30 thoughts on “A Teacher’s Tattoo

  1. AMAZING! the idea, execution, and the sentiment behind this ink just makes me smile from ear to ear.

  2. No fair, I have to keep EVERYTHING hidden. Maybe that’s because I am only a student teacher and therefore pretty low on the food chain and still trying to make a good impression. I always figured I’d wait for tenure to be a little sloppy about hiding tattoos…

  3. This is so cool!
    If they´d hassel you for this tattoo they´d shoot themselves in their own leg (german saying..dunno the english version,sry. ).

    A+ 😉

  4. More teachers need to have body modifications. This tattoo is stunning, and if anyone in the facility ever discriminate him for this tattoo, then they are really fucked up. I forwarded the link to my teacher friend and he said it was great.

  5. I am, for the first time ever, at a district where I am required to hide my tattoo and hate it. Didn’t think I had to ask a discriminatory question like “Do you have an anti-tattoo policy” in my interview.

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