Elf Ears

IvonKohler has a great style in general (if you like the hair, click on through to her IAM page), but I quite like her distinctive elf ear pointing by Howie, who does a fairly heavy fold in his technique. In this photo the work is about five months old.

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33 thoughts on “Elf Ears

  1. i too would like to know how much it cost to get done? is this a special service or do most parlors (?) do this? *i’ve always wanted elf ears of my own*

  2. thoose are seriously cool, and SERIOUSLY freaky at the same time… would be cool if she got t it dermal punched so she could wear a tunnel in the folded bitty :D

  3. I hate to correct you Shannon, but those aren’t elf ears — they’re clearly Vulcan ears (albeit somewhat small ones). Haha. ;)

  4. outmywindow — I think you need to go look at a picture of a Vulcan… Vulcan ears really don’t look anything like that. Yeah, they’re pointy, but the shape is quite different…

  5. Shannon, I know what Vulcan ears look like. I was just goofing around. Because I’m a scifi person (as opposed to a fantasy person), when someone says “pointy ears” to me, I think Vulcan/Romulan, not elf, thus my comment.

    Also, I don’t think there is one specific Vulcan ear “look.” It all depends on the anatomy of the actor wearing the ear and when (in the timeline of Star Trek) the Vulcan is being portrayed. Spock had ears so big he could probably fly away with them if he wanted to, while Tuvok had obviously pointed ears which were much closer to the size of a normal human ear. In fact, if you look at Spock’s later appearances on ST:TNG, his ears are much smaller than they were on TOS simply due to changes in the prop/makeup department.

    Who’s the geek now, Leroy? Haha!

  6. outmywindow – What I’m saying is the distinctive fold over effect that Howie uses is *never* seen in a vulcan ear, because they have a ridge that follows the shape of the point.

    Jeez this is an embarassing debate :)

  7. my ears looks like that, only I was born with them.
    I could fit bout 4/5 piercings in the “lumps” if I wanted to

  8. I recall there’s a study out there where study volunteers wore drop-in prosthetics that changed the shape of the out ear. After a short period, their hearing was back to normal. This is pretty much what I experienced with my ear pointing in May 2009.

    The biggest downside to extreme ear pointing and hearing? Ear buds are out of the question. I usually use a pair of inexpensive cans with ample padding. This bit of comfort also increases the quality of the music since, as low end audiophile gear, the frequency responses in the bass tend to be better. So, in a sense, ear pointing improved my music listening experience indirectly.

  9. i had my ears pointed 3 years ago now.the first attempt opened up as soon as the stiches came out.8 months later i had them re-done.this time they held thank god!one ear has always had less of a point though,now im left wondering how they might age?i never see picks of pointing that has been done for any great length of time.can anyone shed so light on it for me?

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