessed with death, and things that are dead.

    It is her choice to allow these statement to be on her body. You only have a bit of time in your body, why not adorn it as you may…

  105. Haha, I love posts that get everyone all riled up. Silly rabbits 😀

    She seems happy enough with her choice of tattoos so I see no problemos here.

    Oh and yes I do have a question for her Shannon, what shampoo does she use? Her hair looks super soft and shiny in the bottom right shot!

  106. I’d love to see Shannon do an interview and I’d also like to see this lady fully clothed. I think the idea that she’s hiding this dramatic a secret identity is interesting if in fact that’s how she presents herself.

    I’m very curious, at interview, of the nature of her tattoos. What was the motivation? Is there a message for others or just her and a partner? She could be submissive or dominant. I could see spinning the identity either way, “Are you man enough to fuck my whore ass?” as much as “Please, please, please, fuck my whore ass.” The dynamic is the interesting one to me if we do get to ask about it.

    How do the tattoos effect her non-playtime activities (ie. work, school, family life), if at all?

    These and their logical follow-ups could be the makings of a decent interview, I think.

  107. I agree w/ moddoctor. I would like to know what her motivations were. I’m also a bit curious about the time frame. How long did she plan before getting them? Was there a master plan, or is this the result of a series of more spontaneous events? How long has she had the scarlet ‘A’?
    I’m assuming the rainbow armband and chest piece came before the tattoos causing all the ruckus. How do they tie in? Are all of these tattoos part of a greater political statement or are they more like a roadmap of her life?
    I could go on for a while, if I come up with more I’ll avoid spamming the forum and send them to the man himself.

  108. personally i think its genius. i read it as a play on the whole concept of a whore- what is a whore? can you really define it as morally wrong? if so, why such a moral sin? because people shouldnt have a lot of sex? why not?

  109. As for the belly scar discussion — I’m sure it’s a tummy tuck. It matches the scars from her breast lift.

  110. I interpret this to be that she’s expressing ownership of her own body, same reason a lot of people get mods, ownership of one’s own skin. A woman’s “worth” and sexuality are interminably linked. Some people are reacting to this by assuming that she must have a low self-esteem, or that it’s misguided feminism or that she must be a total whore. I could be wrong but I see it as a feminist statement. It’s ironic that it is empowering. The tattoos maybe vulgar but women are still made to feel ashamed if they like sex. If you like it too much you’re a whore or a slut, if you don’t like it enough you’re a prude. Because of all these negative connotations, female sexuality is still linked with shame or what society thinks women ought to be ashamed of. But if we are all sexual beings, why should women be ashamed?

  111. i feel bad for unattractive trashy women that wear shirts that say things like “sexy bitch” or the like.

    i don’t even know how i feel for this woman. bad doesn’t even begin to explain it…

    just one ridiculously tawdry tattoo like that could be passed off as “empowering”….but that many? i imagine it would have a negative impact on one’s mindset after a while…much like those individuals that get “stupid” or various other demeaning tattoos done…

  112. Exactly, milquetoast!

    I don’t think stuff like this is inherently feminist, but I think it can be. I don’t think stuff like this is inherently anti-feminist or degrading either… I think there’s a lot more we have to know before we decide this is degrading or anti-feminist. If we knew her and knew she is a sad attention seeking person from more than cursory observation, okay… but we don’t. I tend to assume people have positive motivations until I have reason to believe they don’t.

  113. [i]“why assume she has any sti’s? don’t worry about it. isn’t it obvious that if she HAD any she’d just tattoo the titles on her body… jeez.[/i] – Haha funny shit.

    Yeah I don’t like the tattoos and the chick isn’t even that good looking. Lettering tattoos are probably my favourite style but I prefer more positive messages. (For myself and ‘spectators’.)

  114. ^
    i was just annoyed by people’s fast thoughts about her having diseases. the day you can look at someone and tell they have an std is going to be a happy day.

  115. She has the signs of someone who’s had gadtric bypass surgery. the tummy tuck, the excess skin in spots, some scars on her breasts from minor augmentation. Those are drastic changes. You’ve gotta be a big girl to even be considered for that surgery, then to do all the followup surgeries and such. there’s a big toll on health, but a bigger one on self-preception. It really sends your brain through one hell of a loop. I just wonder about where she is mentally in her preception of herself. I also wonder if that preception will change as she gets used to her body in it’s new form. (i say new becasue to my untrained eye, those scars look like they are less then 2 years old.) I don’t want to be on the negative boat, it’s her body, if that’s what she wants yay her, but I hope she dosne’t ever have to regret those.

  116. I’m not ashamed that I like sex, BUT, I am ashsmed of some of my past actions when I let my self worth be dictated by my desirability to men, and in turn I let them take advantage of me.
    I don’t think women’s should be ashamed of sex, but I also don’t think they should stop being discerning about who they sleep with. Power games as part of a sexual expierence= fun! A feeling of power being the reason to have sex = bad!
    I guess I think it’s stupid to be flippant about sex when consequences run so high. HIV, pregnancy, cervical cancer, death…

  117. The question “How many commenters have been to play parties and the like?” keeps popping into my head. Because that environment is a place where a lot of people show off, and that’s what this reminds me of. A lot of people let their hair down and call themselves sexual things, write them on themselves, etc. because while they might not want to advertise their kinkiness/exhibitionism to the whole world, they know that the group they party with or the local club is an environment where there’s less risk.

    It’s true that, in my experience at least, play parties are usually more about SM activity for its own sake than genital sex, so the fact that her tattoos are about genital sex might mean I’m wrong. But when I look at her, I don’t necessarily see “not discerning.” I imagine someone dressed normally who walks into the (relative) safety of the local club, gets naked, and revels in all eyes being on her and all denizens fantasizing about her.

    I could of course be wrong — but I still say this is subcultural and not a way of advertising to anyone. I think it’s meant to be seen by other BDSMers who understand exhibitionism and the fetish for being passed around/used, not by everybody.

  118. WOW! This image sure is a Rorchach Test. I cannot believe the BS that this image brings out in people.

    I took a copy of this image and shown it to five guys I know. Some liked it, some did not. It was the reaction that suprised me. All five got hard ons. One said every time he thought about that tattooed woman he got one, and he did not even like the tattoos.

    Just maybe she got these tattoos to please her man and turn him on. If you look in her eyes, she has the look of someone in love and she looks happy. The scalet letter indicates she is also possibly well educated. So leave her alone.

    Hell, I wish I was that in love to let someone tattoo sexy words all over my body.

  119. I’d like to comment on the point raised about how tattoos like this would effect potential rape trials.
    The only time I can see a defense lawyer successfully using claims that she was a slut, therefore it was concensual, would be if there was so physical evidence that a crime had actually taken place, like if the rape had happened years before. Most rape cases that make it to court, have evidence other than the word of the victim.

    I don’t think it’s right to say that unfortunately we live in an unjust world, therefore we have to be careful not to seem to invite injustice.

    I hope Shannon can get an interview. It would be interesting to know how much time she spent planning the tattoos before she got them, and if she has plans for any more (explicit or otherwise).

    Personally, I think she looks great.

  120. What’s with all the feminist rhetoric. Hasn’t anyone been paying attention. The New York Times the purveyor of all things left wing has declared feminism deader that a door nail.

    This woman is cutting edge. She is submissive and loving it.

  121. What can I say, The Story of O made me cry. haha But good for her, she looks happy and truly to each THEIR OWN!

  122. I am the girl in the pics. I love my ink and revel in teh statment I make. I am very happy with what I have done and plan to do more. No need to feel “sad” for me. Freedom of expression is a right I hold quite dear. I m not in a D/s relationship. Actually, I am married to the adult actress, “bisexualbritni”.


    hawtbigirl on AOL and Yahoo

  123. PS. The lower scar came from a cancer exploratory surgery and the the tits were done after masectomy. I have never had an STD. Imiginations sure run rampant around here. Nothing like a real brush with death to assist in you deciding other people’s opinions do not make a shit and one should live their own life for their own reasons. Yes, I am educated. I have a masters degree in English.


    PS. I have never weighted more then 145 and cerainly did not have a gastric bypass. LOL

  124. Michelle,

    Thanks for stopping by.

    It’s really interesting, isn’t it, how many of us — including me, at least a little, and I’m also a bi woman — focused on thinking about you with men, despite all the lesbian-themed tattoos. Really says something about heterocentrism and heterosexism that few of us wondered if, say, your primary partner is a woman.

  125. hmm,i never even noticed the scar…but anyway,i understand people’s concerns but,on the otherhand,i didn’t understand people calling this woman all out her name just because she got a tattoo that isn’t someone elses cup of tea.

  126. What the hell did you do, google her so you could try prove her wrong about the history of her own tattoos?

  127. I think she’s beautiful and her tattoos are as well. I’m just afraid that too many people are going to messager her on AOL/Yahoo now, thinking she’s going to have sex with them. If she wants to do that, more power to her! I hope everything with her wife turns out okay, with handling the sex addiction though.

  128. “and finally a very revealing myspace with blog entries…
    the tattoos appear to be a manifestation of much deeper issues…”- Anna

    honey,you have way too much time on your hands if you go looking for links to articles/webpages tht show how disturbed someone posted here is;it isn’t that serious.

    anyway,i meant to say in my other post that i actually see nothing wrong with her tattooes because they are no worse than some other tattoes that i’ve seen on here.if that’s how she feels about herself,and as long as she’s comfortable with them then i say,”Go on Gurl!!”

  129. I saw the original photos in Modblog, and decided not to comment. Now that I’ve read the article, I guess I can offer my own $.02. The tattoos, and the intreview, make me feel a little melancholy. An addiction, any addiction, is a sad thing. To be obsessed about sex to the point where it destroys your relationships, your career, and everything else in life that you enjoy, that’s depressing to me. To not be able to get help for it because of an understandably skewed mental health care system (understandable because most confessed sex addict are men; health care follows the patients) makes it even worse. I can understand trying to deal with something that bothers you through body art and pain therapy; I’ve done it myself. What I’m seeing now when I look at the photos is a personal history of pain and emotional trauma.
    But that’s what my personal reaction. If this allows her to hold on to her sanity, and either deal with her addiction or come to terms with it, I certainly have no right to tell her it’s wrong.
    Michelle, if you are reading these, I’m curious: you stated that you had sought mental health treatment for this. What options have you explored? Is there a possibility of a nuerological (rather than a psychological) reason for this? If you have tried them, do drugs intended to treat OCD help? I know that some psychoactive medications greatly reduce libido (zyprexa instantly springs to mind, from personal experience); would merely reducing sex drive reduce the obsessing?

  130. I hope that she really is interested in getting the help she needs. I know of at least two treatment centers that take women and I emailed her with suggestions.

    On the otherhand, I respect anyone’s choice of sexual acts, but as she says she wishes she does not act this way then I judge it to not be good for her.

    I think that if she does get treatment she will regret these tattoos, but then again thats what great cover ups are for.

  131. this woman is fasinating and totally re-enforces my beliefe that all anyone really wants in life is to live in a totally uninhibited way.

    life seems more and more like alice in wonderland everyday, and repression and judgement is a waste of time.

    although her tattoos scare me…

    peace pass around girl, i respect your art work

  132. I find it sad honestly, but thats just the way i perceive it.
    If it makes her feel better then i guess ok fine.
    she sounded somewhat proud and contrived in the interview though which makes me wonder on her sincerity of really wanting help.

  133. Posting 197

    I have tried no less then 20 different doctors and counselors. I have been medicated vis SSRI’s that are suposed to lower your libido. It did not even make a dent. I have been in Del Amo hospital in Torrance, CA for a month to deal with addictions. Sadly, they could not treat me for exactaly for what I suffer for they lacked the staff and experience. I have tried residential treatment but since I lack a corresponding drug/booze addiction, they won’t treat me. Men have hundreds of sex addict options, women have next to none. The ones that do exist cost upwards of 45,000 bucks paid in advance. Who the fuck has that kind of money? I have even tried to get Dr. Phil and Dr. Keith Ablow to pay for it in trade for being on their shows. They were happy to have me on the show but shrank about the time paying for treatment came up. Both those shows air in November. I have left no stone unturned. Addiction is a mother fucker, trust me. If I was only addicted to drugs. Help would be no more then a phone call away. Of course, the DSM IV, the mental health guide book, does not even include sex addiction as a real illness. So, my health insurance does not have to pay for any treatment.


  134. powerlessness is a horrid thing. but the first step is to admit that is exactly what the problem is.

    the tattoos are marvellous though. i hate the way the ‘moral majority’ always like to act superior on modblog.

  135. I’d like to start this comment by saying “good for you” to Michelle.

    A lot of comments have posted that you’re “obviously” this or that, but I like to think that if you’re obviously anything its a very strong and positive woman – for which I have a lot of respect.

    And your comments on healthcare professionals ring true with a lot of what I’ve experienced. While not I think a sex addict, there is certainly never a momment of my waking life that I’m not thinking of or yearning for sex, but as a male to female transsexual I’ve certainly had to keep that quiet, as “women don’t think about sex all the time”…

    I also suspect that doctors see sex addiction as less important, they figure you’re not drinking something that can impare judgement or kill you, you’re not injecting something that a slightly wrong dose puts you in a coma, you’re not spending tens of thausands of dollars a month (unless I guess you resort to prostitues…)… I think even gambling addiction is taken more seriously… and men being generally physically stronger they’d guess that male sex addicts will be more likely to force themselves on others… but like you said in your interview with Shannon, you’ve lost work and a relationship, so, it’s certainly not a harmless addiction.

    A question though, is it the act of sex that you’re addicted to, or the getting off part? Or both…

    I’d like to finish with appologising for my appauling typing, I’m tired and a little cold. I have much respect for anyone who has the guts to get something “outrageous” tattood, or cut, or pierced onto them. And I have little respect for anyone who is modded and has berated Michelle in anyway that EVER in thier life complains that someone had a go because of thier tattoos, or 1″+ nostril piercings, or sub-dermal implants – never ask people to accept who you are and what you do if you’re not willing to do that in return

  136. Hi Michelle, (in response to 198)

    From my own experience with SSRI medication for OCD, I have two remarks.

    One: The drugs in this class are truly not equivalent to each other, and I had to try several similar SSRI drugs, at varying doses, before I found something that made me feel better (and not worse!).

    Two: The lessening of OCD symptoms seemed to allow me to respond better to cognitive-behavioral therapy with counselors and psychologists. Honesty and communication was facilitated; I was more willing and able to consider and try their suggestions.


    I cannot remember feeling any changes in libido when I took these drugs. I wasn’t taking them for the purpose of changing libido, either, so I was not particularly paying attention to this aspect. I think this could be an additional benefit for sex addicts, but perhaps not of primary importance. I speculate this because if your sexual addiction stems in part from OCD or related disorders, you may find the greatest benefit of SSRI medications is to facilitate your recovery through programs like SA and counseling sessions., and to lessen the likelihood of both slipping and of feeling extremely depressed if you do slip.

    They weren’t a cure-all for me; they just made me more open and willing and capable to work on my problems in therapy sessions. It was like being sick, and taking an OTC pain reliever. It will help you get up and go to work, even though it is still unpleasant; at least you’re not staying in bed all day in total agony, getting nothing done at all.


    Another thought I have is that I have read about psycotherapy sessions conducted with psychedelics like LSD, MDMA, and others, which helped seemingly incurable alcoholics find sobriety or at least some sanity that years of traditional routes utterly failed to provide.

    Although an underground practice today (most reports are from the days when these substances were uncontrolled), there are psycotherapists who are willing to conduct such sessions with individuals who are thought may benefit. You just have to find them somehow.

    This may in fact be a very bad idea for a number of people, for a number of reasons. And this of course is not at all the same as just taking these substances in a non-therapy setting. These are controlled therapy sessions, conducted by authentic and trained practitioners, which involve psychedelics to faciliate communication within the session, and insight into the nature of very stubborn addictions, depression, and similar disorders.

    I just thought it worthy of mention since you are having so much trouble finding help with all the traditional routes. Good luck!

  137. After seeing entry #195, I did check out Michelle’s myspace blog, and I am sorry to say that all I can see is someone motivated by malice and spite, why try to ruin people you had sex with? It was consensual and both parties knew these guys were cheating on their spouses… why do they need to be punished anymore than Michelle?

  138. they still don’t classify sexual addiction as a illness?! ok,now i’m confused as to how psychiatrists and other mental health professionals have studied and classified excessive shopping as an illness needing treatment but,they just haven’t got around to classifying excessive/destructive sex as anything more than…nothing!

    but,at the same time,i know some therapists who believe that the (destructive)act itself isn’t the problem;it’s the motivation behind it that needs to be treated.

  139. Addiction is a crappy thing. How people deal with is it certainly an interesting study. I respect that Michelle has chosen to take it on in her own way.

    However, if seeing these tattoos on herself everyday isn’t actually helping (I didn’t get that out of the interview), then what really is the end goal? If anything, the ink looks like reinforcement. Why not stuff like “You don’t need to fuck everyone” or “Sex with my wife fulfills me”? Reinforce some of the thoughts that might give a perspective that might help the4 addiction by putting in the forefront a positive set of thoughts.

    It’s great you’re getting help and your partner must be amazingly understanding (though *if* she’s getting paid to have sex, what really is the difference?) to stay with you after all the cheating.

    I just have to think there’s a more constructive and postive way to self-heal… but I’m not stupid – different people need to use different methods to get through the pain. I only hope your method doesn’t ruin your life as much as the addiction has.

  140. It’s definately an illness. I like how she’s very up front and completely honest about it.

  141. just to explain why i posted those links i found. it was because there seemed to be many assumptions about what may or may not have been motivating factors behind the tattoos since there was so much speculation going on in these comments and the wearer of the tattoos wasnt around to answer the questions. i myself was very curious as well, since part of me was repulsed by them but part of me thought they were a bold form of self-expression that should/could be applauded. i was not trying to be judgemental or an asshole or anything. just merely sharing what i found and giving my opinion. thats all. having said that, i hope that michelle can find the help that she is seeking. i would wish her nothing but the best in securing help for such an obviously harmful and misunderstood illness.

  142. I’m going to go out on a limb here and suggest that it should likely be classified as Obsessive Compulsive Disorder rather than an addiction disorder. Most non-substance related “addictions” get classified this way. OCD is a mother too. It’s a very difficult disease to treat across the board and having sex is a much more difficult obsession to overcome than say hand washing.

    As for whether Michelle’s sex is consensual, if she’s truly pathologically obsessed with sex then it is impossible for her to consent in the way that someone not obsessed could. Once the dominoes begin to fall, she can’t say no. Assuming this is actually the case, the bastards that fuck her look into her eyes begging them not to as her body and mind drive her to do something she wishes she could stop.

    Having read through her blog now as well as the interview, the single criticism that I have of how she has approached her illness (and any of the 10s of professionals she’s seen should have started with this) is that she continues to surround herself with sexualized things from the adult industry to pursuing swinging and strip clubs on myspace. That’s a set-up for problems. Part of reining in OCD is behavioral and avoiding known triggers is part of that. Mind you, I’m not her doctor and not a psychiatrist but that’s my recollection of how this comes down.

    I have some further thoughts on this as well, but I’d like to avoid making remote control diagnoses of people I’ve never met.

  143. Re: Post 207
    If I had gotten a syringe and spoon tattooed on my neck because I was trying to deal with a heroin addiction, I’d bet that most people commenting on ModBlog wouldn’t offer to help me score some H. But when someone has a sexual addiction, it’s okay to make a veiled proposition? “She can work with me if she wants 😉” Maybe I don’t have a great sense of humor, but to me that seems like cracking a dead baby joke to someone that’s just miscarried.

    I find the whole issue of addiction to be very troubling. People that have never had an addiction don’t seem to be able to understand. When someone compulsively overeats, most people say they should (in the immortal words of my roomate) just, “Put down the fucking fork”. For people that shop or gamble compulsively, the general attitude seems to be that they are lacking some kind of moral fibre or that they’ve caused their own problem. Drugs and alcohol get a little more sympathy, just because people have seen it more, but there’s still often an attitude that the people suffering from the addiction are at fault, or are flawed.

  144. Moddoctor: I agree with you about avoidance of triggers. I am still working on an eating disorder, and part of the way I control it is by complete avoidance of foods and circumstances that set me up for problems.
    It does seem like sex would be a bastard of an addiction to crack, since the sex drive is built into us biologically…

  145. I think sexual addiction is really, really hard for most people to understand as a genuine problem… I think the average person perceives the notion of “more sex” or “more sex drive” in a partner a good thing and has trouble understanding that if the drive is too much, it can cause all sorts of problems as Michelle describes…

  146. Shannon,

    Yes, and there’s also the way a lot of at least the pornography addiction stuff is tied to the religious right. I know it’s made it hard for me, until things like this story humanized it for me, not to dismiss both porn addiction and sex addiction as some people trying to foist their sexual morality on the rest of us. (I remember, for example, looking at a sex addiction quiz and one of the questions on it being “Do you regularly engage in sadomasochism?” and thinking “These people clearly have an idea of what healthy sexuality is that I wouldn’t agree with.”)

  147. “the body belongs to the soul that lives inside, and to noone else”.

    I don’t like all of her tatoos but I certainly don’t think they look bad or are outrageous in some way.
    It’s her choice, and I believe the least we can do is respect it.

    I hope she’ll get through her addiction and I wish her the best 🙂

  148. at first i passed judgement on these tattoos until i read the interview with her and it made sense. and truthfully- i believe you should be able to do whatever you want to your body, so let her embrace her sexual side and tell it to the world! Shes got gaul for doing so, power to her!

  149. Dorothy: So do I, and I actually also especially like the crying blood, now that I know Michelle’s story.

  150. Ahh, just looked again, and I’d somehow misinterpreted a red accent on a rosy cheek + red lipstick as a tear of blood. Ooops.

  151. Regarding the ‘avoiding triggers’ thing – sounds like this woman would have to be locked up away from all human contact to avoid all triggers, which would be shitty, and make it rather difficult to earn a living. She said she’s had trouble holding down a job due to her condition; I imagine that the porn industry is one of the few that would have some compassion for her problem. And she’s trying to find healthy ways to express her urges through swingers clubs etc, which is just smart if you ask me. I mean, what, does she have to take a vow of celibacy for the rest of her life to ‘recover’? I think it’s great that she’s found tattoos to be a way to help her cope with her problem, and I wish her all the best in the process of her recovery.

  152. She wasn’t kidding about being a sex addict. She has an ad on the w4w section of the denver craigslist and has a “pass around girl” yahoo group where she shares photos and sets up meets and greets. I hope she gets the help she needs…

  153. #207, you are not funny. Understand?
    Thanks for the explanation, Michelle – and everyone else, remember, we’re not so bad. Most people would continue blindly judging her after her problems were explained.
    I have OCD. People think I’m just being awkward, or attention-seeking. Addictions and compulsions aren’t well understood, and it hurts.
    I still have my doubts about the tattoos, but we now have the right to have doubts, as we’re informed.

  154. whoops didn’t realize how many people already mentioned the website thing. A net savvy friend who read the interview sent me those two links and I thought some things she writes on them (esp the yahoo group) was interesting. but it was already mentioned elsewhere

  155. im a feminist and totally support these tattoos! i think mainstream feminism is more filled with close-minded liberals that undermine radical feminist values – this woman should do whatever she wants with her body. my main concern is that she is treated with respct and that she respects herself! beautiful person, great ink. much love.

  156. Far be it for me to point the finger and judge anyone… I understand the underlying message, and the purpose towards someone so marking their body. I think that alot of folks who look upon these tattoos simply can’t get past the negative vibe they prompt. Tattoos are often used to enpower us, in so many different ways: by labeling herself these things, by making physical these inherent testimonies to her self, she is seeking control over a thing that would doubtless overwhelm and consume her utterly. I am reminded, oddly enough, of the fat guy in the crowd who constantly makes jabs at himself before anyone else can take the shot: “Let me set my fat ass down here for a moment.” By taking the initiative with the declaration, he is in fact negating the sting of similar comments, or feelings, directed towards him… thus, enpowerment is gained. I did notice there was an e-mail address posted at the bottom of the interview: I have to wonder how many folks jumped on that and did the e-equivalent of, “a/s/l?” with the pass-around girl.

  157. When i first saw the pictures and read some of the posts I didn’t pick up on the context of sexual addiction. The only thing I saw was how unfair the double standards are of men are studs/women are whores. Now after reading the interview, I think she’s very brave to talk about her addiction. Maybe by bringing this problem to public attention it might also help address the lack of treatment options for women, or help others who are dealing with the same thing. I’ve never given it much thought how disruptive and painful a sex addiction can be. I hope she gets help. The one thing that does irk me in her myspace blogs is her decision to name the families. I think about the kids and it’s not their fault that their dads are assholes. Anyway I wish her lots of luck with finding treatment and if the tattoos make her feel better then it really doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks of them.

  158. She is one of the most beautiful women i have ever seen in my life. I would marry her in a second, even if she did need to have sex with others.

  159. In response to comment 52, Y’know here in Australia you only have to wear a short skirt, make-up, or forget to put on your hijab in the morning to be asking for rape and if you do, hey its your fault. It’s what one of the most prominent religious leaders has said and has stood by.

    So when people start making these kind of comments, is it just a free-for-all thesedays?

  160. Her interview….


    Yes, as modified people we shouldn’t say her choice to express her sex addiction threw tattoos was a bad idea. Yet, I think she should get help with her problem (the addiction). I don’t really understand why putting how she felt about herself; in a “negative” aspect seemed like a good idea, but we all heal in different ways.

  161. Holy crap that takes balls. Anyone who has experienced the pain of getting tattooed should know the commitment undertaken. Approve or disapprove, that’s a permanant commitment if I ever saw one.

  162. Re: post 228:
    Lets consider the logistics here. Melissa lives in Colorado, US. Shannon lives in Ontario, Canada. What are the odds that he would fly to Colorado for a relatively brief interview? Considerably more important, in the context of interviewing someone about their sexual addiction, what kind of person would you have to be to take advantage of their compulsion?
    Joke or not, that seems like a hit a little south of the belt. I lost my sense of humor about addiction and compulsion issues after having some people tell me that it was all in my head and I could just stop if I wanted to, and other people telling me that I should pray and ask god to make everything okay.

  163. I think she is an admirable woman. She is very genuin and open about her sexual drive and fantasies that nature granted her, which is common to us all, but for her a bit stronger than for most of us. Strong sexuality is however still such taboo issue, which brings her in embarrassing situations. I admire her courage to open up about this deeply personal feature.
    The tattoos are clearly not meant to be offensive or degrading, but rather as a sexual tool or stimulus.
    Sadly enough, even among tattooed people, who should understand the psychological impact of being degraded because of one’s personal features, like race, sexuality and tattoos, many people comment in a negative way.
    Again, I admire her because of who and what she is and because of her courage to open up about this deeply personal feature.

  164. Except that she is lying through her teeth, if we are to believe her own words on her blog(s). The scars are from a tummy tuck that she had on March 7th, 2006. She isn’t married to her ex-wife any longer, they split up and days later she had a new girlfriend named Alexa who she then passed on for some porn star named Nautica. What’s the actual truth? Her myspace photos don’t show any of these tattoos, so she has clearly gotten the bulk of them over the past year.

    And there is no way in hel this woman holds a masters in english. Like her myspace page says, she graduated from thornton HS. And that’s it.

    I couldn’t care less what people choose to ink onto themselves, all tattoos are purely one’s own business, but I do feel sadness for this woman, depsite what she has said here. She’s clearly got heaps of self-esteem issues. Shit, she’s already 5150 in CA. I do wonder, though, if there was a history of sexual abuse in her childhood.

  165. I think if she likes them then it’s her choice. Who are you people to judge what she does to her body?
    Personally, I think the tattoos are alittle..odd and rude.. but if it’s what she wants and if she’s happy with it then more power to her!

  166. As a cutter would slice deep into their flesh to release a pain they cannot understand, I see where she has chosen to act out her own release for what ails her.

    I believe those tattoo’s were done during a positive time, even though they seem negative to most people here. She is trying to understand and cope with her sex addiction and the way she does this is by tattooing what she thinks in her mind, what she feels as a release. This is a positive thing. She dosn’t wish to ruin her relationship with the one she loves, she dosn’t wish to cause harm, or emotional pain, but she cannot help nor change who she is, she can only cope with it the best she knows how, and this is the way she finds a release from it.

    I understand why she did this, I support it, like I said, it’s a positive feeling albeit a negative result. If it makes her feel more at ease to do this to herself, then I see nothing wrong with it.

    We all have demons in our closets, pains in which we cannot understand. We all have things about us as individuals that make us unbearable to some, yet we know we are like this and cannot change. So we find release in some way. She has found it in modification, just as I have for my own pain and emotional difficulties in life. It’s a tool used in a positive way to cope and I support her 100%, regardless of how I feel about the end result. Which isn’t my place to judge.

  167. More power to her for decorating her body in a way she sees fit. As for the negative crap people are posting….whatever….you always run into close minded people everywhere you go. Sadly that’ll never change.

  168. Having quite some erotic tattoos on myself, my estimate of her motivations to get these tattoos are that she finds the explicitness exciting and probably even arousing. At least that is how it works for me. I fancy getting an erotic tattoo and having them as my vulgar little secret. The feeling it provokes is perhaps best compared to what it feels like going to work without underwear, wearing a g-string, having navel or nipple piercings or other “secretâ€? piercings, perhaps having sex in public places… Of course the arousal is enhanced by the idea that people can notice it sometime, and the excitement can be improved by accidentally showing these hidden secrets. This exhibitional aspect can be compared to showing one’s body by wearing a mini skirt, bare legs, low chest, narrow pants… or perhaps also to showing any tattoo or piercing. It’s a sexual outlet. The idea of having something more extreme to exhibit, “I eat cumâ€? or “Fuck my whore pussyâ€? will enhance this effect, in a masochistic way, even if the tattoos are not really displayed publicly. In none of these cases, neither of wearing a mini skirt nor of wearing an erotic tattoo, the purpose is to get raped, even though one evidently increases the risk of being attacked by someone out of control. The purpose lies in the personal excitement. The purpose is the positive effect it provokes. It’s only human!

    Of course it is not without risks, and it can easily slip into compulsive or addictive behavior, which can become an important negative side effect. Many people will not understand them and feel offended, insulted or attacked by them. She may therefore need help to keep it under control. But the point is that the tattoos by themselves have a positive meaning.

    I like them…

  169. read the interview.
    I love her tattoos.
    I don’t feel sorry for her at all.
    she’s absolutely beautiful.

  170. having read her interview before posting this.
    i can say that i’m not writing this without knowing a little bit.
    however in my opinion, i think that personally it isn’t going to help her get over her addiction to write these derogatory things on herself.
    and if she ever has kids then this will affect them too,perhaps more :/,
    i think it’s awful that there are no female facilities for this addiction though.
    and i agree with those who say it makes them sad,especially as she is pretty.
    anyway,each to their own i guess.

  171. It appears that she has had those surgeries. I see scars at the appropriate places and I think she’s being very brave and up front about herself and shame is about the last thing she needs more of.

  172. Reply to posting 250

    This is almost sad. How does one call another person a liar without knowing all the facts. I assure you, a tummy tuck does not end with a scar from hip bone to hip bone. IN 1195 I had ovarian cancer and had an ovary removed. Then ended with a scar that was vertical from my pubic bone to the bottom end of my rib cage. 18 months ago I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I was scheduled for and underwent surgery that comlpetely removed the meat from within my breasts. A plastic surgeon came in behind that operation and made them “tits” again. Though pretty severaly scarred. The cut along the bottom was an exploratory incisn where they looked for more cancer in the areas I have had cancer before. The blog on my my space was designed to be read by people I knew and I left a lot of the medical reasons for my surgeries. Sorry that makes me a liar. Keep attacking me for thinsg you have no idea about. Britni and I are still together, though seperated. Alexa and I lasted 3 weeks and Nautica and I lasted a month. Next thing I am “fucking liar” about? Oh wait, becuase my old my space thing did not include my English degree, I lied about that too. It also did not include several jobs and the last 4 moves either. Did I lie about those too? LOL

  173. If she is really serious about getting help. I think she needs to think about inpatient treatment and possible medication.

    My prayer are for her.

    Daybreak Counseling Service Presents: Understanding Sexual Addiction

    (Spouses, Clergy, Therapists, Employers)

    December 12th, 13th, 14th 6:00pm-8:30pm

    Van Nuys, California

    $75 per night

  174. Slut is spelled that way for a reason, it is not a mis type. It is an inside joke between Britni and I. S l u doubte t spells slut.


  175. Please.
    Google “Tummy Tuck Scars” & click on images. The scar you have is exactly that, a tummy tuck scar. I’m not exactly sure why you are so hesitant to admit to a tummy tuck.
    Exploratory surgery does NOT leave a scar that big. It’s called a laparoscope. That is what is *always* used during exploratory surgery.
    The only way you would have had a Laparotomy is if you presented to the ER with Abdominal bleeding that needed to be stopped immediately. You would not have had a Laparotomy to look for cancer.
    Sweetie, take some advice from me, If you’re going to lie. at least know what the hell you’re talking about. You’re just making yourself look more & more stupid.
    Signed, a Scottsdale, AZ Plastic Surgeon

  176. “I assure you, a tummy tuck does not end with a scar from hip bone to hip bone.”

    & I assure you that a tummy tuck DOES leave a scar from hip to hip. I’ve had one & I’ve got the scar to prove it.
    Why are you denying it??
    & before you use the exploratory surgery line again, I’ve also had that & they use a laprascope. They never slice you from side to side for “exploratory surgery”

  177. I’m a plastic surgeon & I can assure you & everybody else reading this that the scar you have is from a tummy tuck.
    Want proof? Google “Tummy Tuck Scar” images.
    Also, exploratory surgery is done with a laprascope. The only other way you would have ended up with a scar like you have would be from a Laparotomy & you would have only had that if you had presented to the ER with Abdominal bleeding that needed to be stopped asap.
    If you’re going to lie, get your facts straight or you just look really dumb.

  178. I will be interested in seeing the Dr.Phil show and seeing if he asks about any of these plastic surgeries.He won’t take a lie for an answer.I am sure the majority of questions will be about her addiction, but I am interested to see if the tattoos are addressed.
    I have read about Michelle at several websites, not just her myspace. (by the way, doesn’t everyone lie a little on most profiles?)
    From my understanding Michelle has twin boys with Britni and (man?name).
    Or maybe Britni lied on her page about that.
    These things I read may not be true but who knows who lies?It is just plain rude to call someone a liar.You should have said you didn’t believe her and let her state her side instead of attacking her because you think you know something about her life.All from a short interview or an out of date myspace page.

    Michelle,I understand about your tattoos.I hope it works for you.I wasn’t curing an addiction, rather, treating a manic episode or two. I just decided on flowers because they were beautiful and I didn’t think I was.
    I feel much better,and I hope you will conquer every problem you ever have.
    [email protected]

  179. Thats funny. They are calling me a liar while playing games with posting names. LOLOLOLOLOLOL


  180. I don’t understand why it really matters if you had a tuck or not… that’s not really the point of all of this is it? I guess people might not be sure whether to believe your story or not or which parts to take serious… so catching you in a “lie” would help the case.

    In any event… I’m interested in the truth, but I don’t think this is worthy of digging for dirt. I think seeing your Dr. Phil interview will be interesting… he’s usually pretty closed minded about body mod type stuff, so coupled with your back story, it couldn’t have been comfortable.

  181. Actually, I am Mark’s wife. He was the one who performed my tummy tuck. I was posting to back up the claims that the scar would be from a tummy tuck, not exploratory surgery.
    The only one playing games is you my dear.
    Still lol’ing?

  182. Wow this thread is long and bitter. The tummy tuck scar is irrelevant, unless you count it as a mod. I like the tats, a great, bold statement, kudos to you michelle All you wankers bagging her out and/or questioning her lifestyle should shut up and focus on the mods in front of you.

  183. this is trash, period. I don’t know how I stumbled into this trash. that’s why men disrespect females because of some trash like this.

  184. First, let me assume that Michelle acts out sexually in a compulsive manner, in a way that would commonly be classified as ‘sexual addiction’. (Note that this is not something that is currently recognized by the DSM-IV as esisting.) If I postulate that sexual addiction truly exists, and further the secondary characteristics are similar to those of other addictions, then it would be reasonable to assume that Michelle might exhibit deceptive behaviors, as these would be a typical seondary characteristic. However, this is circular logic. “If someone is an addict, then they will lie about their problems. So if someone lies about their problems, they must be an addict.” It doesn’t really prove anything.
    However, saying (or even proving) that she has lied about other things also doesn’t prove that she is lying about something else. If I lie about how much I smoke, that doesn’t prove that I lie about stealing office supplies.
    Unless you have some sort of proof that she doesn’t act out sexually in a compulsive, obsessive manner, please shut your fucking pie hole. Thank you.
    Jesus, I’m starting to feel like I should confess to raping dead kittens or something. This hostility needs to be diffused and redristributed…

  185. When I cut, and was trying not to, I would keep a razor blade near me at all times so A) I had something I could look at and say no to, and B) If I succumed I had something clean and safe. So after reading her interview and seeing that she got these in a time where she was trying to stay away from sex, I completely understood. It was a safe alternative and something tangible that showed what she was fighting. I say congrats for fighting. And any sadness I feel is that she’s stuck in the situation not because of any of her choices.

  186. For the tattoos themselves, I think they’re really well done– not my choice of words and phrases per say, but I can respect Michelle for her own personal choices– as I’m sure she would for mine or anyone elses for that matter.

    As for any and all tattoos as a whole– we ALL have our regrets, but that’s part of the human experience. We can cover it up in a few years or we can let it ride and hope others can see that we’re more dynamic than our tattoos ever could be.

  187. Attention Whore over here entire body 🙂

    ill be amazed if im the first to say this.
    didn’t feel like reading every comment..

  188. i’d expect better spelling from someone with a masters in english. i also can’t help but look at the “i fuck” tattoo and wonder if it was drawn on by a six year old.

  189. I’m impressed, well placed, and the ink definitely says it all. I’m not a fan of lettering or triabl pieces on myself.
    I prefer artwork, it’s definitely an acquired taste for lettering, or tribal. The over all presentation does make her body an artistic work and a very powerful statement.

    I doubt that many people see themselves as clearly as this lady sees herself. After reading the interview, polyamourous isn’t even a word close enough to associate with how her world functions. I’m sure not a lot of traditional relationship individuals can wrap their head around this. I’ve every confidence she will go where and how she wants in life, and know herself better than most ever will.

    I wonder if she has ever considered having Britni’s signature tattooed somewhere?

  190. i think it is a shame that judging from her internview, a few interviews on polyamoury by britni, and michelle’s myspace page that she comes across pretty much as a pathological liar…her age, where the lives, the gravity of her illness…everything seems like total bs.

    not that it matters since this isn’t a psych evaluation blog, though i guess i’m bummed that a woman with such direct and interesting tattoos seems like such an attention whoring tool

  191. I think what bothers me is not the tats, but more that she is an admitted sufferer of an addiction and she has chosen to mark herself with that addiction. What happens when she finally learns to overcome?

    Objectification is a form of self-abuse. I wish her all the luck in overcoming her issues.

  192. Reading the article, I’m surprised she’s still married. She must have her wif wrapped round her little finger to be having four affairs a week.

  193. Actually, I’m confused… I’ve seen Michelle mention she’s married but calls Britini her ex in another place, yet above in the comments she says they are still together.

    The lack of consistent honesty is alarming – though, it’s not really my place to care. However, I was caring about the situation and any lieing about it only make the whole story more… “story”.


  194. #280

    If you are going to pick at me make sure you get your facts straight. As others have already noted, I have both a husband and a wife. Britni and Dennis. This 3 way is 8 years old. I am still married and Britni is my X. Even as my X, her and I are still working things out. So, at times we are together and at times we are not. Anything else you want to call me a liar about though you, yourself, have simply failed to read ALL the postings.

  195. As far as threads like this one go? I would ink my entire body with nasty comments before I would log on to a forum and call a person I dont even know, a whore, a bitch, a loser and say she should get AIDS and die. Your so busy judging me you can’t see what your doing is the true evil. My ink does not hurt anyone but your comments, aimed at the wrong person, could really hurt someone. yet, I am the unstable one? I sign my real name and leave my real email address. I post my real pics while my antogonists post from anonymous email addresses and use fake names. Ink or being a coward? I choose, ink.



  196. apart from the underlying psychological issues – i guess if a guy would have similar tattos: suck my cock, fuck me, hot stud who fucks anything, most of this discussion wouldn´t be happening.

    either people would say “what an idiot” or they would see the funny side of it, but since she´s a woman who labels herself as a slut suddenly it´s a big problem. still a woman´s sexuality is perceived entirely different from that of a man.

    don´t think these tattos were a great idea, but they spawned an interesting discussion for sure.

  197. wow
    the girl of my dreams! i have spent half a lifetime looking for a girl like like michelle. i would marry her tomorrowwe would truely be a boy gfrl nightmare! the couple that fuck & swing together stay together
    i love you girl
    iwant you…love the ink by the way

  198. All this talk about judgement.

    Of course she should be judged on her tattoos, as should everyone here. By them existing they are a characterstic for a person to be judged on.

    Whether you judge someone negatively or positively on anything, you are judging them. ALL qualities of a person are weighed and judged by other people. If someone has a tattoo that I think is cool/interesting/whatever, and people usually get things tattooed on them that are important to them, why should I not form opinions of them based on that?

    Do I judge someone just for having tattoos? Yes. Is it a negative judgement? No.

    If someone has a swastika tattooed across their forearm, is lily white and has a shaved head, should I not judge them? Are you retarded? Maybe there is a reason, and I’d even give the person the benefit of the doubt if there was a good reason, and they weren’t actually a neo-nazi. If you dress a certain way, put symbols on yourself that mean certain things, don’t get offended when someone gets the impression that you live up to your appearance. People should be able to get beyond their initial impressions, but that is another matter altogether.

    I don’t claim my judgements extend anywhere beyond my own opinion, but that’s how it works. I judge everybody and form opinions on them as does everybody else.

    Judging people on their appearance is not wrong. Why? We all do it. If you think you don’t, you’re a liar, blind, or not human. You can’t help doing it. The problem doesn’t come in judging someone by their appearance. The problem arises when you judge solely on ONE (to the exclusion of all others) thing about their appearance and are, or unable to modify your judgement of them when their character turns out to be different from what their apperance suggested to you.

    For example, I meet someone. I see them first, so my brain automatically forms opinions about what I can infer from their appearance. This necessarily have to do with race or tattoos. It could be that I infer that they like the band they have plastered across their shirt. Not absolutes, but inferences. Secondly, they speak, and initial perceptions are modified as you get to know the person more, or they reveal more about themselves.

    In the case of this woman, on seeing the tattoo, my first inference would be that she is a slut. If I was proven wrong, I wouldn’t stubbornly stick to my first impression. But can you really fault someone for inferring that this woman is a slut when she willingly had it written on her body multiple times?

  199. Since I tend to like tattoos with powerfull placement I like her work. In my opinion it would be hard to top Michelle’s locations for her ink other than a forehead tattoo.

    In a way she’s kind of her own warning label as you can’t say you didn’t know what you were getting into.

    I vote for a necklace design next.

  200. Michelle,
    No matter what anyone on here says, you seem to be a very beautiful and strong person. Don’t ever let any of this criticism hit home, because it’s based on mere prejudice and hatred. We are all free to do to ourselves as we wish, and I will never consider any of my modifications ugly or degrading. With that said, I hope you will agree with me on that, and feel the same about yours. Please continue to be proud of yourself, and to always remember that for everyone who thinks lowly of you, myself and numerous others think of you as a beautiful and incredible individual.-Patrick Tobin

  201. hahaha, whatever makes you happy. i, myself, want to get a huge nipple on the top of my head. so who am i to judge “fuck my whore ass”, “fuck my whore pussy” and “for deposit only?” i have no room to talk.

    also, i love how “god” herself left a comment and persecuted this woman. it is her body, she can put whatever the fuck she wants on it. don’t come at her with that quasi-feminist shit, women can do whatever they want with their own bodies.

    also, whether or not those scars are from plastic surgery doesn’t matter. again, she can do whatever she wants with her body, she owns it, not you.

  202. Even if a woman is a sex addict, whatever that is, men have no right to disrespect her. If she is good enough to fuck then they should show her some respect. How is it they are better than her by fucking her? This is an indication of how twisted our society still is. A sexual guy is a stud and a sexual woman is a slut. The double standard still exists. Her co-workers would probably been home beating off if she had not made herself available to them and they have the balls to label her a whore?

    Perhaps people are really upset because she proudly displays the labels that they have given her rather than shunning them. If your labels do not make her go away you are powerless to do anything to her.

    Women are perhaps jealous because she is openly sexual, something they are afraid to be.

    If her sex drive is out of control then perhaps she should visit the Eunuch Archive and learn about Depo Provera. Of course that would not address the emotional issues.

  203. Michelle,

    i have no problems with your tattoos, but honestly, the person you portray here vs. your myspace page is so different that it’s confusing…i mean, you say you have been married to britni & dennis for 8 years, meaning you were 19 when y ou got married. then in an article on polyamoury which can be found online she says that you had dennis had previously dated another woman for 5 years, meaning you were at most 14 when you got married dennis. this is in addition to your comments that you had a first husband, who was driven to suicide over your infidelities.

    you then state you have had extensive breast reconstructive surgery following metasticized ovarian cancer that spread to your breasts, even though in your myspace you say you had a tummy tuck and an breast job.

    i think what is difficult for people is that while your tattoos are very direct and potentially brutally honest, the person you are portraying yourself as is fairly dubious.

  204. Ofcourse I won’t be judging you since I don’t know you at all, but what pops up in my head when I see these tattoos is: Damn, don’t you have any selfrespect?

  205. I don’t like the tattoos (with the exception of the “Cum Slutâ€? one which looks like it may be nicely but you really can’t tell with this photo). It’s not that I find them demeaning or that I don’t and It’s not because I have passed any judgment on her as a person. I just don’t like the actual tattoos/work, much like I sure that there are people out there that don’t like mine simply because they don’t. Art is art. Some of us get and love it, some of us get and don’t, and some of us just don’t get it period. Why resort to name calling?

    I saw this posting when it originally went up a couple days and I have to admit I had no idea it would turn out like this. I am amazed by many of the comments in here and in fact, at times I yelled at my computer screen for the stupidity contained in many of the “opinionsâ€? given. Yes, I am aware that you can’t hear me when I yell. I’m sorry but people need to learn that an opinion is no longer just that when someone is desperate enough to present it as a fact. I hope that makes sense, I haven’t put in the multiple years that it takes to get a Masters in English. However, I would just like to ask a favour of everyone: please stick to things that you actually know about. Law, Mental Health, Substance Abuse, Psychopharmacology and Surgery are all complicated matters with actual rules, regulations and/or best practices taking years to understand to any intelligent degree. None of the above fall into the “WHAT I THINK ACTUALLY MATTERSâ€? category unless you are a somehow part of that system (and by the way reading a Wikipedia entry or doing a Google search for something does NOT make you an expert voice). People know when you are bullshitting.

    **Can we stick to what we know and give actual OPINIONS on modifications and stop this juvenile witch hunt for any and all demeaning angles?**

  206. A girl after our hearts..lol. As we read Michelle’s interview peaches commented “Finally, another girl like me”. You see? peaches is also a sex-addict….. and yes she is currently tattoo’d with the words “slut/wench/and whore” under the rainbow on her right breast. and “cum slut/fuck toy” around her belly button….. you see? my peaches is also a sex-addict…. and her mind(world) revolves around her next cock/pussy………(and yes there are some images on here of her tat’s and piercings…….

  207. Michelle,
    I did like your ink, it reqires a person to think about their own life. confronting one’s demands is not always easy
    and may require meassures that most people would not do. If this helps you over come another challange, then
    more power to you.

  208. Michelle… ok, fair enough. I guess the fact is that there is so much about this that it is un-ordinary and hard to compile. I saw you had a husband, but thought I saw something about you being married to Britini (you’re in Cali, iirc it was “legal” at least for a while) so it seemed like you must have gotten divorced/separated. My bad and all apologies for the guffaw.

    You too would do well to read all the comments (mine above for example) in which I never called you a liar. I said “any lieing about it”… but I did NOT say you WERE lieing.

    I’ve been trying to figure this out. I even sent the link to a friend who’s a sex educator/counselor to get his thoughts. It’s not my profession, I’m an outsider trying to make sense.

    And if people would rather focus on the tattoos themselves – it was something I was trying to avoid commenting on. Now I find myself thinking “if you can’t say anything nice, then don’t say anything at all”…so I suppose that should be good enough to express my opinion on the actual tattoos, their placement and what I think of how they look.

  209. I didn’t know this was a forum for character judgment. Whether her stories match up or not- does it ultimately matter? If you think it’s attention-grabbing, ignore it. (It’s ashame people have nothing better to do with their time than try and discredit someone they don’t even know.) I think her chest piece is awesome. Everyone should have the basic right to be respected, regardless of age, sex, race, color, piercings, tattoos, what your mods say or where they are. People with tattoos and piercings are discriminated against enough in certain facets of culture/society, why perpetuate the cycle? The point has been made before but it seems worth repeating- since when are certain mods acceptable and others not? Appropriateness/acceptable-ness and personal taste/preference are two very different issues that I think a lot of people are getting confused.

    Any addiction can be devastating, I hope Michelle can get the help she wants/needs.

    ~ What did she ever do to get some of you so inflamed?

  210. just to add my 2 cents. tummy tuck scars DO go from hip to hip, i have seen it personally in my old boss, showing me her scar, which went from her one hip to the other, she also had a breast lift and aug in that same surgery.

    i’m not a fan of the tattoos for myself, but its her body, and she can do what she wants with it.

    however, after reading her myspace blog, and reading her detailing how horrible these men that she’s slept with are, because they have wives, i dont get it. why she is now playing the victim. even if its only because of a sexual addiction, you cannot just blame the men. if someone kills someone because they are high on drugs, would they be seen as the victim because they have an addiction? highly doubtful, so why is she playing the victim when she’s sleeping with all these people?

  211. …It actually scares me to realise that a lot of these comments are either amazingly judgemental or amazingly derogatory.

    To be honest, this isn’t something I’d enjoy having done to myself – and it does make me ask a lot of questions – but they’re exactly that – questions, not judgements…

    I don’t think her tattoo’s are a bad thing… then again, I don’t see them as a good thing, either. It’s a lot like a drug adict having needles tattoo’d on their arm – it’s more of a ‘why?’ than an ‘eew’. I understand that she is a genuine sex adict – but, isn’t there some times where you want to, at least, try to run from your addiction?

    Her interview is certainly thought-provoking… a very interesting and brave woman, if I may say so…

  212. I agree with RavenLacra. I myself cannot understand why anyone would get those tattoos, but I’m also not addicted to sex either.I respect her ability to talk about sex addiction because from what I’ve heard, it is a very valid thing. We can have our own personal feelings about it, but I think it’s absolutely horrible to prejudge someone based only on their modifications and their addiction. It’s not fair to her nor to humanity in general

  213. i think what a lot of this “controversy” comes down to is that michelle has chosen to make her addiction, as well as her tattoos, incredibly public. even before she got posted on modblog, she had multiple journals all over the web detailing her addiction as well as publically humiliating the men that she had had sex with….if you choose to detail your health, sex life, or tattoo choices in a public venue, i think that it is fair to say that that is an invitation to open yourself up to scrutiny as well. i mean, if someone else posted her pictures, posted a biography of her, and posted her contact information up here against her wishes, that would be a very different story, and it would be incredibly unfair for people to be discussing her choices to the degree that they are.

    for myself, i looked her up online because i was bored, and i was genuinely interested in the story behind her tattoos, and i was intrigued at how people had reacted so strongly to them, and if they would have reacted as emotionally to them if they belong to a man instead of a woman. however, i was surprised to see the absolute lack of cohesion between the interview she gave here and her other journal entries, and i was really disgusted to see how she has gone after the other people she has had sex with with such a vengeance…it’s one thing to own your own issues, but it’s another to try to start some virtual witch hunt against adulterous men.

    personally i think that what it comes down to is this:
    if michelle was dealing with her sex addiction, or even her lfe in general, the way the majority of us are (privately) and she unwillingly achieved the level of internet celebrity she has, that it would be entirely unfair and wrong for people to be posting the information that they have about her here. but she hasn’t, it’s obvious that she wants to provode discussion or interest in herself, otherwise she wouldn’t have a ton of public blogs and she wouldn’t be giving interviews all over the place.

    it would be great if this was all some sort of viral marketing scheme for bisexual britni or something though, since i’m sure she’s drummed up a ton of interest for her in the past few weeks 😉

  214. I always find it funny people who have been discrimnated against the most are the biggest discrimnators in their group.
    I think that her tattoos are just that :her tattoos. Not mine, not yours , hers.

  215. Gimme a break.

    They stopped being “her tattoos” the second she made them so public. Anyone I show mine to is very well allowed to say and think what they want. Luckily, it’s mostly been very positive, but it doesn’t have anything patently offensive and self-degrading in it, and certainly nothing that I *need* to explain just to make it acceptable. Most definitely her choice, which I respect, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t allowed to judge her choice. And the major topic in this thread of comments is about the strength of the validity of those explanations.

    If this was just about the tattoos, then it would likely look like the comments for the picture of the guy with “stupid” tattooed on his forhead a while back… that wasn’t pretty either.

  216. The Las time I checked Marrage was between a Man and a Woman. This little lezbo is dreaming when she is talking about be married to an adult film Actress. I don’t mind if you completely destroy any respect directed towards you with tattoos of naughty acts, But your little make believe union is silly and sad.

  217. I read the article and think that it is open and amazing how honest and hard this woman is trying to fight her addiction. People always think of men and sex addicts……. But there are plenty of women out there that have the same needs. This is just one woman who is open enought to talk about it. Its her body and in teh end NONE of us can or should judge a beautiful woman for expressing a part of her that has affected her so deeply.
    kisses and blessings

  218. i had a nightmere after reading this article that i was covered in negative tattoos, i felt like i was in a prison i had no chance of escaping.

  219. I was once told by a guy defending FGM that I was wrong to tattoo ladies as it was mutilating them.

    It don’t get more whacked than that!

    Trust me we all talk a good game, but in the end the body mod community is still made up of humans.

    Of course I made be skewed as one of the nicest tattooed people I ever met was Stephanie Faranelli the lady know for having a penis necklace tattooed on her.

  220. Shit, maybe just considering themselves married is enough for them? Especially considering I assume they are in America and can’t legally get married. If they are in a long term relationship and want to call eachother their wife then what the hell does it matter to you?

  221. hypersexuality is a symptom of another underlaying disorder. she needs a psychotherapist. then again, that’s not news on this site. most of you extreme bodymod tards need professional help. i cannot wait for the day that suicide is considered cool and the ultimate expression of trying to separate oneself from the mainstream.

  222. When I look at this women I feel very badly for her. I too struggle with sex addiction. I have had groups of men write neg. things on my body, b/c it does something for me. But all of mine washed away. And when it washed it away I could clear my head and be “normal” again. The words were part of the fix for me part of the abuse I NEEDED, when I got it i could move on. What I wonder is how she ever can get her fix and move on when she is constantly bombarded with the images. No high will ever last forever. Overall I just feel bad for what she has done to herself.

  223. WTF? Shannon… where are these people coming from? (re: “Posted by shit on November 6th, 2006 at 3:58 am” and “Posted by carebear on November 7th, 2006 at 4:17 pm”). That’s just screwed up… MUCH more screwed up than anything Michelle’s issues have brought up.

    Poster-children for abortion, that’s what you two are.

  224. Let’s not kid ourselves. Did you read her stories? The woman definitely has mental problems. That’s an extreme addiction and disorder. The tattoos are only a visible marker of the same.

  225. It is a very interesting interview about sexual addiction. I really respect the fact that she gave very honest responses.

    I hope she finds a psych. that will help her. As much as I hate medication I think several medications can potentially help with this problem. I wonder why no doctors have made the connection. I believe this is a bio-chemical problem.

    I hope she finds some kind of help. This breaks my heart!!!

  226. Good Grief. I love her tattoos. It is something that I have only dreamed of having done to myself! She has done it! No regrets, no turning back. And proud to show it off! And YES, if the only reason for doing this is fetish so what? If she liked it, and wanted it, so what? I think they are very sexy and awesome. To let go and do something so dramatic to yourself is totally amazing to me. There has to be more kinky people who would love to have this done! Not just her and me! You know who you are! Love BETHANN

  227. Our ultimate fantasy. If Michelle is in Toronto or nearby, we would love to meet her. We are experienced sex addicts and can arrange almost any kind of sexual fun including large gangbangs etc. Excellent!! [email protected]

  228. I give her credit, she’s trying to overcome something. people who look down on sex, have a problem with sex, or anything on that level. get the f* over it. Sex is a part of live, some people express it more than other. Sex is supposed to happen. Thats it. I only say that because i odn’t understand the people who think it’s a harm or they are ashamed of talking about sex…obv. someone had sex to make them. Sex is an art, you need to have fun with it. If people thinks it’s gross she has those tattoos, it’s not your body. Maybe you shouldn’t be looking at it. you say she has no respect for her body, you have no respect for what she believes in. Her addiction could be much worse, at least she’s not causing violence and harm to other people. And she’s happy…thats all that matters to her. F* the world, if they don’t like it, don’t look.

  229. This article was sent to me by a friend in the middle of this discussion about prostitution

    (not implying anything here…at least I wasnt)

    I found this article very interesting Michelle, I don’t have a sex addiction but I see something of myself in you

    I can’t tell if you’re crying out for help or if you’re deliberately punishing yourself through the “hatred”/misunderstandings of other people?

    I’ve often felt that self-destructive AND that powerful at the same time, leaving me wondering what was the madness behind the method

    I admire you truth either way, very extreme but sometimes life is like that 😉

    Tee ([email protected])

  230. Hi Michelle,

    This is a long ramble, but all of it thoughtfully considered. Let me begin with an opening salvo. You might chafe at this, but consider that this message comes from a sex-positive person who does not stand in judgment: it would be helpful for you to detach the idea of being a whore from the idea of having sex. Quit BUYING INTO that BULLSHIT frankly RIGHTWING ideology. As long as the pleasure you get from sex derives from your feeling like a whore, you are never going to have a sex life youcan feel good about. I am not making a blanket statement here about everyone in the world, but a statement geared as specific response to your blog postings. And, no, I am not saying you have to stop having sex.

    To me, feminism simply means believing that women are people, equal to men. That said, girl, you have the right to make whatever choices you wish, and my message today does not stand in judgment. There is no moral issue here. There is, however, the issue that you have an intense amount of emotional distress as a result of your sex life. That’s where the problem lies, right? There’s absolutely nothing *morally* wrong with wanting to have sex with everyone you meet. As with drinking or anything else, it’s a problem *if* it causes problems for you. You obviously know that it has cost you plenty. What’s confusing is that in your blogs and interviews you rocket back and forth between talking about wanting to change your approach to sex, going to Sex Addicts Anonymous, being miserable and considering suicide, to defending your right to fuck whomever you want and bristling at any negative response you receive. This ISN’T about rights. You’re distracting yourself from the issue, part of addict behavior… Considering the amoung of pain you admit to–crying in your car after fucking 6 guys who laughed at you and didn’t say goodbye–why does it surprise you that people would react with dismay? It doesn’t mean we’re all sex-negative. Personally, I came across your story because I was googling Britni to see what she’d been up to in recent months. I’m sorry to see she’s apparently been going through some hard times. This situation is clearly difficult for everyone, including but not limited to you. Domestic violence? And what about your kids? I see some suprised reactions that Britni would feel betrayed by your actions, considering that she’s herself a swinger and an adult actress. But clearly, this is about honesty–lack of it, rather. I feel sorry for you (and sorry if that sounds patronizing, as I don’t mean it that way) that you don’t seem able to see the contradictions in your own statements. Or–sorry again, because your pain *is* palpable–the selfishness inherent in all of this. Though, the extent to which you’re hurting yourself mentally (as per your own statements) is the chief concern that needs addressing. NOT because I stand in judgment but because YOU say so. I don’t think you’re going to be able to change things if you keep viewing the situation as one involving rights. Here’s the thing: everyone has the right to fuck–who cares?? At this point, I wonder if going to swing clubs helps or hurts…if one is trying to halt a heroin addiction, one does not do heroin. But maybe the swing clubs are like methadone for you. If so, okay. It’s not necessarily like you need to stop having sex, anyway. Sex under honest circumstances might not be the issue. May simply be that you just need to stop fucking the people that you feel like shit about afterwards. That shouldn’t be hard because, as I just said, it doesn’t necessarily mean a moratorium on sex. The thing is, you keep saying this is all about ***SEX*** but your own words suggest otherwise. The thrill of dishonesty or something might be at the root…many addictions are as much about underlying causes as they are about the action itself, as you probably know from your therapy. And you really DO need (for yourself) to *******stop thinking that there’s something special or unique about the ability to fuck.******* Nothing special about it at all. We all do it. So what? That’s what your tattoos convey–that you think there’s something magical about the fact that you have orifices and like to use ‘em. But, you know, we all do. It’s not a big deal, frankly. It’s the height of bizarreness that you were surpised that the guys in the 7-way were calling you “filthy whore.” All that means is that THEY CAN READ. Look, cover up most of the tattoos. With solid black and purple stripes or whatever! Now THAT would be original. It’s not that you should be ashamed of being a sexual person, it’s just that there’s really nothing original about it. Right? I’m sure there *are* original, unique, special aspects to you, and I wish you tons of luck.

  231. Rock on Michelle!!! Do what you love and love what you do!!! For all the people who posted negatively about this girl, you are most certainly entitled to your opinion, however what a mundane and pathetic world you must live in.

    Minds are like parachutes people……..they only work when they are open!!!

  232. I’m thinking of getting “I’m a complete twat!” tattood on my face. It will be really funny and I’ll never regret it!

  233. Those tats will look great on a 70 year-old wrinkled and saggy body, huh? Somehow I don’t think they’ll have quite the same appeal then. Too bad there’s no spell check on a tattoo needle. “Slutt”? Oh well, I guess anyone using the salesman’s entrance won’t be too preoccupied with spelling. Most adults couldn’t spell their own name these days.

  234. I’ve been there …….. though I do not have any tattoos ….. after many mistakes in my life and feelings of complete failure, I, for years, engaged in self-destructive behaviors because of self-loathing …….. ultimately, I had to forgive myself and had to learn to love myself again ….

  235. Posted by Humorless Crusader on October 26th, 2006 at 1:52 am: “…People who judge other people are evil fucking assholes. …”

    Oh, the irony runs as a river off this comment! Mr. Pot, meet Mr. Kettle.

  236. crazy tattoos my dear.

    I’m sure your hurting and thats terrible BUT…. lets just look at the bright side for a second.

    1)You are in a relationship with a woman I have paid good money to see do her thing. Damn, she’s fine!.(You just have to see her and maxx hardcore.)

    2)You have a husband AND a wife! O.K maby not such a +

    3)You still have all your hair

    4)Your tits don’t sag.

    5)And what must be the most important thing for you (being so self promoting) You are almost FAMOUS. I have to admit honestly, I have looked at the pics on the main page of B.M.E for the better part of 5 years and not once, till now have I ever wanted to know more about the person behind the picture.
    Now, I am sure you will deny you are searching out fame but I bet it’s an aspect of your personality.

    Your wife is hot…
    Always look on the bright side of life….. da dum……

  237. I’ve been to Nathan’s and I will continue to go cheer’s to them . As far Michelle it’s her body do as you wish . It’s crazy but cool as well

  238. The fact that people call them degrading is sad. Why is a woman expressing her desires, explicit or not, degrading? Isn’t it just liberating? Yes I know she feels trapped by her desires sometimes (don’t we all?) but the tattooes are a way to own her body, own her impulses, just like cutting. A woman wanting sex isn’t degrading and just because she tattooes “Fuck my whore pussy” instead of “Make love to me” doesn’t mean she is degrading herself or has a lack of self-worth.


  240. Well, I got to about comment 75 before I started getting a headhache. Being rather mouthy and outspoken, I’d like to state here: I have read the article where Shannon interviewed Michelle about her tattoos, meaning, and lifestyle. Read the article, it’s very interesting. Now, to add my opinion. Don’t pity/feel sorry for/hate Michelle. So she’s a sex addict with ‘potentially degrading’ tattoos. I have naked ladies tattooed on me. That’s considered ‘old school’ and ‘classic’. Get over it. I think her tattoos are an admirable way of dealing with her addiction; as well as an interesting form of self expression. Saying they are ‘sick’ or ‘pathetic’ or ‘an invitation to rape’ is just ridiculous.

  241. …she’s doing what countless millions of others would love to do but haven’t the courage to do so.

    I draw the line at any harm to any other person, but otherwise….leave her alone, it’s her body, it’s her life and those are her choices.

    here’s a deal; she won’t make choices for you…and you won’t make choices for her.

    who among you is so perfect that you qualify to be her critic or censor???

  242. Just a thought…Maybe tattoo ‘Poser’ on your forehead? The work alone isn’t very good…the font is poor. It just seems like you’re trying way too hard. I’m guessing another, oh, 10-15 years, you’ll end up lazering many of them. And the Scarlet Letter attempt…all I can do is laugh.

  243. Hmmm I guess ill sandwich the last post .while I understand that every1 has there own opinions …it;s just to bad for people like Mikya Rose and everyone else that takes such a pitiful hateful attitude towards others off of assumption based pyhscic guess’s as far as your knowledge of tattoos your lacking she chose a nice bold hard lined font that will stay tight and legible through out the years. P.S. lol (Poser) is the silliest remark out of all ur statements she has ink in her skin (dude) that is not a Poser. & P.P.S> to Krauzen – I have a date set to have a big a Swastika placed on my forearm and my head is shaved I happen to be white (& a jew)plus i have big rainbow tattooed on my face and no one calls me fag and Ive never had a women doubt my man hood, one day in this life or many.. many.. down the road some of you (what I would consider Hater’s) here will See the light but for now u can all fight for you space in the shadows.Fuck man I have to admit I am a hater of haters so maybe im no better than all those punck bitch ass mother fuckers here that choose to spit poison .damm back to the drawing board lol ~_0 6969

  244. She is bold. Bold is good. Life is short and everyone will pass. I think she is attractive for her brazen ways.

  245. I guess its ashame Michelle didnt try to get treatment for her sex addiction. Then decide afterwards if she still wanted the same tattoos.
    She is a very pretty girl any man would be very lucky to be with.
    I guess each to their own, so long as Michelle is happy with her decision thats all that should matter.

  246. I would fuck her so hard in every hole on her body. I would love to cum all over those nice tits. This is seriously my dream girl!

    More props to you you fine piece of ass!

    *high give for sex addicts* woooooo!!

  247. I got to meet Michelle last october. She had an ad on craigslist, but she didn’t have all tattoos in her picture, the only ones she published were of her pussy that said for deposit only and a-1 fuck slut. I couldn’t believe what I saw when she began taking her clothes off. Turned me on, to say the least. The only problem was I couldnt fully enjoy myself because I figured someone was lurking in the closet or something to beat me up and rob me. Other than that she was really really good.

  248. I can’t believe this. I met fome filthy whore in my life, but none of them were that bad! The guy who made the tatoo must have been laughing his ass on this one! On a way, I agree with some people here. It is kinda sad for her to need so much to show she likes the cock. I think all the guys here will agree that a girl who really enjoy sex is a pretty good thing. But this seems a bit over the top.

    But, anyway, is there anyone here who could give me her number?


    She needs more piercings though, some nip rings, a full labia rack.

  250. i think she’s hot! actually, my bf has been bugging me to get the words “slut” tattooed on the back of my neck. he also makes me wear really slutty clothes (see-through clothes, leather or latex) outfits right out in public. i do enjoy being ogled by guys, and i do love hearing the things people say about me, whether they’re good or bad. i get off on it. my bf also gave me several tight t-shirts printed with “jizz junkie”, “slut”, “i’m a gangbang girl” and “spermbank” which i wear whenever i go to the mall.

    i think michelle is really hot for being brave enough to show the world what she really is.

  251. Hehe.
    I love when people spin the old “she’s so gonna regret these some day..”
    dude, you don’t know her.

  252. its discusting and i think shes degrating herself, all I have to say its shes gonna wish she didnt get those filthy tattoos someday

  253. WHOA. i really like them to be honest. i think she’s amazing and has the self confidence i wish for on a daily basis. good luck to her. (Y)


  255. A man has sex with a hundred ladies and he gets called a stud. A lady does the same thing and she gets called a whore. She is bad for doing it and he is great. If they both want to have sex with that many people it is not our place to judge them. I have tattoo’s also. I selected them and got them done, FOR ME. Not you or anyone else. She selected the tattoos she is wearing and if you don’t like them click on your back button or X out of the page. Done deal. None of us should be judging her for any reason. Many people in her life were able to overlook those tattoos and take her to bed anyway, so why are so many upset with them?

  256. I didnt think there was another female in the world like me, but then a friend sent me this as it mimics my life except for the tattooes. i’m not against tatts i jus choose not to do it. i cant go a day without sex with somebody no matter who it is. i’m not ashamed of bein addicted to sex. i love it soo much i cant sleep till i at least relieve myself but thats never enuff. its great to know i’m not alone in this. i lost my virginity to a guy i absolutely hated n despied 2 days b4 my 14th b-day. i hav always had a desire to see flesh cause i played show me urs and i’ll show u mine at age 8. i jus cant stop n dont want to.

  257. What happens if she overcomes her addiction? I don’t know, I just don’t see this as being a healthy outlet for her…

    But whatever. It isn’t my body. I hope she feels positivley about them forever.

  258. What about laying out by the public pool….sunning at the public beach. Everyone else’s kids getting an eye full of your cool ass tats? And she does have children of her own, that she used as bribes with her (ex) husband, in order to get her sexual fixes. Amazing to me, was how this same husband approved of her having sex with whomever she pleased, whenever….BUT when things got out of hand, and she was having to lie to him in order to continue to feed the addiction, then he became disgusted by her??? Seems as long as he was controlling things, it was okay?? Maybe he felt like he was loosing money on his whore – as she was now giving it out freely?? That part I didn’t understand how he felt betrayed. What I didn’t care much for was the part about the 1st husband killing himself, and leaving the suicide note, for her to find. Her response was too cavalier….like, oh well? Damn, I guess just too fucked up of a story for reasoning!!

  259. shes a very pretty girl i dont see why she should feel the need to do that to herself just to make you guys feels pleased about urselves…what ever she does sexually doesnt make it right to announce it on her tattoos.. what are her future grand kids gonna think of their nanna… tut tut.. i think this falls under regretfull in the very near future…

  260. I wouldn’t fuck someone who has had sex with god only knows how many partners! I think that she is unattractive and that the tatttoos crap up her already ugly body. She looks old and used! I think someone with a mystery to them is more fun to explore then someone who has what they like plastered all over their body. I don’t think she is addicted to sex as much as she is addicted to fame. She was nothing but an unknown whore until she got these tattoos and now she is this poor little no self worth person that people either want to fuck,hate or feel sorry for and she got what she wanted to be famous…

  261. The point being, she states she is impaired in her life by sexual addictions. So, that being the case, why would she NOT have these tatoos?
    Nothing withstanding all the “what if’s…” she is probably very pleased with herself.
    Hell, we have politicians who do worse shit that this…everyday.


  262. I would tottally fuck the hell out of her, hope I meet her so I can just pull my cock out and get laid

  263. I read an article about her in our local (Denver, CO) publication called the westward. It was really interesting and quite profound. RTD screwed her over literally. Hopefully people don’t take advantage of her more like she was in the past.

  264. Well, you guys may see her in action very very soon. She may be doing a full lenght DVD for Diabolical Media in june ’07. She is going for the gang bang world record. AND MY COMPANY is filming it…..its god to be the boss….lol

  265. I may be wrong, but she appears to have a scar from a c-section on her lower abdomin… That being the case, she more than likely has a child/children. Wow.

  266. I call bullshit on the story/interview. This woman admits to being a liar, and I do believe that much.

    I’ve read an interview here: http://www.xenex.org/poked.php and she talks about having an X, Dennis, spending 5 years in a poly relationship with him and one girl, and then another 8 years in a poly relationship with Britni.

    “My X husband Dennis and myself have been in two triads. One with a woman named Shawna that lasted 5 years and ended just previous to Britni. Britni in our triad lasted 8 years. It ended when all my sexual affairs and lying was exposed. We still see one another and even have sex often but we no longer consider ourselves married to one another.”

    Ok, let’s count that up, 13 years of relationship. Sooo.. she got married when she was 14? (she claims to be 27.)

    That woman is at least 37.

    THEN she says that Britni came after the suicide husband. What?

    “You say that your husband killed himself because you cheated on him so often. How did this affect both Britni and you? Do you still blame yourself for his death?

    This happened many years before Britni came alone . She never knew him and we rarely discussed him.”

    She also lists on her myspace profile that she was in Thornton High School from 1984-1988 (graduated n/a) AND says she’s a college gratuate with a masters. Bull.Shit.


    I think it’s great she just got a freshly legal new girlfriend. *rolls eyes*

    With those glaringly obvious lies, I’m not buying any more of her story. Whore? Sure, but mostly attention whore. Bonus on the Pathological Lies!

  267. Personally, I like her honesty.. I find it refreshing.
    Secondly, and I know damn near every guy has thought this, even if they didn’t say it, But I HONESTLY think I could handle having a wife/gf like this! As long as she can accept ME having extra-marital affairs as well!
    I’d actually encourage her, and help her get what she needs, whenever possible!
    Supporting her would be al ittle difficult, But I’m sure SOMETHING could be worked out…

    I mean, look at it this way, if she’s attracted to you BEYOND the sexual aspect, enough to want to TRY and curb her extramarital activities, and, I’m sure that her current spouse is getting all she could want from Michelle, then, if Michelle STILL needs more, (let’s face it, guys can only go so often, for so long) then the spouse should encorage her to find as many lovers as she can handle, or needs.
    Perhaps a “black book” of sorts, with phone numbers of all her lovers, that she can call when she NEEDS sex?
    As for the total stranger idea, or spur of the moment sex, I can understand the tension it could create, but I’d think that, as long as she doesn’t lie to the guy or girl that she’s having sex with, making it clear that it’s just a “sexual” thing, and protection is used with those that are not tested for stds, than it shouldn’t be a problem.

    Michelle, if you read this, and are interested in pursuing a conversation, the owners of this blog should be able to give you my email address.

    With admiration,

  268. First, I want to say kudos to Shannon for finding such a controversial person/topic/picture to shake up the self-image of the “controversial” community.

    Second, I want to say that I am a counselor, and I have not read her blogs or interviews, so what I say here is not based on those, but on the comments posted here.

    Addiction and mental illness are rather fuzzy subjects. While guideline books and diagnoses seem clear-cut, this truly is not the case. Every person is individual, or we could make maps of say this, get that response to every single thing that can be expressed in language. People are much more complex than that.

    Given such complexity, I can say with assurance that very rarely is one type of disturbance in “normal” behavior found in exclusion in any person. What that means is that where there is depression, there may be low self-esteem, or attention-seeking behavior, or other issues. She states that she has a sexual addiction problem. OK, but that may or may not be the limit of her issues, and they may run so deep that she cannot see them for herself without extensive help from an outside source like a therapist. One of those problems may or may not be compulsive lying. It may be that her published words and pics are out of order, misdated, etc. She may or may not have severe self-image issues. There may even be MPD issues going on. (yes, I know MPD is an outdated term and no longer used in diagnoses) Truly, for me all this is totally beside the point, because she will have to deal with her issues herself regardless. The only thing therapy does is give an outside resource to guide your own work on the inside of your own head.

    To me, the point is the extremes of the varied reactions to her choices for herself. I find it interesting that while most of this community strive diligently to be open-minded and accepting of others’ choices, the comments that have been made really serve as a barometer of individual societal canalization in childhood. I am not being negative toward anyone by saying this, as I don’t feel it is my place to judge the inner feelings and reactions of others. I just find it interesting to observe the varied reactions and my reactions toward them myself.

    I have learned that some of the judgmental behavior and reactions I had thought I had rooted out long ago are still with me in some forms, and I thank you all for teaching me this about myself. As for this woman and her struggles with herself, I wish her nothing but self-knowledge and the strength to do whatever she wishes with that knowledge, as long as she does not compromise the ability of others to choose the same for themselves.

    Again, thank you all.

  269. “blah…blah…blah”Posted by Black_Rose
    Fuck that wordy ass slang
    Yes or No !!!
    I vote Yes!!

  270. nyc i like em im a tatto fanatic i have red n white stripes tattooed up da side of my penis wit a piercing. its lyk constantly hard now lol. michelle i wull fUk ur whore ass

  271. I didn’t read the nearly 400 comments, so I might be echoing someone’s comment.

    If she’s that much of a sex addict, why not just become a porn star? Seems a much better choice of career for a sex addict that keeps losing her job for screwing her coworkers. Screwing is part of the job and I’m sure she could make lots of money and fulfill her needs at the same time. Perhaps she could have avoided the body graffiti as well.

  272. This girl is amazing, the tats are beautiful, I have accessed her pics several times and cant get enough of her.
    I wish I meet her in person, she is a real turn on.
    If there are any girls out there with a genuine “Slut” tattoo
    then contact me right now and let me see it.


    MICHAEL from manchester UK

  273. Can’t help from coming back again and agin to see the beautiful pics and read the interview, think I am addictive to it. Michael, admire you and love you!

  274. i know this has been said a billion times but she’s a fucking sex addict and this is how she chooses to deal with it.
    And NAwty Bowy, i believe she was a porn star but is currently trying to deal with infidelity ripping apart her life.

  275. i say do what you want hay, if it makes her happy than so be it. some say its sad, some say its hot, i like a good cup of tea myself, when i first saw the tatts well im a guy so, get it, but then i woundered who is she i read abit, and now i know either way who cares what i think, i like it when women express themselfs how they want how ever that may be,

  276. “A man has sex with a hundred ladies and he gets called a stud. A lady does the same thing and she gets called a whore. She is bad for doing it and he is great. …
    Rick on February 18th, 2007 at 4:02 pm”

    How original.

  277. Hello, I just have to say that I know it most be hard for you. I couldn’t amagine living with your problem day in and day out. I consider myself a pretty horny guy but not to your level. I have a wife that I don’t want to sleep with, and already I’m thinking of you. I love the ink and hope that you find enough men to keep you happy. I don’t want anything bad to happen to you. If you do ever want to chat, I’m always around. Take care.


  278. I found this site while trying to figure out my own girl friend. Her story is soooo similar that it is scary. Unless you live with someone like this you probably think it would be really cool to have a G/F that loves sex. Well, Shannon doesn’t just love it, I honestly believe she lives for it. Her life is spinning out of control, she has to have sex (male and/or female) constantly. Her decisions are always centered on sex. Shannon is an expert, and I mean expert liar, she can manipulate both men and women. She has remorse after these sexual explosions (and I believe it to be genuine remorse) but she repeats the same behaviors over and over. She claims to love me, and doesn’t know why she does these things. She doesn’t have affairs, she has sex and uses it because according to her she feels “loved” and “special” and likes the attention. It is soooo sad..I don’t know what to do. I no longer love her romantically, I just want her to be ok…

  279. It’s her choice to get the tattooes. Some people smoke, if they get cancers I’m sure they’re going to be regretting that more than she’s going to regret the tattooes. Also you get basically have tattooes removed these days so meh.

    People can do what they want with their lives; as long as they aren’t actually hurting other people more power to them

  280. i have no problem with what her tattoos say…but i have to say the quality of alot of the work leaves something to eb desired. none of it meshes together very nicely. theres alot of ways it could have been done to be much more visually pleasing as well as provocative.

  281. The sooner children are presented with something to read, the sooner they learn to read it. Shs pioneers a very forward-looking concept; exposing babies to reading material straight from the womb. She could start them on Grimm’s Fairy Tales; perhaps she thinks a mom should be more up front with her kids? The truth will set them free… FREE TO BE TRUSSED UP AND HAVE THEIR CORN-CAVE SPELUNKED! (Ahoy! Light a torch matey; thar’ be Indian corn here!)

  282. well like almost everyone else on here , her body, her tats, her choice. but yeah it does make me a little sad, probably because if i was the one to have these tattoos id definaltey regret these be it just when im a different mood or later in life. but then again thats why i dont have them and she doeS!

  283. I love women who think nothing more of themselves than just being a piece of meat for people to use.

  284. this makes me sad. it’s completely up to her if she wants to get something like that, but as an alpha female i kind of feel that we’ve failed as a gender if she believes what she does. or maybe its a joke? i dont know, hmm..

  285. Who said she thinks herself nothing more than a body to be used (or whatever you said) just because of the words tattooed on her body? Who are you to tell us how she regards herself? No, seriously, who are you if you’re not Michelle? Anyway, I felt a bit sad at one point too because of the permanence and the delicate (eg, breast) tissue the ink is on, but then I just felt like, OK, I get it. There’s a micro-fine line between mental illness and a more generalised compulsion/obsession, and I think she’s extremely courageous to dance upon that line, teetering this way and that way. Giles is a simplistic buffoon who seems to worry more about what other people think than truly understanding what he himself thinks. I highly doubt any jury worth its weight in salt would believe that any display of body art or visual philosophising justifies rape, however explicit. What a tool. This might sound like a pedantic point, but I do wish Michelle hadn’t said that ‘feminists’ bother her because she is one herself – she explains that – and her statement accords all feminists the same narrow parameters. I’d prefer her to have stated that ‘a certain type of feminist’ bothers her. Or ‘so-called feminists’ even! And while I’m at it, I shake my head sadly that people feel the need to pointedly acknowledge “her body, her right” etc. Of course it is. What is this, the C12th? As for the person asking about her scars, I think she’s had a tummy tuck. She also (barely) appears to have had a breast reduction operation, and the results are magnificent; she had a great surgeon! And, fwiw, I shudder to think what treatment of her situation the holy Dr Phil offered up to the masses, good grief…! Thanks, Michelle, for offering us this insight into your life.

  286. In ancient, pre-Christian, Pagan cultures, women participated in the worship of deities in several ways. One of those ways was to serve as a priestess in religious ceremonies where participants had sex with each other as an act of worship and celebration. Michelle would be praised and revered in a culture like that. It is only in this depraved, Christ-obsessed, sex-suppressed, holier-than-thou modern day world of Christianity that this sincere woman must be looked on as something to pity and scorn. She is a person. She is bold and honest and I respect her. Michelle, maybe your next tattoo could say something like “I am the living passion of ancient divinity. Cum worship in me.” Or something like that. You’re beautiful. You’ve got a great smile. Please be careful with yourself.

  287. I have read all of the comments and I have to say that you people are the most hypocritical pieces of shit I have ever had the misfortune of reading.

    Here you are at fucking BMEzine a place that is supposed to support the misunderstood, and flawed and what the world would call misfits and you ego-maniacs have the moxie to judge a girl with an addiction problem?

    For all hype you spread about being “accepting” and “understanding” you sure let “She is an AIDS ridden whore” and other shit with the greatest of ease.

    You know nothing of understanding and the virtue of acceptance that you fuckers speak so highly of is nothing but a buzzword to the majority of the double talkers here.

    Instead of grinding the axe of your fucking insecurity why don’t you praise the woman for being courageous enough for taking responsibility for her shit and actually trying to do something about it.

    Regardless of her mistakes she is still a human being.

    Maybe instead of propping up the thin veil of leftist virtues you hold so highly dear you should get a fucking job and get outside of the US for a while. Then your backwoods asses could see past your own nose for long enough to realize that there are more people in this world than just you. And those people have real problems. Like this woman. A problem that is more than just “Mommy wont give me my trust fund allowance this month”. Fucking cowards. You motherfuckers make me puke.

    Here is the quote from the comments section:

    “If you just want to prove that you can say the meanest thing about something you don’t understand, go somewhere else. This is a community of friends, and the IAM/BME TOS applies here.”

    Apparently that TOS means that as long as the majority agrees on an idea then the minority is subject to ridicule.

    This website is a fucking joke.

    Once again, you do not understand addiction. Keep your fucking mouth shut.

  288. I almost 100 percent agree with ^ james nachaski ^ that guy above me right now and don’t preach acceptance with all these ‘cool’ body mods and tattoos I was all into it letting you tell me what to think but this is my wake up call this is a huge step back, you think your intellectuals fuckin what? have you ever justified yourself that way saying they just don’t understand why I do this to myself, I know I have- Acceptance, shit well what is this bullshit, that is not cool. that is sad. this is not hot. She is not hot. She is in severe need of help. That is demeaning …. that little tag says “If you just want to prove that you can say the meanest thing about something you don’t understand, go somewhere else. This is a community of friends, and the IAM/BME TOS applies here.” I do understand this. this is the destruction of my gender it is no big leap toward some female sexual revolution…. trying to understand this in any other way or justify your oblivious comments…

    I have seen a lot on this site. I saw a man with bloated testicles and a dick the size of a tube of lipstick…. I saw a keltoid that will forever keep me up a night in a state of shock …. but I accepted everything I saw, (hell my first crush was lizard man even if we are 15 years apart..hmm……)…. until now this is the most disgusting thing I have ever seen.

    damn marketing and damn her self-degredation which is destroying not only her reputation but the whole female species

    some people shouldn’t be allowed to get tattoos

  289. and i just read what lucky tattoo had to say: look at our culture today- I love the idea of a sexual revolution but it is all focused in the wrong direction we should abolish ideas like slut and whore…. we are so concerned with turning ourselves into objects for mens use that we forget that we should be questioning this. This is nothing more than getting down on our knees and submitting disguised as some sort of ‘step forward’ for women. this is not moving forward…. this is nothing more than materialism realized. … we can now not only be ‘labeled’ as a slut for being sexually free but we can actually brand ourself so we aren’t so hard to find anymore… this is disgraceful

  290. So she’s no one to take home to mother, but it says that someone is passing her around. Atleast she’s normal. Thats some awful shit to have to wear for the rest of your life, but on a positive note I’ll bet it’s a good character builder.
    Please pass the uh.. girl..yeah please pass the girl, I’ll have seconds.

  291. One more thought on pass around girl. I always have admired
    kindness and generosity. If this girl is being passed around as it says, well that’s about as kind and generous as you can get. A true humanitarian. She even come with instructions that
    anyone can understand. Smile its really pretty f***ing funny.

  292. If you notice, the sexually explicit tats are in areas that should be hidden by clothing. So the only person who would see them is someone who is already seeing her nude…

    Really no different than those slave girls who let their masters write the stuff on them with marker, except it is permanent. Really a very nice sign of commitment in a BDSM relationship…

  293. shes not that big a deal but she is pretty ive had sex with thousands of men and woman only i dont have the tattoos i say good luck to her

  294. i agree with Max… she soo gonna regret that in 10 yrs… right now it cool that she’s proud of what she’s doing and nothings wrong with what she’s doing.. but try explaining to a kid y mommy got something about cum on her boobs

  295. i dunno if this was said before but… u should GET THOSE HUGE TITTIES PIERCED!!!

  296. Wow that is a VERY interesting choice of art!!! More power too her! I can’t call her a a name cuz she has already posted it all over her body!!! Gotta love her boldness!

  297. I just see this as very trashy, tasteless, way too vulgar, and i have a good bit of tattoos and so does my girl but this is insane, why in the world would anyone in this planet want to advertise themselves as an STD infested, WHORE as she calls herself ? Its seriously sad that someone would want to do this to themselves. Body Art is one thing, but this is more like self mutilation to me.

  298. so right here is what i do understand: how are we jealous of that? i mean sure its her body but she could have some self respect and not post it on the internet. and we arn’t “hating” or “jealous” oh her we just think she made a really stupid mistake that she should”ve really thought about her future insteado living in the moment. if she has a daughter how can she every expect her daught to to respect her self when her boobs say i swallow cum and i eat girls, while her back says fuck over again and cum slut and fuck me in the as and pusssy. as a woman, she makes me feel ashamed to be a woman, we are not sluts and she seems to be one who needs to really think before she does something like this again. she should’ve asked her self how will my mother feel? and if her mom is a slut like her, i truly feel sorry for her. Sweetie there is more to life then sex.

  299. well at least she admits to being a WHORE

    God imagine how many fucking aids she has to have to get “WHORE” permanently written on her body.

    haha that says something.

  300. well at least she admits to being a WHORE

    God imagine how many fucking aids she has to have to get “WHORE” permanently written on her body.

    haha that says something.

  301. Well I certainly wouldnt be ashamed to have a body like that, but I wouldnt choose to have those marks put on my body…. I would definitely venture to say that she is in an M/s or D/s relationship and that wording may not have been her choice, but rather his branding on her……..

  302. I am John Pospisil of TECH.BLORGE and I have BOY-WHORE tattooed on my butt! My lover gets excited every time he sees my butt. I plan to tattoo his name above my dick. BOY-WHORE is the best tattoo I ever got!

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