24 thoughts on “Verona: Thief

  1. woot! wicked great idea to combine the two body parts with one tattoo

    I just decided about a week ago to do one image/idea on the top of both my feet.

  2. thats a brilliant tattoo, absolutely fantastic. although i think it would have been better as a one piece.

  3. Love the symbolism.. makes you kinda wonder what it took in the mental/emotional process to make this kind of tat. wow.. just amazing. As above, I hope you are on the mend, and find it back again.

  4. #15, Josh, “EMO!”. ha. Its the first thing I though when I looked at this ink aswell. However, this is my second look; at first i didn’t notice where it was located. I too love the positioning on his back and arm. When he moves his arm away from his back, it gives the impression of the bird and heart flying away. I also like how both parts of the tattoo, (presuming he isnt a contortionist) will never touch each other. nice symbolism. *tears*. hah.

  5. First of all I hate the term emo, its turned into the new racism, cross scene discrimination. Second of all I love this tattoo, vector art and the such is amazing. I have a piece done by Jason Byron on my chest. I love the style of tattoo.

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