This time I’ll get his name right!

Let me make up for linking DerKaiser wrong last time by posting this great photo of a 22ga neck play piercing he recently did in Germany. That reminds me, I’ve slowly started speaking German to Nefarious (my daughter) because right now she’s a total sponge for language and I only have to say something once for her to pick it up. Four languages seems like a good number.

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24 thoughts on “This time I’ll get his name right!

  1. Shannon, did you start teaching Nefarious multiple languages right from the start? My brother and sister in law taught all their children English and Swiss German as initial languages and their eldest took a very long time to speak any words (the doctors were going to start testing her for disabilities). The eldest is in school now so she will be learning High German soon. They all speak wonderfully now. I’m just curious if you expereinced anything similar.

  2. that picture is so fucking intense even though its not a lot of needles, but the placement and the turn of her neck

  3. Hah, way to go shannon,

    I completely endorse making your child a polyglot. Alhtough Spanish is my first language I’ve picked up English, French and Italian along the way. Nowadays i’m working on Japanese. Children have the ability to assimilate languages very easily up until age eight, thereafter every year makes a difference. By age 18 this innate ability is lost and although one can still learn languages it is very difficult to acquire native fluency. At any rate, I wish you and Nefarious the best of luck.



  4. lilish – No, she spoke English until she we moved to Mexico where she picked up Spanish. Jon and Rachel speak pretty good Spanish, and I speak a little. She’s also taking French (which I speak the basics of at least) at school and we’re considering immersion, and I speak German so I’ve taught her some of the basics (counting, talking about who you are, where you live, how old you are, etc.). Kids love language, and I think it’s generally good for you. I’ve also been teaching her to lucid dream which I think if you learn at her age is *really* good for you as well.

  5. Derkaiser is absolutely beautiful. He has sort of a feminine/ambiguous look to him, which I think is absolutely appealing.

  6. Good job starting Nefarious off early! I started French at age 7 and German when I was 8, and I am leaps and bounds ahead of older colleagues who have studied for just as long but started later. In contrast, I started Japanese when I was 16 and Chinese when I was 17… it’s not quite so easy to just pick it up anymore! Make sure that she gets a chance to keep using the languages she picks up. I’ve lost all of my French because I haven’t used it for years.

  7. damn i wish i had started languages young
    i wish my parents spoke another language
    if i ever have kids
    which i really dont plan to
    but if i do
    i am definitley sending them to a bilingual school

  8. i have a decent french accent and that’s about it lol

    Derkaiser is such a beauty…i love his ears

  9. yeah, he is awesome, most of all because he is a great person too
    p.s. I was also raised in a trilingual household, keep trying, I refused to talk for ages also, but after I started schoon it worked just fine…

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