Don’t litter

Who’d have thought that “Don’t Mess With Texas”, a government anti-littering campaign, would become so deeply ingrained into our culture (a la the Santa Claus invented by the Coca Cola corporation). This take on it — “Don’t Mess With Ex’s” — is by Chris Hornus at Consolidated Ink and Steel.

14 thoughts on “Don’t litter

  1. *cough*

    Erm Shannon the image of Santa Claus in the red suit and big white beard carrying presents was created by Luis Prang in 1885 for a set of Christmas Cards. It wasn’t until 1930 that Coca Cola took the idea and adopted it as their own.

  2. Don’t mess with ex’s what?

    Jesus fucking christ, people: SPELL CHECK THAT SHIT BEFORE YOU PUT IT ON YOUR BODY.

  3. Poor poor apstrophies… people abuse them so much! This tattoo is still really good. It’ kinda creepy though. If this were on someone I was thinking about dating… I might be swayed in the other direction because they could be a psycho stalker! Haha. I do like it though.

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