Nice big Austrlian keloids

A while back (in March) I showed an amazing Mayan cutting by Wayde DunnAngelinpayn just shot this picture of it and it’s still looking incredible, even more so than last time I think.

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32 thoughts on “Nice big Austrlian keloids

  1. That is stunning. How come I can’t get keloid growth like that?
    Is there a sure-fire way of promoting it or does it just depend on the person and their body?

  2. i like that its not all the same consistency… how some lines are a lot smaller than others.

    its makes it so much more interesting to me. i really like this. (and I dont even like bubble gum!)

  3. Are those incredibly thick scars causing him any problems with movement? Are they sensitive or painful at all?

    My scar has similar placement, and I know that sometimes the sensitivity can be intense and painful.

  4. Part of my cutting is raised almost that much. Over a year later it is still itchy and painful at times. I wonder if he has any of those problems. I’m still hoping mine will soften up a little bit with time; tough scar tissue can hurt.

  5. i would do some awesome scarification of i could keloid at all, but my sars actually turn out sunken like pokmarks so theres no hope

  6. i would do some awesome scarification of a similar nature if i could keloid at all, but my sars actually turn out sunken like pokmarks so theres no hope. this looks good though.. some of the thicker scars are inconsistently textured but the finer lines look nice and smooth

  7. absolutely amazing! they look great. i hope they don’t start getting uncomfortable or unmanagable.

  8. That is a perfect combination of beautiful and a little alarming. Bad assery + Aesthetics = completely hot.

  9. I just want to run my fingers over it, it looks like it has a wonderful texture to it.

    Emily: I know, my scars do that too, either they sink in or are flat, never nice and raised like that so I just have to settle for admiring them from afar.

  10. i can’t imagine feeling that in the dark…or at all really. intense. i can’t decide whether i love it or am scared by it. maybe a bit of both.

  11. Ha ha.. I was playing with that cutting at AwesomeCon++ … I don’t even know his name cause I was like ‘Let me touch it’ .. I asked if it was sensitive and he said that its sweet!!
    Also talked about it being a perfect jelly mould :)
    This kid scars up like a fucken champion.. he also has CRASY keloided scars on the back of his leg..


  12. There was no particular healing methods or or any special techniques that i used to achieve these results on Brodie… This is just how he naturally scars 90% of the time. Even small scars from retired piercings have blown out to be quite large

    Brodie dealt with some occasional pain during approximately the first 8 months of healing i believe. After that time.. he has not had negative sensations attached to this piece at all.The scarring does not restrict any of his movement at all as it is placed in such a way that it complements most natural movements in that particular area.

  13. Must be an interesting situation if one was to ever get patted down by an officer. “What the hell is… oh. Ok.” I like the big keliods like this. Instead of looking like just a scar, keliods (to me) look like something was implanted or grown on somone. I unno.. it’s weird. This is the coolest one I have seen on modblog though. Yay.

  14. Some of the scarring looks like it’s getting as thick as the entry awhile ago about “when scarification goes bad.” Looks like it’s getting a little “thick.”

  15. For those you would love to keloid, you all can have mine. You may take them today. Keloids are horrible so if you are into them, it will send mine your way. LOL

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