Red Sox Stitching Tattoo

I had to look at this Boston Red Sox tattoo a few times to convince myself it was real — I thought it might be painted in place! This is a fresh photo, but I’m inclined to say that it’s going to look a lot like it was embroidered in place when it’s all healed as well. This was done by Krystof at Pisst Fish Tattoo & Piercing in West Springfield, MA.

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30 thoughts on “Red Sox Stitching Tattoo

  1. That is so insanely HOT! That is the best Sox tat I’ve ever seen. Then again, the ones I usually see are often dismal, but still. *stares*

  2. being a boston kid, and in new england my whole life, i have seen a lot of sox tattoos, but this takes it… simply amazing

  3. wow. wow. wow. all I can repeat right now is wow.

    this is some AMAZING job. Nah, it’s not real. photoshop all the way. Can’t be real, too good :S

  4. That tat has so much detail it’s a piece of art. Who was the artist? I’d like to set up an appointment with him, I live in the same area.

  5. An excellent piece of work.

    It’s sore on the eyes looking at the brilliant detail of all those ‘stitches’ and I bet the tattooist was mighty glad when it was finished!

  6. As much as I hate the red sox I must admit that is a really well done tattoo. I’m def sending this page to all my red sox friends.

  7. I also hate the RedSox, but if I ever get my Braves tattoo, I am showing this one off to show how it is done. Absolutely amazing. The artist should stand up and take a bow.

  8. Man. I love this soo much. It really impresses me. It reminds me that just because someone comes in and might want something run of the mill or generic, you can always step it up and take it to a new level. Truly inspirational. Great work.

  9. Truelly a stunning peice of craftmanship! I wold like to see a pair of SOX with as much detail!!

  10. Truly a stunning peice of craftmanship! I wold like to see a pair of SOX with as much detail!!

  11. That tattoo is absoloutely amazing and i want to get it. I just dont think there is anyone around where i live to do that great of a tatoo.

  12. I can’t believe i’m the only one who doesn’t like this tatoo. You can definitely tell that it is supposed to look embroidered. There is NO doubt about that. BUT, it does, however, look like the worst embroidered Red Sox “B” anyone has ever seen. Embroidery doesn’t really look like that — at all. There is one small section of the tattoo that looks like real embroidery and that is NOT the texture of the entire tatoo. It’s not the worst piece of crap i’ve ever seen but it’s MOST CERTAINLY NOT awe-inspiring like a lot of people are making it out to be.

  13. Big SOX fan and we got the world series (again) I’m British but was in Boston and Fenway Park in march . Petty it was pre season and the sox were in Florida . I aint got any tattoos but this is THE ONE I’m getting if I can find a decent tattooist

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