Bulgarian Coca-Cola Fan

Politically I prefer Pepsi because they don’t have their union leaders murdered (that I know of), but I agree the taste of Coca-Cola is better… Point of trivia: did you know that Coca-Cola (well, their parent company) is the largest provider of cocaine in America? They are the sole importer of coca leaf, bringing in I think 110 tons a year. The cocaine that’s left over after the flavor is extracted is then sold to the big pharma industry.

But I digress! This inner lip tattoo is by Toshe at Electric Art in Varna, Bulgaria:

23 thoughts on “Bulgarian Coca-Cola Fan

  1. Wow! that’s the best lip tatto I’ve ever seen,
    usually the level is lower on them lip tattoos…

  2. that’s quite interesting shannon.

    also, i’m not sure if hershey’s is affiliated with coca-cola but on the packaging of special dark chocolate. they claim to use not only cacao but also to process the chocolate with alkali. i dont know shit about manufacturing chocolate but i do know that cacao + alkali = high.

  3. apparently ‘coca-cola’ is the second most recognized/known word in the world(all language applies), ‘yeah’ being the first..

  4. The plant which chocolate comes from (cacao) is a completely different plant from the one cocaine comes from (coca).

  5. Actually, they import coca leaves and extract the flavoring, then they sell it to pharma companies. Coca Cola never extracts the alkaloids (cocaine) but the alkaloids can be extracted after the flavorings which Im sure is why pharma companies want it. But yeah, no coca cola warehouses full of cocaine anywhere that I know of.

  6. So I’ll be the first to say: I hate both Pepsi and Coca-cola, and would rather just have the cocaine.
    *(not that I can have drugs or caffeine products anymore)

  7. green.plasticjen,

    Cacao has nothing to do with coca. Processing cocao/cocoa with alkali makes it less acidic and imparts a smoother flavor.

    Chocolate contains lots of theobromine (similar to caffeine), and caffeine itself. It also contains phenethylamine, but according to Shulgin’s PiHKAL, it is without activity in humans when ingested or even injected. So its effects are likely attributable to theobromine/caffeine in synergy with pleasurable sensations from the taste of the stuff, and sugar.

    Dark chocolate easily contains an order of magnitude greater of theobromine than milk chocolate. Milk chocolate is dilute. Your dog might not even get sick if she eats it. Dark chocolate, bittersweet baker’s chocolate, etc., might very truly kill your dog (or cat, or most other animals). It’s much more potent, and most animals can’t efficiently metabolize theobromine.

    We humans don’t die, we just get high. Well, I’m sure there’s a lethal dose of chocolate; there certainly is a lethal dose of caffeine, and it’s likely close to whatever it is for theobromine. It’s still probably beyond the vomit dose of chocolate.

  8. So what, pretty much all big international companies have union leaders murdered or something equally nasty. In that regard, preferring Pepsi to Coke is like preferring Plague to Cholera – or Gap over H&M, BP over Shell etc. etc.
    You get the idea.
    Still doesn’t mean I’d ever get Coca Cola tattooed on me anywhere.

  9. Unthinkable! Undrinkable!
    I am strictly anti-coke, I can’t remember the last time I had a coke product.
    Addicted to Pepsi though, the *slightly* lesser of the two evils.
    They are both essentially raping India though, so I’m trying to give up cola entirely.

  10. I’ve never understood this kind of corporate/brand/logo tattoo. The idea of becoming a walking billboard doesn’t appeal to me at all. But hey, DWTW…

    For more information on Coke’s atrocities in Colombia, and what you can do to stop it, check out http://www.killercoke.org/

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