"TATTERED AND TORN" skin removal

…And a healed “HATE ME” as well, by Paulo “Sheetos” Vitor at Caos Body Art in Barra Bonita/SP, Brasil. I wonder if this will generate a similar response to Michelle’s tattoos? Because it is highly unlikely that it will, I wonder why not — personally I think they’re both perfectly fine to get, but I do think they’re in the same general territory…

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20 thoughts on “"TATTERED AND TORN" skin removal

  1. I figure they’re both music references. Slipknot “Tattered and Torn” and Children of Bodom “Hate Me!”….

  2. they don’t seem to me to be in the same territory at all, but i don’t know if i’d be able to back that argument up…

    but anyway, it looks really well done.

  3. If Progressive is right and it’s a cultural reference, it’s totally unrelated to Michelle’s tattoos. If they’re personal messages, they’re the same thing.

  4. When I saw Tattered and Torn, I automatically thought of Slipknot, and am inclined to agree with Progressive. If that’s not the case, then I see how they are similar, though I wouldn’t say they were the same.

  5. Yeah. As SOON as I saw Tattered And Torn on his leg, I automatically went to one of my favorite bands…SlipKnoT.

  6. Of course it won’t generate the same responses as Michelle’s, Shannon. It doesn’t infringe upon people’s views of women and/or sexuality and conformity. Those are generally sensitive, even touchy subjects and ModBlog, while theoretically for people with broader world views, still seems to be prone to the occasional bour of small-c-conservative thought. This is just a guy with self-esteem issues and possibly a penchant for Slipknot/Children of Bodom.

  7. Hooray for Slipknot.

    Yeah, that and the fact that that skin removal \m/ ROCKS, is all that I have to say…

  8. I don’t understand the different visceral responses; it is acceptable for people of both genders to have scarification or tattoo work done that expresses sentiments of self-loathing, and it seems to be mostly okay for men to have sexually explicit messages tattooed on them (which I personally find distaseful), it’s okay for a woman to have possibly one tattoo of a sexually explicit message, and it’s even fine for men to have hooks through their testicles. I don’t really understand why it is that one is okay, more is bad.
    Even if you assume that it’s because it’s regarding conformity with societal expectations of behavior, it seems like nonsense to find a single tattoo attractive, even erotic, but the same theme repeated multiple times is suddenly unacceptable.

  9. I agree with Nyarlathotep. I see the argument that a modification of a saying or quote could be negative reinforcement. But if it is, wouldn’t that mean that even one such modification is problematic?

    I don’t know. I think we all make silly Freudian moves now and then and assume we know what things mean unconsciously and what they’ll reinforce. But I can’t say I thought it was wise when Freud did it, and I don’t think I for one should either.

  10. mmm — maybe if his scars were of words that are sexual in tone they’d generate the same types of comments? I mean – if he had “dirty old man”, “cheater” or “man whore” on his skin wouldn’t it be more in the same territory as Michelle’s work?

    on a side note: I had to think HARD about male-equivalent of words like “cum slut” and “whore”…….. and I know I didn’t do a great job with the ones I came up with —— but I guess that’s a feminist observation to have another day ;)

  11. what if someone had demeaning words like faggot or pencil dick tattooed on them, that might be closer. I think the scars are musical references… I still have a faint “Sic” on my wrist from two years ago, inspired partially by slipknot.

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