That’s for sure. Read the Bible if you don’t believe SLAYER — you’ll see that human history contains no cruelty and evil as great as that allegedly perputrated by God and his various avatars and representatives. This great cutting was done by Andre Fernandes at Tattoo You in Sao Paulo, Brasil.

Anyway… Small update here for you today, but I’ll be posting over 4000 images to BME later today as well (c/o Phil), and of course videos as well (c/o Roo)… And I’m working on a BMEboys day for either the weekend or the start of the week. Enjoy!

46 thoughts on “GOD HATES US ALL

  1. it looks like a coop illustration….(the devil woman)


    and i saw on a documentary that the singer from slayer was catholic. that kind of blew my mind, but than it all made sence…….

  2. Yes. it is a Coop tattoo, and yes, the singer did have a Catholic upbringing and I think still is… There’s an interview with it in METAL: A HEADBANGER’S JOURNEY — which is a VERY highly recommended documentary about metal culture (which is EERILY similar to BME/Mod culture).

  3. yeah the name of the documentary escaped me, it was really well done. broke and re-inforced many stereotypes.

    i loved the map of metal genres. it brought me back in time!

  4. wait, are you saying that Kupelian is representative of what God thinks of modification? because im a chrisitan, and i just think hes an enormous asshole.

  5. Laura – Oh, I agree with you that there are plenty of decent Christians that are into body modification and other non-mainstream stuff… Kupelian is a nut, and his research is shallow at best, but there are a lot of people who are part of that crowd…

  6. one of my favorite calvin and hobbes panels is something like: “do you think there’s a god?” *contemplative scene* “well SOMEONE’S out to get me!”

    or something like that:)

  7. Headbanger’s Journey missed out a lot (yes I know, 2 only hours long etc….) it focused on things that were more important in the US than UK… we invented metal, damn you!
    I wish scarification would look that fresh and pretty forever.

  8. well. this jerk kupelian does have a point – the rebellious stereotype is more common every day, and body modification is a PART of the taboo. that taboo is pretty obvious nowadays, since so many parents are still concerned about it, as well as many mis-informed authors who keep trashing mods without a single valid point.
    antropologically speaking, body modification is a natural practice that changes according to each culture, and it is part of a very personal experience that sometimes can be related to a spiritual process, bla bla bla.
    now, God’s message, above all His messages registered in the Bible, is about grace and mercy. the grace of God is present, no matter what our culture is. someone who knows the Bible can analyze its context, but for those who don’t care about context and like to take versicles out of context, there’s is a clear message in Galatians that says that it doesn’t matter if a man is circumcised or not, the important is his faith that is obvious through love. that’s pretty clear.
    if this man knew anything about the grace of God, he wouldnt write this book. God knows our hearts and intentions, He is not a dictator and gave us the best gift of all – free will. someone who believes in God’s soberanity and grace would never think His love is for those of some specific culture. and another thing, if this person thinks he can judge someone, he is farther from God than the person he’s judging against.
    this book comes all over the place wrong, since it’s opiniated about mankind and God. those who chose the Lord must die to themselves and let God lives through them. this man trashes a whole culture with his opinions only looking after his own profit, gaining wealth using poor concerned parents to his own good. now tell me, who’s going to hell?

  9. “about the book” – I think the statement that Slayer is making is much more akin to “THE CHURCH HATES US ALL”… God, as framed by the vast majority of translations of the Bible and the vast majority of churches, is a horrendously evil and cruel being if you look at its actions objectively.

  10. The demoness peeking out from below makes the tattoo even better.

    And for all the noises Christianity makes about free will, its followers are awfully specific about what people should do with that free will…

  11. I think this looks great!

    The weirdest thing: I saw this on the skin removal page and thought, “That’s neat. Oh, I haven’t checked Modblog in a couple days.”

  12. I don’t get angry with those who believe that “God” actually loves humanity – I get nervous. I think – “Do these people not read the papers? Have they never studied history? Do they know something I don’t, that genocide, war, murder and rape don’t exist? Are they a big conspiracy on the part of the atheists?”

  13. Read the bible?

    Well if u do read it, and or news paper, watch news etc. All these “horrible things” are caused by man. God allowed “free will”. Man is born into sin. Its up to us to make the decisions we make, like war, murder, genocise, etc. God allows it, if he didn’t, and “forced” things, there wouldn’t be free will. Itd be selfishness, fake. And wed be robots.

  14. In METAL: A HEADBANGER’S JOURNEY, I also believe Tom Araya says something to the extent of; No, I don’t believe God hates us all, but it makes for a great song title.

  15. “And for all the noises Christianity makes about free will, its followers are awfully specific about what people should do with that free will…”

    SO true.

  16. whens the last time i heard some lame modified douchebag scorn god. what a wicked free thinker, its branded on his body now. i’m sure his grandkids will get some good lulz out of it.

  17. In my opinion, there is nothing but free will. In my opinion, the notion of “God” is overly simplistic, and organized religion (not faith) has been the cause of some truly heinous crimes upon humanity. I could go on and on about my philosophical views, and have nobody agree with me at all. That’s okay. I may not agree with them either, but calling somebody a “lame modified douchebag” will not help anything. To “nahleila,” if you are a person of faith, I hope you’re ashamed of yourself. I’m an atheist, and somehow I have more love and understanding for other people without the help of any “God” than you do with it.

  18. I just happened to come upon this site. I have never seen it before. I took the time to read most of your comments and i must say that i was shocked. I feel very deep sorrow for every one of you. First i want to apologize for some others that claim to be Christians but don’t live it. These people act as if you guys are stupid or less than human. They are wrong. I only believe that you are misguided. There is a God. Make no mistake about it. To the atheist: Why do you deny God if he doesn’t exsist? My friend the reason you deny God is that you know He exsists and are surpressing Him in your life. Whatever you think, this is the truth. Not because i think so but because The Bible teaches so. You are probably smarter than I am, but the Bible is Wiser than the both of us. To the person who calls herself a Christian yet refers to someone as a enormous …hole: The word Christian means little Christ. Do you really feel that you were acting like a little Christ? The Phase that ” God Hates Us All” is so incredibly wrong words can’t describe it. The truth is that we hate Him. Do any of you have children? Would you be willing to give that child’s life to save the lives of a bunch of people who hate you? God is Love, Ultimate love, but in order for god to love us He must Hate Sin. Sin is what keeps us from him. And as long as we live in Sin we show our hatred of the most loving Being ever. God does give us Free Will, but there are rewards depending on what we do. If we obey him the reward is eternal life. If we disobey him, the reward is eternal damnation. My Friends, most of you probably think that i am some bleeding heart Christian. Well in a since I am. My heart broke when i read some of these comments. I will be praying for all or you. But i want you guys to understand something about me. I am worse than any of you. I don’t look down on any of you. I know of the sins of my life, so i know i am worse than any of you. The great part is we can change. Please think logically about everything i wrote, and please read the Bible. My love goes out to all of you.

  19. matthew: stfu

    yes the bible says god is real. but the harry potter books say voldemort is real. therefore i must believe in voledmort. *retch*

    i have NO issue, NONE at all with people believing what they want to believe, but the minute you try and tell anyone else what to believe, i lose all respect for you.

    and for those of you running around saying “god is love,” i would love for you to explain to me how flooding all of mankind, encouraging innocent deaths, condemning people to hell for all sorts of inane reasons, and torturing innocent people just to prove a point is “love.” cause i just don’t get it.

    the person with this scar feels a certain way and so they had it put on them. end of discussion.

  20. THANK YOU, Crystallinectar, for speaking the truth. Anyone trying to tell us what we should believe, is a bigger idiot. They have every right to come here and scream out their opinions as loud as they want, but as soon as they start telling us what we should think and do… Ugh.

    As long as you “do unto others” I think it’s okay.

    For instance, masturbation is a sin… Why? Because it’s “wasting potential babies”! WTF!

    Anyways point is it’s like Body Mod. Doesn’t hurt anyone… The worst it does is upset or disgust someone, but then…


  21. I refuse to tell anybody what to think; I spent my childhood having Catholic ‘morals’ and beliefs rammed down my throat and eventually came to the belief that because I had come to reject Catholisism, I must be rejecting God. However, I have recently reformed my relationship with God in my own way and I have never been happier. There are horrific things in this world but I don’t personally believe that God hates us all, I believe that God has more love for each and every one of us than we could ever imagine. When we cry, God cries with us, I can’t somehow believe that He is up there laughing at us or hating us. I believe that he loves everyone equally, even those who hate Him.

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