Lucky Saturday

“Lucky” for girls who like boys, and for boys who like boys, at least. I promised a day of posting guys, so that’s what you get! Anyway, some advice to the girls reading this from Lovelost: “Kill your rapist girrls — I won’t let it happen to you,” tattooed by Mats at Red Dragon in Umea, Sweden.

Anyway, I’m probably not as good at picking out guys as girls, so I hope this is still an enjoyable set! My taste in guys tends to lean toward heavily modded gay muscle dudes, and maybe that would get boring for others, I don’t know.

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51 thoughts on “Lucky Saturday

  1. Now that I actually pay attention looking through BME, it seems like most of the sexy pictures or people showing more skin than necessary to display the mod are female. It was probably much harder for you to find some material for this section than I thought.

  2. I agree with Amanda, though I’m definitely appreciative you did this :)

    Personally, heavily modded gay muscle dudes are just fine with me. ;)

  3. here are some hot bme dudes,

    couragetocare, veganjarret, despiteverything, solanum,

    my tastes tend to lean toward, super tall/scrawny, short beards, hand&neck tattoos, 1-2″ lobes. i am not pleased by long hair or muscles. try to help a sister out!


  4. I thought you had a pretty diverse selection with this group. I enjoyed it. We have plush, skinny, mucled like woah, and a bunch of inbetweens. I have to admit the elbow suspension pucture was my favorite. I used to have a thing for gymnasts, something about a dude hanging form his arms has a switch in my brain (watching spiderman was fun). Even better that there’s tattoos and hooks too. If you want a complete set you can try for: the cute “young” boy (a la freecocaine style), but i think andyroo may have covered that, the hippy modded boy, the biker tattoo dude, the mature moder, and the extreme average joe (the guy who isn’t stacked or hella skinny but still does stuff like hang from his nuts).

  5. I like the diverse range of body types and people shown these past few days. Today was especially great, though. The other day I almost died laughing thinking of Shannon setting a week aside for “Muscle Men Monday”, “Hot Mom Tuesday”, “Fat Chick Friday” and such, while featuring people in said groups on said days. lol XD

  6. I like the diversity of the guys in terms of body style– too bad you don’t really have the same diversity with girls, it’d be nice to have this range with females.

  7. Lovin’ my saturday…

    Thanks for the hot guys pics ;)

    You choosed very carefully and they all look different and yet hot (just as much as the girl you choose)

    …Thank you!!

  8. Sad that no one is commenting on the mod in the picture above. This happens to be one of my favorite tattoos I’ve seen through my browsing of IAM pages. It’s so intense and while it is unsettling to parts of me, I still enjoy it immensely.

  9. It’s a hell of a tattoo, isn’t it?

    I’m less interested in seeing a bunch of half-naked people than I am in seeing thought-provoking bodyart. Some kinda balance between the two might be nice.

  10. Shannon, why don’t you look at the guys ( hey, or girls) who have the most “iam:crush” crushes and post them? There are guys voted on by bme people. You can’t go wrong.

  11. Lol I was thinking the same thing, until I realised hes not still alive. I don’t know how I forget things like that :/ blame it on the mummy brain

  12. Kick ass range of guys Shannon, could’ve been slightly better but you did a nice job :)

    ^That tattoo is.. yes.

  13. Yeah as far as the guys go, there was only a few that appealed to me personally, but really thats good as everyone has different tastes, and from the comments I can see some people really like the ones I don’t. Mixture is good =D

  14. Does this call for a particularly intellectual comment? If not, me likey men with long hair. Post more men with long hair and beards (she says, entirely contradicting other posters in an irritating fashion).

  15. Um…..I know this is a weird question, but is that a guy or a girl?
    Cause whoever it is confused me because of the hair….in that…down…area..
    :| sorry if i insulted anyone.
    I’s just confused….

  16. it’s a female. i do not believe that is hair, but rather adhesive residue from tape and smeared ink.
    if i’m wrong, so what. a lady’s got a right to a happy trail. but i still think it’s from tape.

  17. I’m not sure about this tattoo… but without the story behind it, I can’t really pass any real kind of judgement. But it does make me very uneasy, maybe also because guns make me uneasy too…

  18. Wow, I love that tatoo. Completely. It’s not as harsh as I would have made it if I were to get it, though.

    I do like the nakedness…people keep pushing me to send in, but I don’t know about that one..igh..

  19. I’m really, really amused that after the odd coupla whines about objectifying women or over-sexualising, the girls have been far more brutal on the whole at pointing out guys they don’t like!

    I appprove wholeheartedly, both of posts, complaints & compliments, good fun :) this could almost be a regular event – stick to “academic” posts through the week, say, and then at weekends or fortnightly or whatever just have a fun blowout of hot photos. Guys on Saturday, girls on Sunday? Or would the women all be complaining that the guys came first again? Heh, sorry, couldn’t resist!

  20. I’m all for the propagation of bmeBoy Saturday. Hell, if you need help picking out cute boys, I’d be more than happy to volunteer my time. =D

  21. Shannon- great guys, great girls- I agree though with putting out some of the more androgynous BMErs… Boys in stockings/makeup? Tough looking girls in boots that could kill someone? Woot!

    As for the tattoo… WOW. She’s awesome. It’s awesome!!

  22. Is it wrong that I love this tattoo? I just appreciate it on so many levels. Personally I do feel that it’s necessary for people to find their own justice sometimes because the legal system, at least here in Canada, isn’t really doing th victims justice. There’s a huge problem in Canada with judges sentencing serious offenders to house arrest because of how full the jails are.

    So, Do it! Kill Your Rapist!

  23. while i can i appreciate the statement this tattoo makes, wouldnt it be strange to be having sex with this person (if she has sex) and to see the word rapist so close to the genital area?

  24. I Really love my tattoo. I would never kill somebody.
    But its a statment and i think it shouts out very loud.
    My rapists. They walked away. Free. And left me stuck inside myself.
    So my tattoo is made for me. To ease my pain. And as reminder to myself. I will NOT let it happen to me again.

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