Through the Foot

Sorry I made the picture a little dark. I think I stepped on a few too many nails as a farmkid to enjoy this fetish personally, ha… Pretty intense. That said, if you think this is intense, check out the foot crucifixion in the “other” suspensions gallery on BME (sorry, it’s one of the last pages of the gallery so you have to be a member but if someone wants to link some of the pictures from it here that’s fine by me).

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54 thoughts on “Through the Foot

  1. Standing on a plug is pretty damn painful…believe me I speak from experience lol! Though I’m guessing that a nail through the foot is much worse, intense!

  2. This kind of stuff always makes me raise an eyebrow. I mean, it’s cool to have whatever kind of fetish you like but the risks of going through deep structures here is pretty significant. I can’t tell the exact anatomical placement of the needle but there’s some decent sized arteries in the foot that nicking could make a serious mess out of.

    The other thing about feet is the infection risk. Feet just get infected easily because shoes are notoriously wet and warm. Even with a clean technique for this activity, there are still little holes that lead to deep structures and will go into shoes after and run the risk of infection. Infection could get rolling pretty easily and impact the deep stuff before it got treated.

  3. YIIIIIIKES. i can barely stand to look. i stepped on a pin once and i think it traumatized me against all kinds of foot-pokage

  4. I agree about the stepping on nails memories.. XD I don’t think I’d enjoy this much after my childhood.

  5. This reminds me of the friggin nail went through the bottom of my foot. When I lifted my foot the plank was there also. Dunno what hurt more the nail or the tetnus shot…oucheee

  6. Weird, I have stepped on many nails and have never felt a thing. Well, until I went to pull them out. Even with no remembered pain, I still cringe at that picture.
    I’m also barefoot all the time, so my feet are probably pretty touch. I’d need a jackhammer to get the needle through.
    Question: When people put needles through their feet and/or hands, do you push the needle in slow and steady or is it a really quick movement like “regular” piercings? I have no intentions of trying, I’m just curious.

  7. Wow. Wow. Wow.

    I have those memories of stepping on nails n sharp stones n other assorted bits too…but…I actually like this picture. I mean, I’ve been thinking about doing this myself but the stuff moddoctor put in prevented me from doing so. Seeing someone else has the balls to do what I don’t dare makes me smile :)

  8. this one makes me cringe. you know that feeling where its kiiiinda like a gag.. but its not a gag? where your upper lip curls just slightly?


  9. This seems absolutely terrifying to me. Though I am curious about it. I wonder if the pain level is different at all depending on if you go top down or bottom up with the needle. I personally think that it would be less painful starting from the top of the foot, but the bottom of my feet are really sensitive.

  10. I’m hopping on that, “Stepped on nails too often myself to enjoy this”, band wagon because I have, and OOOWWWW.

  11. those crucifiction photos are…wow…i kinda shuddered when i saw the initial picture but when i saw those…just wow

  12. owww that does seem like it would be very painful but i am impressed by the courage it must have taken to do that! whatever floats your boat eh :)

  13. Wow that is incredible…I agree with a lot of the comments on here from stepping on too many nails as a kid, I hate my feet even being touched now…

  14. Hmm, I LOVE my feet being touched… Albeit not with sharp things. My worse incident wasn’t a nail, but the pointy bit of a metal coat-hanger… Which punctured a neat round hole in the sole of my usually resistant sole. Ouch bloody ouch… Specially as it happened in the middle of summer in southern France.

  15. This is the first and hopefully only thing that will make me squirm on ModBlog. I know how bad it feels to just step on something sharp, and to imagine that pain puncturing through your entire foot makes me uneasy.

  16. EEE-YOW! I have a teensy hole in my foot right now from stepping on a nail last week and it’s still painful. I SO do not want to think about what this guy must be feeling.

  17. ok the needle is pritty painfull
    but did someone notice that this is a really really small foot
    like…there are only the toes
    i would be glad if someone explained it to me

  18. Thats intense, I actually stepped on a darning needle, the same type that is in his foot, and it was a bitch. I had to go to a hospital to have it removed and they said I was so so so so luck it didnt hit a bone or nerve or muscle so I definatly would never recemmond that myself.

  19. I was there (and the one who took the pics) for the foot suspension. Wow, I have been fortunate enough to have been around all kinds of intense body modification and body play but that one still makes me a little weak in theKnees.

  20. Noooo thank you. That’s super intense. It’s one of my greatest fears to have either, A, my achilles tendon cut or B, a nail or similarly sharp object going through my feet. Everytime I walk barefoot on my grandma’s farm I get worried about that.

    I hope had no worries with the healing of that wound. The picture would have been funny had the needle had been threaded! :)

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