Does it snow in Australia?

Shows how ignorant I am. All I know is they do scars there. Seriously, I have no idea if it does or not (I’m guessing it never does in Maroochydore?). Anyway, these gorgeous snowflake cuttings were done by Wayde Dunn at Puncture Body Piercing in Maroochydore, Qld, Australia.

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67 thoughts on “Does it snow in Australia?

  1. I met a girl online from Australia, and she had only ever seen snow once in her life. She couldn’t understand why an Atlantic Canadian might be a little sick of it….;)

  2. Those might be the best-looking cuts i’ve seen on modblog. wow.

    THAT SAID, it’s only December and i’m already tired of winter here in Montréal. :P

  3. That is fucking beautiful, but every time I see a cutting I can’t even fathom how difficult it is to get through everyday life with a gigantic open wound. The pain and discomfort must be maddening (says the guy who rushes for a bandaid whenever he gets a paper cut). Anyway, amazing pic and and cheers to whoever the “victim” is ;)

  4. Shannon, It’s like +60 celsius at some places there. And part of the country is tropical.
    Though it would be very cool to see koala-bear hanging from eucalyptys tree when it would snow like hell.

  5. I love snow! Even as a Canadian, I never get sick of it. That and i’m a winter baby (Christmas to be exact) so I adore the white stuff. That is such a beautiful scarification, and it’s similar to what I want my first tattoo to be!

  6. Just beautiful! Snowflakes are always a good choice to get.;-) and this cutting looks fantastic. I only wonder if it’s really “just” a cutting and not also a skin removal…the lines are quite broad. anyway, great work!

  7. There’s snow in the mountains. New South Wales, Victoria, etc.
    Aussies seem to be crazy about snowboarding.

  8. Does it snow in Australia? Heh, they even have ski resorts there. On topic those cuttings are gorgeous.

  9. It does snow in Oz!!

    In NSW you’ve got The Snowy Mountains for one. (Aptly named of course ;) )

    (and a Koala isn’t a bear, it’s just called a Koala :) )

    Pretty cuttings too

    ps. Not sure if we’re able to link to random websites in comments but here’s a website talking about snow in Aust:

  10. It snows down here, though not everywhere. I’ve seen snow twice: the first time I drove for three hours to see it, the second time I went to another state….(though not specifically to see the snow, but that was kind of an incentive.)

  11. How they might feel, when they´re all healed up? It´s scary, i´ve got some scars, from different mishaps and they healed all differently.
    I wonder how this one guy with the (?)biddhist(?) motiv covering his chest and stomach managed to heal those thin white lines? They look great!
    I hope those snowflakes turn out as good as this other guy´s scars!

    great motiv btw.

  12. i thought that no two snowflakes are meant to be alike? har.
    i could see why someone would be so fascinated by them in a tropical climate. but like most other canucks here, i see enough winter right outside.

  13. Ow, that must really hurt. I don’t think I could ever get scars, they look too painful and potentially dangerous.

    Beautiful work, though. Just gorgeous.

  14. I lived in Australia for a year and it snowed twice that I can remember while I was there, it also often got cold enough to freeze the bird bath on my front lawn. I lived in Glen Innes, NSW (google it for some fun). The more south you go in Australia the more likely it is to snow (unlike NA) and on the mountains it’s more likely to snow too.

  15. Maroochydore is a beach! so, definately no snow. I love everything this guy does. When I get brave enough, I want to get a piece done by him.
    The lines in this look perfect.

  16. Those are going to look so beautiful once they heal… that’s not to say that they’re not beautiful now, but can you only imagine what they will look like if they end up being a striking white scar?


  17. I love large surface scarification! Wow, scarification has to be my favorite modification type…I wish it was more socially accepted, and I don’t really see why it’s not.

    How recent is it? I’d love to see pictures of it 2 or 3 years healed!

  18. Yeah, it snows in Australia. Not much in the north, but in the southern states it snows quite regularly in winter (though only in the inner areas of the states, everywhere else is too close to the ocean).

    Great looking cuts, by the way. :)

  19. yes Shannon, it does snow here, but only really in New South Wales, the ACT and Victoria, sometimes Tasmania. Very rarely, it snows in South Australia (my state), maybe once every ten years.
    It snowed in Victoria only a month ago, but it’s up around 40 in most places now.

    If I ever go to Maroochydore, I think I’ll stop in to get some work by that guy; that’s just gorgeous.

  20. Places like the Blue Mountains (~1.5hrs from Sydney) quite often it snows during the middle of winter. One of my good friends iam:juzzie lives in Hazlebrook (pretty far up the Mountains) and I have witnessed snow quite a few times.

    It’s not as ‘rich’ as the snow I experienced in the states, it’s more of the slate kind and it usually melts on contact with grass/road – however I have seen it stack up a few cms. Pretty stuff, but not the same as what I experienced in Virginia.

  21. That’s so beautiful.
    I think it looks so great fresh that I don’t want to see it healed. It’s too crisp.

  22. i live in melbourne, and i’ve been to snow probably 3 times in my life, but i had to drive about 3 hours to get there. it doesn’t snow in the inner suburbs, but up in the mountains it does. it can get pretty cold here (not as cold as canada though)…like -2 overnight where i live, but in the winter the weather is around 13-14 degrees celsius. i don’t really like snow because it’s too icy around here, i’ve never seen soft snow before….and i’m 24. i wish i lived in canada *grins*

  23. What stunning cuttings! I’d love to see healed photos.

    I’m just trying to work out where in Australia had 60+ Celcius degree days (in relation to comment number 8) Nulabor maybe?

  24. I dont know, but it hasnt snowed here in over 12 years. the last time it snowed was in 94 in south mississippi


  25. wow… thanks for all the props people! they were about 10mins old in that pic and the healing was uneventful but god damn painful, though im thinking about continuing this design down my upper thigh in the very near future.. this has inspired me to get off my ass and send in some healed pics.. something to do in the next couple of days.. and of course thanks to wayde!

  26. sassie, i know some places in the alice and like coober pedy get up in the 50s regularly… but 60s, that thought scares me a bit.

    snow is still a novelty to me, and unless i decide to go live in some weird cold country like canada, i think it always will be!

    wayde’s work, as always, top notch.

  27. Thanks ammre, that makes 3 of us on iam so far that I know woth snowflake cuttings…maybe we should start some sort of secret brother hood, that’s not so secret anymore.

  28. Wow i love the look of fresh cuttings. And i’ve from canada where there can be lots of snow. I love it (the scar not the snow)

  29. woo ow`those cuttings look freakin hell amaziiingggg …
    im from australia …
    and yes … it DOES snow down here =) only in the mountains and higher areas tho =)

  30. I don’t usually like scarification but these are really pretty, I think the appeal has something to do with the straight lines and the subject matter, I *heart* snowflakes.

    I live in Perth Western Australia and it hasn’t snowed here in my life. I first saw snow in Canada :o). The hottest recorded temp in Australia was 57.3 C.

    Trivia: Longest hot spell (world): Marble Bar, W. Australia, 100 °F (38 °C) (or above) for 162 consecutive days, Oct. 30, 1923 to Apr. 7, 1924. HOT HOT HOT

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  32. Okay, I have to admit that I was sent this picture, and not told what exactly it was before I clicked it. I have absolutely no experience in Body Modification whatsoever… in fact, I have had no exposure to most of what I’ve seen while browsing this site (although my curiosity really allowed me to learn alot, heh). I have no tatoos, and the most I have are two ear piercings… so I’ve never even encountered anything like this…

    But I honestly have to say that this is one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen in terms of “body art.” I mean, I personally don’t know if I could do this on my own body (at least not something that deep or extensive), but the precision is amazing, and the photographic work captures the striking contrast between the fresh scars and the white of the skin. Also, the contrast between the symbolism of the delicate snowflakes on what, essentially is, freshly carved skin, makes the image even bolder to me, but at the same time all the more visually impressive.

  33. I live in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, and I’ve only seen snow once in my life when my parents took me down to victoria. I saw the video of it – I must have been like 3 years old or something. Anyway, I slipped and fell over and started crying so needless to say my snow trip wasn’t too thrilling.

    My sister lives in Tasmania (The most southern of Australian states for those who don’t know) and she’s seen and played about in snow. It’s really only New South Wales, Victoria and Tasmania that would see snow.

    Queensland is as hot as fuck.

  34. I dont think it ever gets to 60C, that’s exaggerating a bit but it does snow here but only in some areas. It’s not much snow either, our ski-resorts are mostly articfical =]

  35. beautiful, although it bothers me that two are identical – couldn’t there be slight changes?

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  37. Yes, it does snow in australia. Australia has large snow industries in the snowy mountain located in southern New South Wales and northern victoria. Tasmania has snow in every month of the year. Blizzards are even a problem on Mount Wellington in Tasmania. But tasmania is the only state that has received snow on beaches. Every state in australia has received snow.

  38. UH yes we have ski resorts in Victoria and Tasmania.
    That body art is just red paint you bloody weirdos.

  39. OMG Boudicca i so agree with you im from canada and i so badly want to move to australia or somewhere warmer i’ve lived here all my life and im sick of the snow. its depressing how dark it gets here during the winter! its 4:30 PM some days and the sun is already setting!

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