"Branding Hurts"

This totally oldschool strike branding is being done by Lliezel at Wildfire Body Piercing Clinic in Cape Town, South Africa (the city everyone told me I was an idiot for not visiting when Rachel and I were there).

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17 thoughts on “"Branding Hurts"

  1. i love his facial expression.
    totally fits the situation…:P

    yeah buddy, branding DOES hurt!

  2. Reminds me of my brand. It was/is a twenty two strike old school brand like this one. Except I don’t know what she’s doing in the second picture. Is she disinfecting it or heating it up? My brander used a plain old blowtorch, lol.

  3. Reminds me of frat brandings. I once knew this guy who allowed himself to be branded this way…by a frat he didn’t even belong to.

  4. That thing is fucking thick. That’s crazy intense. Would’ve stored so much heat. Makes me think of Jackass Number Two how BAM was being a bitch about this paper thin dick branding.

  5. I am sooooo proudly South African, and even prouder to see my very own piercer make it onto Modblog.

    Lliezel has done most of my piercings – and she is amazing, friendly and very professional. This pic has made my day.

    And let me add – this guy is incredibly brave to sit for such a branding.

  6. #8 i’ve never got it done but i have a feeling that branding hurts no matter what. that shit looks painful as hell.

  7. #5…that’s a camp stove. It’s even more mundane than a blow-torch.

    that or some form of single burner house stove? But it looks like a slightly larger version of the butane campstove I have.

    And..burns hurt. Burns hurt good…I can’t brand, though. All my burns, even deep ones from when I did a bit of metalworking, are healing to white. The only way you can tell I burned the entire length of one finger’s uper skin is that I have like…ten hairs on the whole finger, around the edges.

  8. I can imagine feeling the heat get closer and closer to your skin and then the rea pain setting in. His expression is priceless.

  9. This guy is so friggin brave, I burnt myself on the iron early today, im still cussing bout it lol :)

  10. His expression I think pretty much somes up allot of peoples thoughts on this site(not all) in my book he should have a serene or the very most a calm intense stare not a frikcen cry baby ass face . But hey I do give him credit because he now belongs to the “O” ranch 4ever

  11. It is cool that people allow me to do such odd things to their bodies… we don’t real have any precendents set for branding here, so we are freely experimenting with tools – these irons were made by someone who makes real cattle irons, so they are absolutely authentic. The tehnique and designs were specifically chosen by the client. The circle is the second brand done in the same sitting – he has a triangle in the same position on the other arm. I will post more healed pictures…

    And yes… you should have come to Cape Town, Shannon!

  12. mmmm, it’s definitely the best sensation in terms of tattoos/ piercings/ cutting and such

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