I am deaf. Pain without love.

“Ich bin taub. Schmerz ohne liebe.”

These are in German of course, but he also has Latin branding on his arm.

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20 thoughts on “I am deaf. Pain without love.

  1. Translation for those who don’t speak German: Ich Bin Taub translates into I am deaf OR I am numb. Schmerz ohne Liebe means pain without love.


  2. 1 – The translation was in the subject.

    I really like this. German words just look so much prettier than English. Maybe that’s just me, but like said, I really do like this.

  3. I can’t quite figure out where this is…his arm? Looks like an elbow at the end of “liebe”

  4. I agree, chr_st_ne. Even if he were actually deaf, those two phrases still wouldn’t make much sense together. “I am numb” seems a more appropriate translation.

  5. So what actually is that? I can’t tell if it’s brown ink or a brand. The letters look awfully close together for a burn, though.

  6. I think it’s just the latin that’s on the arm, this looks more like a thigh to me, with the knee in the upper righthand of the photo.

  7. it looks to me like an inner forearm but from below, as if his arm is just to his side instead of outstretched.

  8. Boudicca, i beg to differ– i think that that bump is the lower end of his humerus at his elbow. plus, at the top of the picture in the right corner, you can see the fold of his armpit, where his inner arm comes together with the side of his chest.

  9. If you look in Misc Modern Branding the title of this says it’s his leg. The top right hand side is his knee, as it’s on his upper thigh.

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