Look to the bottom left

You know, the Shauncey Fury tattoo artist self-portrait was pretty cute, but I’m not so sure that this tattoo artist portrait from Darwin Enriquez at Mithos Tattoo in Caracas, Venzuela is quite as inviting… Seems kind of threatening 🙂

I’d get tattooed by Darwin — he does great work — but not by the dude in the tattoo!

14 thoughts on “Look to the bottom left

  1. What am I missing ??
    All I see is a cat with a fishbone and something in the guys pocket..

    Is it that pet’s shouldn’t be around when tattooing or what ?

  2. (surveying the shop) “Great, a drunken artist with some messed up needles and a freaky cat. No thank you, i’ll take my business elsewhere…”

    My favorite thing about this tattoo is the varying thickness around the guy’s hand and body. It really makes him pop.

  3. That cat reminds me of the controversial “portrait of the customer’s kitten” tattoo, that turned out not to be her kitten at all.

  4. Ahh.. I was looking for something more complicated, this was to
    I must be damaged from all the “Guess what bodypart” pictures.. =)

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